Surgical Precision: The brilliance of Carlos Condit’s performance at UFC 143


Yesterday, UFC 143 brought us a new Interim Welterweight titleholder with Carlos Condit’s decision victory over the favored Nick Diaz. While many view this victory as controversial and perhaps even unwarranted, there are several reasons to view Condit’s performance as nothing short of masterful.

Let’s take a look at why Condit’s victory was a great performance in the Octagon on Saturday.

First of all, Condit landed more overall significant strikes than Diaz did, a huge motivating factor in the eyes of today’s MMA judges. According to FightMetric, Condit scored a total of 151 significant strikes, as compared to only 105 for Diaz. Diaz did seem to be pushing the action forward in the Octagon, but it also seemed that he was, at times, content to put his hands down and taunt Condit rather than moving in to add his own portion of significant strikes. Much of Condit’s success came in the form of leg kicks, which allowed him to use precision while staying out of harm’s way. He scored 18 power leg kicks and a total of 68 significant leg strikes. While many were outraged at his stick-and-move style, Condit’s striking gameplan kept him out of the pocket of one MMA’s most highly-touted boxers while scoring him much needed points of his own.

Condit also did more overall damage, and landed more significant strikes to the head during this bout. Condit landed twelve of his own, compared to eight for Diaz. This may not sound like a huge discrepancy, but when one looked at both fighters directly after the bout on Saturday night, Diaz no doubt appeared to have taken the most damage, with a sizeable cut under his eyes and intermittent bruising. Condit had a small black eye but otherwise looked to be in relatively good shape for having survived five full rounds with a fighter that many thought was the next to derail GSP for the Welterweight title. This has to be taken into full account when scoring the bout for the judges, who, being ringside, can clearly see that Condit did more damage to his opponent with strikes.

Also knowing his opponent to be a very talented boxer, Condit used great movement to avoid taking damage. These angles and footwork were top-notch, and obviously frustrated the always ready-to-brawl Diaz. He did use a very elusive style derided by many fans, but his constant ducking and jumping in and out of the pocket seemed to be the kryptonite for the well-known standup game of Diaz. It is nothing short of amazing that Condit outclassed Diaz in footwork and movement, areas that Diaz is highly touted for due to his seemingly endless cardio.

Diaz did utilize his vast BJJ background in the fifth round, taking Condit’s back and winning the round, but it was not enough to pull out the decision. Condit, a fighter previously known for his always looking to finish his opponents, stayed just far enough from Diaz, not get caught up in his opponent’s comfort zone. Landing a higher volume of quality strikes, he fought effectively, utilizing his great footwork and angles to cut off the strengths of his favored opponent.

While not the explosive brawl that most fans were hoping for, Carlos Condit brought a solid gameplan to the cage and executed it with surgical precision on February 4, earning himself the UFC Interim Welterweight championship in the process.

  • Condits performance was not a “great” victory… stopped reading this article at that. Masterful my ass.

  • second that, new rules should be put in place for stalling and not engaging , imagine if every fighter did what condit did their would be no ufc.

  • Condit is no match for GSP… hes got nothin on the ground to offer at all

  • It was great if you like guys go out to just win the competition and not win a fight. I think that if anyone is capable of standing inside with Diaz and going to war with him, it is Condit. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that point of view. Instead, he followed a safe and calculating game plan. I was rooting for Diaz, but I could plainly see at the end, despite Diaz pushing the pace, that he lost that fight on points. It was brilliant plan to for taking home the W, but not a formula for entertainment.

  • C’mom Nick didn’t do good enough and Condit is a smarter fighter and maybe we’re going to have a new WW Champion soon enough .After GSP due to knee injured and ring rust won’t be the same and nothing to against GSP a great Champion with my respect will takes him a while to be really healthy .IMO

  • if you hit weak a virus will be downloaded to your computer

  • The denial among some of these kids is pathetic. Condit’s performance was excellent and Nick failed to adjust or adapt. He’s a sore loser and so are his fans apparently.

  • Did you seriously find that fight boring? I mean you people are talking as if Condit pulled a Kalib Starnes, which he absolutely did not do. He landed a number of really hard shots (including head kicks), it’s more a tribute to Diaz’s toughness that he simply walked through a lot of that punishment. At the end of the day Condit out landed Diaz and it was very clear that Nick was slowing down a bit. And don’t forget, it wasn’t Condit who was looking for takedowns in the 4th and 5th rounds.

  • I’m with you on this one Hunter…..Condit ruined what should have been a great fight. Now Condit and GSP can compete for the points title.

