Cristiane Santos: I’m waiting to be released from Strikeforce


    Despite Ronda Rousey’s creative call-out, recent news from Twitter suggest that Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is nowhere near finding her way back inside the Strikeforce cage.

    Brazilian heavy-hitter tweeted about waiting for her release from Strikeforce due to the lack of action in Women’s 145lbs weight class. “My division no longer exists,” said Santos, before revealing she’s on her way out from San Jose-based promotion.

    (via The Underground):

    Cris Cyborg ‏@criscyborg
    Do not stay sad. God knows all things. Surely at some event that will fight Have my category.
    I’m waiting for my liberation from the UFC..

    Luke Thomas ‏@SBNLukeThomas
    Cyborg is running her Tweets through Google Translator and publishing them verbatim. Would a Portuguese speaker kindly translate them?

    17mDaniel Vaz ‏@VazDaniel
    “Guys, I’m afraid that fight is not happening. My division no longer exists. I’m waiting to be released from the UFC.”

    Santos has defended her Strikeforce Featherweight title three times, with victories over Marloes Coenen, Jan Finney and Hiroko Yamanaka (now a no contest). Cyborg’s historical clash with Gina Carano was the first ever top-tier MMA card headlined by Women’s bout, attracting nearly 580,000 viewers on Showtime. Cristiane Santos is currently 10-1 (1) in her MMA career.

    Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker related to Cyborg’s comments: “She must be misinformed,” Coker told’s Erik Fontanez. “I don’t understand why she’d be saying that since we just had a 145-pound fight on the card tonight.”

    The 145-pound fight Coker is referring to is Hiroko Yamanaka vs. Germaine de Randamie, which the Japanese vet won via Unanimous Decision.

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    • Kuroobi

      I agree with Cristiane. Her division is gone. She donimated it and thats it. Ronda trying to make a name for herself as a fighter, but honestly she can’t. No competition in this field for woman. Even if Ronda and Cyborg fight, then what? where it go after this? No where!

      People can say what they want but only reason Ronda getting such big attention, because of her looks.

    • Brasil

      Would be nice to see Ronda vs Marlous and call my crazy but Cyborg is kind of hot….i would tap that.

    • Evan Holober

      The end of the article is a bit misinforming. De Randamie won the fight by UD.

    • KeithFarrell

      She should be fired, never mind released, if she can’t even remember what organisation she is in!

      She’ll go to Invicta and in a couple of years ask to be released from Pride

    • KeithFarrell

      If I had to pick one of them on the spot, I would choose Cyborg as the winner in a fight with Rousey but I think it is clear Cyborg is scared or at least worried.

      Now she is almost right as her division is as good as dead but she has the option to drop and she needs to stop with this “I can’t make 135” bull… If Anthony Johnson can make 170 (sometimes) then she can make without

    • JTalbain

      I cry BS there. If a man won six out of six fights in the UFC, one of them a championship and one a successful title defense, finishing all of his opponents by first round armbar, he’d be even bigger than Ronda Rousey. The only reason she doesn’t get more attention is because she has tits.

    • Krogan

      so the fact that she has been cheating her entire career and that her cheating destroyed the 145p division isn’t a factor for you?

    • Krogan

      Cyborg is correct that 145p is dead but the fact is that her cheating killed it. If she still looks like a man the next fight all we know is that she has gotten better at cheating.

    • Kuroobi

      Her “Cheating” didn’t kill the division. The division sucks. WMMA sucks period. No competition at all.

    • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

      when you stop taking stanazolol all that happens is maybe a bit of rebound-fat and muscle loss, she’s still gonna look manly for the rest of her life roids or no roids..

      and if a division is weak enough that 1 fighter getting busted causes it to disappear then it was already dead in the water..

    • HunterB

      damn that was funny, no wait its been said 1000 times before

    • HunterB

      i respect you, as a matter of face i respect you more then you will ever know

    • HunterB

      women cant cut weight like men do… you have to realise she walks around close to 160-165lbs

    • Kuroobi

      Cristiane has a very nice bum :) and isn’t all that ugly as people say.

    • movescamp

      Right again!

