For Strikeforce, things keep progressing from bad to worse.

In the latest twist of events, middleweight champion Luke Rockhold told MMA Junkie that there was no reason to withdraw from the January 12 fight against Loren Larkin because, well, he never signed up for the fight in the first place. Yes, Rockhold is nursing a wrist injury, but he says that he had no intentions to fight on the final Strikeforce card as he recovers.

Perhaps somebody should have told Larkin that before he decided to blast Rockhold.

"I just feel like guys are acting like they haven't paved any way for them to go to the UFC and a catastrophe could happen on Jan. 12, where [UFC President Dana White is] going to be like, 'No. I didn't like the way you fought, and you're not going to come over,'" Larkin said to Radio. But Rockhold says that going to the UFC had nothing to do with his plans and the injury had always been an issue.

"He was obviously misinformed to some extent," Rockhold said about Larkin's statements. "I've been in that situation, but just to lash out at me, that's pretty amateur."

What's becoming more and more amateur is the handling of this Strikeforce card. As the days pass, the event is slowly falling apart and who knows if they'll be able to pull it off with over a month to go.