  • get realy harry Condit wasnt stalling, quit being outrageous

  • Agreed condit was not stalling, he was sticking and moving, why doesn’t anyone blame Diaz, he didn’t know how to react to condors movement

  • condits performance was a dsgrace to mma, ive never seen anybody literately run away so many times in a fight it was disgusting to watch, one guy wanting to fight the other not wanting to lose

  • the fight was nearly pathetic

  • as bad as the bisping miller fight, but at least miller didnt run away from his ass beating

  • if somebody is running away from you you have to take them down

  • i lost all respect for condit as a fighter, sure hes and athlete and a sportsman but his performance was disgraceful

  • running away counts as stalling

  • lesnar, kimbo, condit nuff said

  • i watched the fight two more times and he was definitely stalling

  • by adjust you mean walk back wards run away and refuse to fight also?

  • OMG too much hate for Condit .But by the end of the day he is a winner.LOL .Praise for Nick to comeback stronger ever and just get over it(:D

  • I remember the first PPV events I ever dropped cash on was a boxing match between Thomas “Hitman” Hearns vs Wilfred Benitez.

    It was in 1982, and I paid $25 to watch the match on a giant screen in a concert hall with 1000 other dudes, in case you don’t think combat sports has come along way.

    Hearns, a power puncher and champion in several weight classes, was coming off his first loss ever, against the immortal Sugar Ray Leonard.

    The defending champ, Benitez was on a 6 fight wining streak, including having stopped Robero “fists of stone” Duran, one of the few boxers to beat Sugar Ray.

    It was billed as a classic slugger vs technician fight. Hearns knocked dudes tfo, and Benitez was known taking decisions by out pointing challengers while not taking any damage.

    Not only did Hearns win, but he beat Benitez at his own game. He didn’t try for the knockout, but did the unexpected and used his had speed to out box the boxer.

    So what does this have to do with Condit vs. Diaz? Turning your opponents strengths into weakness is brilliant if you can pull it off. The performance is greater than the sum of the parts.

    Masterful is as masterful does.

  • so running away doesnt count as stalling

  • not a diaz fan, im an mma fan, and the sport is going in the wrong direction if thats what gets you a W

  • let them do it again in a ring so condit cant run lol

  • If he was running away, he was refusing to engage. Condit hit Diaz a LOT for someone that wasn’t engaging.

  • How about grab a quick underhook to throw Condit back on the fence? Or clinch him there to get him in place, then back off to unload? Or move in a bit closer to go for some dirty boxing combinations? Or knee him in the face when he went to turn off the cage? Or take him down to impose his BJJ? Or leg kick Condit a few times so he would move slower? Or have a kicking game at all to strike back against Condit’s Muay Thai attack? Do those count as adjustments?

  • whoever wants to weak me can continue to do so, because like my pet honey badger is saying, haters are going to hate.

    i have plenty of people in previous threads who are agreeing with me and what I have been saying… Condit won the fight, that is not what I am preaching… it was terrible that he had to completely change the way he had approached his 33 previous fights. The performance he gave against Diaz is not the reason I am became a fan of his.

    I am not a fan of this bullshit glorified point sparring approach that the majority of the fighters coming from GREG JACKSON / WINKLEKJON MMA are using to “win” fights… to me that is not winning.

  • Go watch Rampage vs. Machida. Rampage won despite being fairly outclassed on his feet by cutting the cage off and a little bit of selective clinch work. That route was open for Diaz as well. Takedowns are not really necessary

  • Can’t run? lol One of the complaints many ring fighters had when they step in the cage is that they can’t get away when their back is against the fence. The ring gives you room to lean over the ropes and move out, but the cage does not, and is a far harder place to “run away” in.

  • the sport is called MMA for a reason this isn’t a high school fight in the back of the gym you don’t just win because you talk a bunch of shit during the fight n push a guy back. plain and simple look at the fightmetric and that can explain a lot also answer me this you saying that you look me aggressive n have octagon control can simply win the fight. condit was using good dodging techniques and amazing leg kicks. Ive been a condit fan since i saw him debut in the WEC and i knew this day would come he deserved it and you cant go back and time and change anything accept it and move on.

  • Aside from all the Diaz nuthuggers who are butthurt about their boytoy losing the fight, I dont see any controversy. Condit clearly won the fight and did so with some class unlike Diaz. And IMO Diaz wont retire. Heat of the moment sort of thing. So dont be scared homies.

  • Would it be smart for Demian Maia to stand and box with Anderson Silva? It wouldn’t be smart for Condit and stand and box with Nick Diaz either. Maia tried to pull guard, it was a good gameplan. In Condit’s case, Nick is ground game is superior to his so he did the smart thing by avoiding the ground and the brawling. Great footwork is also a part of the game and Carlos utilized it well.

  • To you it’s not winning? Sounds kind of like Diaz saying he will not accept a loss that he deserved. Maybe you should take your ball and go home like Nick did and the two of you can start your own sport since this one is obviously not for you.

  • he didnt engage he defended there is a big difference

  • new rules should be put in place to keep dumbasses like you out of the sport’s community.

  • It was a great game plan and performance. Plus it was also a entertaining fight, I’m not sure why so many people don’t think so.