    • KeithFarrell

      I guess but her frame is fine for the weight, she just needs to lose some muscle mass and she’ll get there

    • kungfurule

      They need a Fact Checker!!!!

    • asdf

      WMMA does not suck.

    • ak4742011542

      i smell pussy is that u cyborg…no it caNT BE

    • ak4742011542

      women hav about double the fat percentage as men because of the lack of muscle….i would imagine that would make cutting weight way easier for women then any man

    • Jack N. Meoff

      She doesn’t wan’t to fight other women as a women?

    • MD777

      Cyborg like don’t call me a man ….i can be very pretty and charming too Ronda .LOL

    • ak4742011542

      shut yo hatin ass up idk who she gona fight next but she like the royce gracie of her day almost so just wait for the wmmma shit to get bigger

    • ak4742011542

      that last fight was awsome so idk wat ur complaining about

    • ak4742011542

      royce gracie……

    • ak4742011542

      all three strikeforce level wmma fights wer good fights so idk y every1 hating

    • ak4742011542

      she used manroids ya sick bastard

    • ksooner76

      lol yeah….for one dominated a weight class on roids… and the fight Ronda just won she looked amazing against one of the best in the world
      ranked top 5 for YEARS…was fast but looked great went out thrown not haymakers great straight punches was great job .. I would love to see what Cyborg will do not on roids for her not to do another fight makes me think that what she was doing was a way of life for awhile

    • Nemesis

      Yea ronda probably does get alot of attention because of her looks….sorta annoys me she’s letting it get to her head. Carano needs to come back

    • silvaisking2321

      shouldnt have her oppoents maybe done some armbar def. 101???

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Royce Gracie and Rousey r similar in they’re both beating people well below them in skill level. But Royce Gracie beat a bunch of people with something they’d never seen before. at this point even with WMMA’s level of fighters they’ve for sure @least drilled ArmBar defense and she’s still doing it with ease.

    • Evan Holober

      Why should she? If she’s still at 160 lbs – 165 lbs after not being on Roids for a year than she shouldn’t have to kill herself to make 135 lbs. Especially, because her muscle mass is part of the equation that makes her so dangerous.

    • David Saucier

      Is that a older pic of Cyborg, she mutated def side effects from PED’s

    • ibexxx2001

      All of them bitches that fight are dikes and Cyborg is the toughest of them all so far in MMA. As far as Rousey looking good ? Maybe for a fighter !but as far as being a Beautiful ,Curvaceous and Sexy woman she is not.

    • Henny

      Cyborg is on steroids for years. Look at her – that says all. It’s clever that Ronda don’t want to fight her at 145 because Cyborg cannot loose so much weight with steroids. I don’t like to see women turning into man. We see this in Weightlifting and Bodybuilding and nobody wanna see this women anymore. It’s bad for the sport.

    • TheKaybs

      This is what happens when people that don’t know how to read or listen in class get a hold of a keyboard. You are right, they have more fat than men and if you know anything muscle and water weigh lot more per cu inch that fat does. A LOT more. Even if they shed ALL of their fat, they can’t lose as much weight as a man shedding 1/2 the amount of muscle (which sheds on average 4 times faster than fat)

      Your logic is bunk and beyond all of this nonsense it is mostly water weight that people shed, not fat or muscle. First is water, muscle, fat if you are just steaming and sweating weight off. If you are running it tends to be Water, Fat, Muscle.

    • TheKaybs

      Not just for women, but for men too. I want to see real people fight, not juiced up, not sex changed, not PED’d or TRT’d up, just natural people fighting to the best of their ability, skill level and experience. Granted, history proves on average any athlete cheating with PEDS, ROIDS, TRTS will die more than a decade sooner than athletes not using.

    • pogodog7

      I would rather see Cyborg fight in the men’s division where she belongs.

    • Chief Don

      I refer you to Cormier
      who looks to be one or two fights off a UFC HY title shot with a similar record

    • Chief Don

      I honestly like Cyborg
      she is sexy in a Terminator sort of way, like a sexy alien or robot or something, hey! maybe lkike a cyborg
      and she has been a killer against usually smaller women
      and can make 135 with ease if she wants to
      when the money is right and she is willing to take the tests
      the fight with RR will happen
      she can’t live on Careno money the rest of her life