Cormier calls for Pat Barry to replace Frank Mir on November 3rd


    Recently Strikeforce World Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier has found himself in the news a lot due to his November 3rd fight rapidly approaching, with no opponent named. After Frank Mir endured a knee injury that forced him to withdraw, it was reported last weekend that Matt Mitrione was offered the bout with Cormier but turned down the UFC’s offer to go to Strikeforce. Cormier, however, had his own opponent in mind, and took to Twitter to call for this fight:

    Pat Barry may not be a highly-ranked Heavyweight like Mir is, but one thing is for sure, he comes to fight every time out. While many would consider Daniel Cormier the massive favorite should this bout ever come to fruition, Barry is the definition of wild card. The fight has not been scheduled, but Barry offered his answer on his own Twitter, of course ready to bang should the fight opportunity arise:

    What do you think? Would this be a Heavyweight bout you would want to watch? One has to admire Cormier’s fighting spirit in that he wants to put on a show for the fans, but what does he gain by beating the always entertaining Pat Barry?

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    • speede

      Two of the coolest guys in mma right there. I would want to see the fight just of how exciting both those fighters are but I can’t see Berry winning.

    • speede


    • Evan Holober

      At this point it could really be anybody. Werdum would have been the best option IMO.

    • kickassfast

      no way barry wins but u never know. Hey look another troll, literally (ajichibitch)

    • TheRealDeal

      Way to shoot for the stars there Cormier. No offense to Barry, but he’s not exactly top 5.

    • mauromina

      so cormier says he wants someone better ranked than barnet so now he calls out barry. that makes sense

    • johndo11

      Not too challenging for Cormier this. If he can get past those heavy strikes and put Barry on his back then theres no way Barry gets up.

    • Krogan

      This is probably the easiest possible fight for Cormier in the UFC.

    • jmedno5891

      Cormier is the type of wrestler I love to watch, only uses it when necessary. I actually think he would try and test his stand up against barry and would make for an exciting fight. Although it doesn’t make much sense rankings wise it would make for a fun night.

    • ripstic5021

      Well I think this is a bad matchup for Cormier. Barry has very powerful kicks and I see him being able to land those on DC all day. Cormier would have to use his wrestling in this one in my opinion. I am not saying Barry would win this straight up, but style wise I see barry giving dc some trouble for sure.

    • OperationCWAL

      u guys forget Pat Berry has under rated ground game!

    • enjoylife321

      Pat Barry is a decent opponent for Cormier. If it stays on the feet it will be a good matchup

    • purinho

      Testing his stand up against Barry it’s not that smart, I mean, DC is very good but Barry is an elite striker with deadly kicks, and if he catches him with a good one, it will be nigty nighty for DC.

    • KeithFarrell

      yes I’m finally #1 for something!!!!

    • KeithFarrell

      Only gives him trouble if DC allows it, if DC wants to win he can do so pretty much with certainty by getting a takedown.
      Probably second worst ground game at HW against one of the best wrestlers in MMA

    • ny2ut2id2nv

      If I were a world class wrestler I’d call out a kick boxer too… To be clear I love watching Barry fight but this is a terrible match up for him.

    • fkarab

      M.Hunt 😉