  • Carlos was the smarter fighter for sticking to his own gameplan which was to take Nick out of his own. Its martial arts everybody. Its alot more than just standing and punching somebody.Its too bad the fight wasnt 10 rounds. Then there wouldnt be any doubt as to who was landing the better more effective strikes. Id like to see how Nick is walking today after taking those so called “baby leg kicks”. Carlos was right when he said in the post fight press conference, that if he did stand and bang with Nick and play his game, it would probably be Nick with the belt.

  • The Naturaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll Bornnnnnnnn KIlaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! you got beat at your own game Nick the prick! Nick vs Doucheck next,the battle of the dipsticks! =D

  • for point fighting it was a brilliant plan, but this is not at all what we expect from Condit. He usually fights the fight like if it were for his life. He even admitted that this fight he listened only to his coaches instructions. damn their influence, this fight could of been real special.

  • If you put a wolf and a rabbit into the cage, and a rabbit will survive 25 minutes while jumping around and scraching wolf’s face, you can call it surgical precision too.
    Anyway, you can not blame a rabbit to not go for the kill, because jumping around was the only way rabbit could survive this game.

  • You should clean that sand out to prevent an infection

  • A great defense is a great offense. So Condit had a great offense. Any great martial arts fighter would agree

  • You seem more a fan of trolling then of MMA

  • heck of a time to think of taking it down don’t ya think?

  • It was special for anyone who cares to actually appreciate what Condit achieved and demonstrated.

  • Condit avoided his opponents strengths for most of the fight and took Diaz apart piece by piece. Superb mature performance and showed all you idiots a great demonstration and execution of what is known as a GAMEPLAN!

    I can’t believe the hate Condit is getting for being a smart well rounded fighter with great cardio. His performance against Diaz is one of his best ever, if not the best in his career. He striking was sharp, varied, combinations, in and out. I guarantee if Bruce Lee was alive today he would applaud Condit’s performance as would most MMA experts.

  • When judges give the machida vs rampage fight to rampage ….course of pushing the action
    It needs to be the same shit her!!!
    To me condit won but as a fighter I can tell condit make the fight look bad …. Yeah game plan shit I know but in the end of a day it it’s fighting and if u are a fighter u fight !!! I mean If a wrestler take u down and just hold u there without doing shit the ref will stand u up … But why ? Why if a guy take u down course he wannts to get a hold on u for like 25 min to win by points needs to get up??? Course we are here to fight!!!!
    If one come to fight and the other one just to win …the fighter will look bad sry !!!
    UFC cage is big, u can run or be elusiv all day if u want to !!this is not a ring .
    What will look a fight like when they are two fighter trying a sick gamplan and do not pushing the action?
    This is mma guys …. Try to finish a fight don’t be scared homie.
    I love guys who bring it hendo rampage penn JDS alister chuck silva…

  • I guess it just comes down to what kind of fights people want to see. I definitely appreciate every aspect of mma and understand that a gameplan is necessary to win but I also love to see an entertaining fight and to me Condit was not entertaining. Even Dana said he expected a war. I feel like he didn’t do what he normally does to win fights which is throw down like a natural born killer. To me that shows that he wasn’t confident enough in himself to just do what he does. Instead he kinda danced around just scoring points not really trying to finish and hardly ever attacked on his own. I personally cant stand when fighters do that. Imagine if every fight was like that. It would get old really fast. I understand there is alot on the line and the point is to win but to me theres more to it than that. If I was Condit I would kinda feel like a little bitch for having to win that way. I would rather go out swinging than spend the majority of a fight avoiding my opponent or throwing a bunch of weak ass leg kicks then circling out. I mean how u gonna go head to head with someone right before the fight like u cant wait to get at them and then as soon as the fight starts u r backing up? What happened killer? Thought u was bad? After seeing that fight I am not even really looking forward to seeing Condit fight GSP cause they both will be so afraid of losing that neither will commit to anything and it will be another boring ass chess match fight.

  • I agree, I’m wondering why didn’t Diaz, after 2 rounds of stalking, from the third round on just take the center of the octagon and wait for Condit to engage?

  • condit bragging about being a warrior, all he trained for in this fight was running the marathon

  • That’s what’s up…. Deep inside condit knews what’s up…..
    The sport was made for guys who didn’t like to talk after a fight … And keeps us fans entertained and not complaining about every main event !!
    It was about to finish a fight

    Not run across the cage kick a sloppy leg kick …start runnin again and do some spinning shit..I mean a hard leg kick like Aldo throws is fine but this shity ones don’t need to count … And especial Greg Jackson guys to a classic bitchi move called front kick do the knee!!!
    This is just to damage someone big time need to be stopped !!!
    But at the end of the day Mma judging kills Mma from event to event!!
    Look at rampage vs forest
    Rampage vs machida
    Bisping vs sonnen
    Sanchez vs kampmann
    And many more from one day to an other they change there job
    Pride was way simpler and got better judgement

  • I’m just being honest about what I want to see when I watch a fight. I didnt get into watching MMA because I heard about all of the “well executed game plans”. I want to see men (or women) using martial techniques to physically defeat their opponents in single combat. Plain and simple. I simply am just not interested in seeing guys (who I know very well to be aggressive and dominant) throw strikes from the outside as they move away from their opponent for 25 minutes. If that’s your cup of tea, then good for you. It aint mine.

