In case you missed it: Anthony Pettis’ trademarked "Showtime Kick"


  • I think it’s safe to say that Anthony took the red pill.
    Because that was Insane.
    Fighters should start learning real martial arts, that looks like a high level Tae Kwon Do kick.

  • The Great – yea man, Pettis is a 3rd degree TKD blackbelt, but he said that he got the idea to do it from the Tony Jaa Ong Bak! movies, nonetheless a lethal kick, he timed it perfectly and plus I think the kick actually won him the fight it was neck and neck up until he wowed everyone with that, and he done in a title fight…. Nuff Said!

  • That sh!t will never get old!!! I think if that kick had landed in round 1. 2. or 3 when Pettis had more energy it would have been a KO or TKO

  • Fighters know real martial arts they just don’t take crazy risk like that and when have you ever seen someone jump off anything and kick in taekwon do, that was some ong bak shit, I tell you

  • It’s actually a very basic Taekwondo kick, and one of the first you would learn in Taekwondo. It’s a high section turning kick or “roundhouse” kick as some call it. The great thing about it is Pettis took a very basic kick and made it incredible by adapting it to the cage. Catapulting himself off the side of the cage not only enhanced the look of the kick and degree of difficulty, but the power as well. Incredible job by Pettis. To pull that off and make it look easy was awesome to watch.

  • I would have never thought a kick like this would be possible in an actually MMA fight, sure ppl do it when they r just fooling around with there friends but to do it in an actual MMA fight is just crazy

  • Holy shit! I can almost hear the movie contracts falling in front of him as we speak!

  • Actually if you read a quote from him he says it’s an old muay thai kick (he called it an ong bak kick) and he also claimed he’s got 10 more kicks like it he hasn’t done yet.

  • Had nothing to do with how much energy he had, Pettis was still going strong, if you look he lands the kick with the top of his foot not his shin and that’s what saved henderson

  • He is referencing the movie “Ong Bak.”

  • Maybe Maynard but Edgar is very quick, a lot quicker then Bendo and Pettis. It’s going to be hard to land a kick like that after everybody in MMA world has seen it. You can clearly see that Bendo was not ready for a kick like that, and how could you? He might try some kicks like that in the future but it’s going to be a lot tougher just because we’ve seen him do it and know what he is capable of.

  • you can still get KO’d by the top of the foot if theres enough force but Pettis probably would have broke his foot or ankle had he thrown it any harder

  • Yes I am well aware of that – I am merely summarizing his quote.

  • if he’d have finished him with that kick it would easily have been the best knockout of all time.

  • How could anybody want to watch boxing ever again?!!!

  • So did I!

  • Ninja kick to the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve broken a brick with a roundhouse using the instep of the foot but I can’t imagine doing it with my shin both because of the pain there but also I think there is more force in the instep than the shin.

  • There needs to be a name for this kick.