M-1 Global boss and Fedor Emelianenko's manager Vadim Finkelstein reacted to the Strikeforce: Fedor vs Werdum outcome in a positive manner. Finkelstein declared that M-1 Management will not demand a rematch against Vai Cavalo Fabricio Werdum, but will be still happy to get it. Finkelstein also stated once again that Werdum is the best grappler in MMA today, and that Fedor's camp were fully aware of this in their preparations for the fight:

"We knew that Fabricio Werdum is a very dangerous fighter.  Fedor just got caught. He is much stronger than Fabricio Werdum, but it's a fight, so anything can happen. Everyone was sure that Fedor is going to win tonight, but Werdum is the best grappler in the world.

If there will be a rematch, which we are not demanding, I am pretty sure that Fedor is going to win next time."

The fight against Fabricio Werdum was originally scheduled for Strikeforce: Nashville on April 17th, but was postponed until June due to the contractual dispute between M-1 and Strikeforce. It will be interesting to see how the things work for the promotions after Fedor's defeat, and who will be next in line for The Last Emperor. Fedor Emelianenko also recently revealed about considering his retirement, possibly trying his luck in politics.

Translated from: MixFight.ru