  • I have not Idea why people are saying that Condit “ran away” he was disciplined enough to stick to the game plan. Lets face it Diaz came into that fight fighting like how he ALWAYS does and Condit knew this his team formulated a plan to counter the way Diaz ALWAYS fights. Did you see Diaz do anything differently from round 1 to 5? Did Diaz go for more take downs? Did he change to let Condit push the fight? Nope Diaz did what he ALWAYS do so why are people saying that Condit “ran away” the plan was to counter strike let Diaz come forward Like how he ALWAYS do then move out of the way before Diaz can unleash. Condit fought a tactical fight was it an exiting fight? maybe not but it just goes to show that fighting smart pays off. What are people expecting? Knock out or submission every fight not going to happen.

  • Then you should look at the list of great martial artists and trainers who disagree with the decision.

  • It was a good gameplan but I still think that fight was a draw. In fact any fight that close especially a point fight should be a draw to encourage fighters to fight. I would rather go to a shotokan match to see that kind of fight (and I do). Condit had a great gameplan but I dont think he won. I also dont think Diaz won. Nick never adjusted and used more angle to cut condit off and condit didn’t do enough to win a majority of rounds. Dana should have made an immediate rematch for may a rubber match in aug and gsp in dec. Everyone happy a definitive answer and plenty of money forthe ufc.

    You have to remember expectations drive opinions. You have to look at the fight scientifically and that was a draw. Many pros and trainers disagree with the decision. I think a rematch is necessary.

  • thats just silly

  • they are not the one paying to watch the fights

  • people are crazy!! when cerrone tried to bang with nate diaz they were saying that he was dumb on not sticking to his game plan… and now that condit does they are crying about it!
    i agree that the fight wasnt the war that it was supposed to be but still it was a very technical and entertaining fight to watch

  • whats trolling

  • It was a draw though. Nobody won. Condit did better than expected but that doesn’t mean he won. If you take all the judging into account nick did just as well. He did worse than expected but that doesnt mean he lost. he had octagon control, he won 1 and 2 (barely) condit maybe 3 and def 4. Round 5 was either Diaz or a draw. In fact that back mount was the most danger anyone was in during that whole fight. Nobody got rocked there was never danger on the feet but the back mount was a definite dangerous position. I call it a draw.

  • If there is a possibility that a fighter u fight is better than u in every aspect of the game u start runnin ….
    I myself was fightin a guy who was a better striker , a better grappler and he was not afraid of take a punch … So I start runnin and after the fight I couldn’t even look the guy anymore course I was feeling ashamed buy runnin just 3×3 min amateur fight and gettin a draw.

  • Cage Control- Diaz
    Striking- Condit
    Aggression- Diaz
    Takedown(s)- Diaz

    *I’m pretty sure those are the criteria of how a match is judged.

    I had Condit winning w/ round 2,3, and 4. Everyone is saying that Diaz lost round 1 and won round 2…idk. I’m going to watch it again. I hope Diaz doesn’t retire and that there is a Diaz v Condit II.

  • Funny the reactions you see here, and kind of sad, when clearly it was a well fought and well planned out victory by Condit.

    Not every fight can or will be a devastating KO, TKO, or submission, even though we all (myself included), would love that. A lot of fights will be drawn out chess matches, just as you saw on this main card. This will increase, not decrease, as fighters evolve more and more, honing their skill sets. Only those who truly understand the sport will appreciate that. You MMA “fans” that are just looking for nothing but knockouts and subs might want to consider another sport to follow.

    It was a very evenly matched contest and could have gone either way. The fact that there was no spectacular finish just shows how much MMA has evolved, not that one fighter or the other was “avoiding” his opponent.

  • We just wanted to see 2 guys go at it. Hit and run wasnt what anyone expected. Im not happy at all, feel like my money was wasted……so you can put your opinion in your azz

  • unfortunately thats true and it will suck.

  • I agree Hunter, but so many people hate Diaz they cant get over that and admit the truth. Yes Carlos won on points and fighting like a puuussy.

  • 64, thank you for one of the only intelligent posts on this subject, these cry babies are really sad. I am a fan of both these fighters the bottom line is Condit fought a better, smarter fight, stuck to his game plan and came away with the victory. I think the Diaz brothers are both great, exciting fighters but have you ever heard either one of them admit to loosing? No, they always have an excuse because they were out wrestled or like tonight out smarted, and out fought the whining after losses is sad and needs to stop. I hope Nick does not retire it would be a shame if he did, but if he is going to continue with these B.S. excuses let him take his ball and go home.

  • yeah this article is a joke haha brilliant wtf where you watching… it was pathetic,,, if i had paid for that id be sooooo pissed.. dana shud be pissed to main event of a great matchup and condit disgraces the ufc like that

  • Actually, I can make that analogy more clear. in 1982, Bentiez was expecting Hearns to use aggressive power punches, as he was a master counter puncher.

    Hearns started peppering him with quick jabs. Because he wasn’t set, it was much easier for him duck Benitez’s counter strikes.

    This caught Benitez by surprise. At first, he just laid back, waiting for the Hitman’s power shots. By the time he figured out they weren’t coming, 4-5 rounds had gone by, all won by Hearns.

    Just like Benitez, Diaz had no back up plan when the fight didn’t go the way he wanted.

  • Wow. That’s just pure stupid! “biggermmafan”??… lol

  • You are a disgrace to humanity…and that’ coming from YourMom.

  • I totally agree, Hunter. If weak strikes can win fights then someone who’s fast can just run away and literally slap your thigh while doing it, and win the fight. Condit literally ran and dished out weak counter strikes for 5 rounds. The end result was that neither fighter was able to really land anything heavy or do much damage at all.

    The judges easily could have and should’ve just given the fight to Diaz based on Octagon Control. That is supposed to be one of the judging criteria, and Diaz had every bit of that Octagon for the entire 5 rounds. Condit literally just ran away and tossed weak leg kicks the entire time that didnt’ slow Diaz down a bit.

    The Octagon control element is there to keep fighters from doing exactly what Condit did. Judges should either use it in judging or stop saying it is something they consider. It isn’t fair to fighters to say they judge based on it, and then just completely ignore it (which is what they did in this case)

  • Well I’ll be sure and not drink the night of Condit vs GSP…. Because it will be nothing but circling back peddling and counter jabbing. They’ll do nothing but circle away from each other and throw jabs and I’ll prob get sick with all the spinning….I betting this will be the most boring GSP fight yet….God Damnit…

  • I think thats when someone goes out Saturday night looking for women under 4ft tall.

  • yes I did seriously

  • I was waiting for Nick to pull a Tito, like in his Machida fight, where Tito dropped his hands and just stood there like comeon dude, are you here to fight?

  • This article is spot on. It wasnt the brawl we expected, but it was a terrific display of technical martial arts. Lyoto Machida is praised for his elusiveness, but Condit is ridiculed for a similar strategy. I wasnt on the edge of my seat, but it was a very impressive performance.

  • troll success level = 99/100

  • @ DaddyLongStrokes, why do you list yourself as an athlete?

  • I’m not going to criticise Condit for the way he fought, but he did not win 3 of those 5 rounds, he only got 3&4. Who gave Condit the 5th round?

  • all these computer warriors that dont know much about mma actully think condit won are probably the same guys that thought lesnar was ever the 1 hw in the world, the only thing that matters really is pro fighters agree that condit lost

  • as long as pro fighters agree with us, then these people on the net who know nothing of actual fighting can believe what they want

  • and in many contact fight spots turning your back to your opponant and running away like condit did, is a withdraw from competition, like tapping out

  • yeah he was busy the whole time, nick wasnt able to do anythig thats his fault, but i did wana see more blood from those two.

  • i meen nick has known for months that this was gona happen, its not another bj penn fight.. he should have made better gameplan.. use leg kicks to close didtance, then use cage to wear im out with his cardio

  • DIAZ lost. Condit is the current interim champ. LIVE WITH IT, HATERS!!!

  • sorry but, if you dont cut off the cage, and do something about a guy avoiding your strikes, that is pretty much the opposite of octagon control. i dont think you really know what the ‘criteria’ mean, whether or not you know what they are listed as.
    Octagon control = condit had it, since he controlled ENTIRELy how the fight went, if diaz had thrown him up on the cage AND hit him AND kept him there, or cut off the cage etc etc, THEN he would have had it.. sorry but he did not, AT ALL!!!
    Aggression – diaz had this category for sure, but it wasnt effective at all

    effective striking – condit (sorry, but diaz had maybe 4-5 combos landed in the entire 5 rounds, and some lazy kicks that didnt land anywhere but the arms and maybe 1 on the body, condit had a lot of counters, he had a sick combo left hook, left leg kick, right head kick. if you didnt find that beautiful, you’re watching the wrong sport)

    Thank god your not a judge, (not that the one’s we have are amazing, but i still think they grasp it more than you do)

  • lol ive read all your comments on this page, and you sir, are the one who doesn’t know shit about mma. and that’s final.

  • Condit was a smart fighter in that fight. If you take away the ability to avoid and counter strike by adding stricter rules on stalling, then you totally destroy the ability of many very real and effective martial arts to be used in MMA. Imagine Lyoto’s stand up game if he was forced to engage more then counter strke. he would be shit instead of the amazing fighter he is today. Avoiding hits is just as important as hitting someone. it may be boring but all sports have boring aspects. I watch mma to appreciate the arts and strategies and to see who the best fighter is. NOt to always be entertained. if i wanted to be entertained 100% of the time i would watch pro wrestling.

  • wow i thought you were done, guess not. Im sorry but not every fighter is really that in tune with fighting as much as you may think. Why do you think they have trainers? if they knew it all theyd teach themselves. If floyd mayweather is undefeated fighting the way he does, there’s nothing wrong with condit using a stick n move strat. And call him boring, but incase yotu dont know (and i know you dont), i think this is the first, maybe the 2nd decision he’s EVER had. he either loses by finish or wins by finish, so to call him boring is a JOKE!! he has probably the highest percentage of finsihed fights of anyone in the ufc.

  • haha you get more dumb each time i scroll down. if you back is against the cage and u wanna get out of there, u need to turn it to get away, and if ur talkin about the little circle he’d make to then FACE diaz after getting off the cage, well you’re even more retarded than i thought.

  • dont bother dude, this guy is a tard and a half, no winning an argument with people like him, hell, he couldn’t spell it if i hadn’t just written it.

  • my knowledge of mma is incredibly fast, this is a mans sport, go watch the tour de france

  • nick Condit was a smart fighter in that fight. If you take away the ability to avoid and counter strike by adding stricter rules on stalling, then you totally destroy the ability of many very real and effective martial arts to be used in MMA. Imagine Lyoto’s stand up game if he was forced to engage more then counter strke. he would be shit instead of the amazing fighter he is today. Avoiding hits is just as important as hitting someone. it may be boring but all sports have boring aspects. I watch mma to appreciate the arts and strategies and to see who the best fighter is. NOt to always be entertained. if i wanted to be entertained 100% of the time i would watch pro wrestling.

  • yu cut off the cage when somebody tries to circle out, condit did not circle out he lifted his knees and ran away turned his back which in most fight sports is a symbolical submission

  • lol i read your comment wrong movecamp

  • its give you the ability to move and contort your body, running what condit did is something completely different

  • diaz nutt huggers and professional fighters and people who are just intelligent

  • incredibly fast or vast? doesn’t matter, cause it’s neither. your mma iq equates to your real one im sure

  • Lyoto doesn’t run backwards and bounce off the cage. He moves side to side never more than 2 steps back. Than he moves forward in a counter strike. Condit moved backwards and occasionally engaged using mostly leg kicks. Machida comes forward with strAit punches. Using timing to catch people off guard. He also clenched. Condit was playing a safe strategic game but he didn’t execute it to it’s full potential. That fight was a draw. I love condit but he didn’t convincingly win in my eyes. Or many other professionals minds. He just avoided getting pounded. Diaz put him in more danger than he put Diaz in.

  • Octagon is not when someone pushes someone against the cage and lands strikes. That’s called effective grappling and striking combined, aka dirty boxing. Those are both separate criteria from octagon control. Octagon control is basically who has control of the cent of the Octagon. It determines who is running the entire fight and who is being the aggressor. Aggression is to be rewarded, according to the current rules. Running away is to be punished. It makes for more boring fights filled with weak counter slaps while running away. Unfortunately, the judges did not score according to octagon control at all. If they would have, like they’re supposed to, DIaz would’ve won hands down.

  • Condit was the one who engaaged nearly all the time and landed a lot more, Diaz was hesitant to chase him down he just followe dhim slowly.

  • all his performance proved to me is that the only way to beat diaz is to basically avoid fighting with him for 25 mins running backwards while kicking.
    i do think it’ll be good for diaz though because hopefully he’ll start mixing a lot more ground and clinchwork in his next fight if he doesnt retire

  • this article is spot on!
    surprised how many retards there is who watch mma!!!
    never used to be.

  • I guess Jake ellenberger, pat milititch, Duke roufus, Rhonda rousey, and many many more fighters and trainers are retards because they don’t agree with you? I wouldn’t be name calling if I were you. You bring nothing to the debate with your comment. So who is the retard?

  • I think this was partly about Condit having a good stratgey, but also Diaz not adjusting.

    If I guy is “running away from you”, why let him? Why give him the time to reset? Diaz runs marathons. If he wanted to brawl so bad, why didn’t he simply keeping going forward when Carlos backpedaled?

    Or why not take his back? I picked Diaz to win because I figured at some point, it would go to the ground, where he’s a much better fighter. I can’t believe he waited until the last minute of round 5 to do it.

  • I believe Condits execution and performance were masterful, as was his poise in sticking to the game plan while getting shit talked.
    That said… octagon control and aggression are part of the judging criteria and in rounds 1&2 damage was a wash,
    rounds 3&4 defiantly went to condit
    round 5 definatly went to diaz
    if damage was a wash, and Condit was evading for most of the fight Diaz should have won rounds 1,2,5 due to Octagon control and aggression

  • Also, this fight was very reminiscent of the Rampage- Machida fight, where Rampage won the controversial decision.
    If Rampage won that fight, based on the same criteria Diaz should have one this fight.
    In reality however both fights were extremely close and could have gone either way, it would just be nice to see some consistency coming out of the judges booth

  • This is one of the few times i would disagree with HunterB, but it’s funny how no one bitches that Frankie Edgar uses movement to not get in a brawl. So he can win the fight. But when a Jackson fighter does it, everyone’s grumbling about it. Condit landed some great shots and head kicks. A rematch would be absurd cuz he was the clear winner. Just cuz one guy’s style is to keep going forward and march you down, does not mean you have to play their game. That’s ridiculous.

  • That’s the only way to beat Nick Diaz when standing up. Unless you brawl with him and get lucky enough to knock him out. With a title shot on the line, and considering Diaz’s style. I don’t think anyone here that is criticizing Condit, would have just stood in front of Diaz and eaten his shots. That would be stupid. That’s why everyone else was losing to him lately.

  • Yeah ur probably right, seeing as your the biggermmafan.

  • so hitting someone but ducking, getting back to the middle of the octagon and then out striking ur opponent some more is considered running? Dude u are prob one of those “Kimbo for Heavy weight champ” pple. Diaz’s gameplan was pure stupity. Walk forward and win based on octagon control? meanwhile how can someone have control when condit was able to move where he wanted to everytime. Oh and wait, you mean theres more to a fight than just moving forward like an idiot? why yes there is.. is called successful striking which condit had. there was no real ground work in the fight until the end and oh wait, condit still neutralized that advantage by reversing position and ending up on top and diaz saying “if i knew I was behind I wouldve finished that arm crank” hey moron, why didnt u finish the fight anyway… So mebe stop blaming condit for coming in with a great gameplan and blame diaz for not thinking

  • DIAZ WON Round 1, 2, And 5, and 5th round coulda went either way.
    But i Feel he got round 5 from his dominant postition at the end.

  • It does surprise how many people want to give Diaz the win. I just can’t see it. Especially knowing that you would have to give him the first round, and that would be nothing short of absurd.

  • What is it with you and the honey badger lately?

  • Ok, now that’s funny.

  • Nope. It was a boring/winning performance. Nothing disgraceful about it.

  • Wilfred Benitez, what a freak of nature talent wise. Guy was unreal.

    PS: Man you’re old.

  • It could have been, and Diaz could have won. It’s hard to ask a guy to make a fight epic, when he can use a gameplan and win instead.

  • What a terrible ignorant comment.

  • A lot more pros and trainers agree with the decision and think what Condit did was great to watch. It was a close fight, but not a draw or a decision that could go either way. Condit won rounds 1, 3, and 4. Round 5 was also very debatable.

    An immediate rematch would shit all over the brilliant performance Condit/Greg Jackson just implemented.

    Next up Diaz-Koscheck. We need to figure out if he’s gotten past his wrestler demons.

  • He didn’t win the first.

  • He won the first.

  • Idk? This site was originally just for the picks.

    But then people said too many dumb things and I had to defend logic.
    For instance, like how Diaz kids are crying about being “robbed” when their fighter who famously said that faces tell who really won a fight. Had a more messed up face in the end…..and also just recently said he would have finished Condit with an armbar if he knew he was going to lose a decision….

    So pretty much declaring he wanted to win by points rather than “easily finishing” Condit.

  • Jake Ellenberger- Already has beef with Condit as he thinks he beat him (he didn’t). Might as well take Daniel Roberts or anybody else at the scrap packs opinion.

    Pat Miletich- A guy I work with now every once in a while, as we both are a part of certain training centers. However, even before this I would have no problem telling him to his face I don’t take his opinion on high quality MMA that seriously anymore. His knowledge has not grown with the sport, and that’s amplified by the fact every great fighter he ever had left him.

    Duke Roufus-Great MMA trainer, Great guy. Nothing bad to say about him.

    Ronda Rousey- Great Judoka. 4 fights into a 2 year career. Sorry, not anywhere near expert level yet.

    As for people who think it was the right decision Miesha tate, Jason High, Tyron Woodley, Pat Barry, Bas Rutten, and the list goes on and on…

  • He didn’t win the first.

  • without sounding too keen to brown nose you son, i couldn’t have put it better myself

  • nuthugger? boytoy? butthurt?….its ok come on out of the closet no-one will hurt you.

  • Actually thats a pretty good analogy hahaha

  • Watching the fight live I though Condit clearly won rounds 1 and 4, and that Diaz clearly won rounds 2 and 5. A lot of people gave Condit round 3, but I disagree upon review. This round was extremely close, Diaz was clearly winning the round IMO, until the last minute or so. Condit landed a flashy jumping kick and punch combo, threw a flying knee that missed, and landed some powerful leg kicks; that stopped him from losing the round, but IMO was not enough to steal the round. I’d score it 10-10 or possibly 10-9 Diaz with the octagon control making the difference.

    Round 1 Condit was playing it perfect, Diaz did not have much of an offense, and Condit landed some HARD leg kicks, while disengaging from the clinch Diaz initiated two times. I think he won that round for sure. In round 2 and 3 though, Diaz started figuring out his range (like he always does), and his offense was definitely more effective than Condits. Condit abandoned throwing hard leg kicks, and instead threw at a higher volume, but mostly with his lead leg or connecting with the foot. Towards the end of the third, Condit adjusted well and that carried into rounds 4 and 5, until Diaz got his back, gaining the most dominant position in the fight, and clearly winning round 5.

  • Sounds like you speak from experience. Thanks for the advice thoo

  • Most surprising and impressive part of the fight for me personally; when Diaz started gaining steam, his offense was halted by Condits defense, and Condit actually became more effective with his strikes. Still though, neither guy really mounted much of an advantage offensively. Obviously on compustrike Condit landed more “sig. stirkes”, but at the same time he was landing leg kicks (some hard, some soft), while Diaz was landing punches to the face (some hard, some soft). It’s one of those things where both guys thought they were winning, so they didn’t really change the game plan. Judging is inconsistent, so I’m sure if there were different judges the fight could have been scored for Diaz. You hear the public’s response, and apart from round 4, I’ve seen different opinions on each round.

    I’ve always had concerns with MMA judging. Is the 10-point must system suitable for MMA? Should half points be introduced? Should the fight be scored as a whole, rather than on a round by round basis? Any way you look at it, I would just be happy with qualified judges that truly understand the sport. Based on the inconsistency in judging, I can’t say that we have that. Of course in any supposed objective criteria, their are always spots where subjectivity sneaks in and it becomes a matter of personal preference/opinion.

  • Rampage won the fight for having effective octagon control, not for pushing the action. The difference between that fight and this one is that Rampage didn’t let Machida get away whenever he wanted. He used lateral movement to cut the ring off and clinched him against the cage rather than letting him get away.

  • Marathon runners don’t hit their competition over 150 times. Although if they did, those leg kicks Condit threw would be pretty effective.

  • Wouldn’t that actually be Nick pulling a Nick?

  • Maybe you should look at Diaz’s face compared to Condits.

  • here’s how i see it, condit won the fight, but he said in the interviews before the fight that its going to be a war, in fair it was far from it, condit went in their know he was fighting to win a decision, he didnt come to knock him out he came to win a decision, so i do think condit does deserve some hating for completely not doing what he said he was going to do, does that make any sense? i dont know

  • i think its funny, he is the mascot of not giving a ****

  • Hahaha I can dig it.

  • Watched the third again a minute ago, because I respect your opinion a bunch. However, were gonna have to agree to disagree on that.

    I don’t think Diaz was winning though 4 minutes of the round. Condit was still throwing the occasional leg and body kicks. Diaz had about 5 nice flurries (mostly his bread and butter right hook to the body left cross), but Condit countered to the body or head on the way out on almost every one of them. Plus as you pointed out Condit found his groove in about the last minute and a half and took the round clearly IMO.

    People have different opinions everywhere, but I think the scoring should be pretty cut and dry. Condit wins rounds 1,3, and 4. While Diaz wins 2, and eeks out the 5th.

  • *watched the third round again.

  • Thanks man, I was interested to hear your breakdown after the fight, and I think we do agree on the scoring for most of the fight. I’m mistaken when I say “last minute or so”, because it was actually closer to two. I’d have to watch the round even more closely,and focus on Condit more than Diaz to catch all of his counters. From what I remember he was countering with kicks and punches. However, I recall him countering with a hard right to body while spinning off the cage, but I couldn’t tell if it landed or hit Diaz’s arms. Also, he countered with I believe a left hook later in the round that at first I thought landed cleanly, but was actually blocked. I think I’ve watched the round three times, and for some reason I still can’t say that Condit won that round. Saying Diaz won that round is difficult as well. After the 4th and most of the 5th is seems reasonable to say Condit won it because he did start taking control at that point in the 3rd, but I would be retroactively scoring if i did so lol. I’m going to take one last hard look at the fight tomorrow though, then just try and look forward to the rematch, an idea I don’t really care for to be honest, but can’t complain about also ahaha.

  • how is it that you don’t understand he DIDNT CONTROL ANYTHING, carlos did by doing what HE wanted, not what DIAZ wanted. unreal, how you don’t realize that.

  • Surgical precision is what Anderson did to Forest!

    This was just fighting safe with no intention of trying to finish.