Strikeforce raise the curtain: Hendo vs Shields official for April


    Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields has officially confirmed in an interview to radio that he will meet the former Pride Middleweight Champion Dan Henderson at Strikeforce on CBS event on April. ShieldsKazuo Misaki stated that he is excited to fight the legendary Dan Henderson, revealing that there were some things that were holding the official announcement of the fight:

    “I have a date and venue, but they told me to hold that back. Hopefully CBS. I think it’s CBS. There’s a slight possibility of Showtime because they’re still working it out. I don’t know the rest of the card or any of that yet. But me and Dan’s on, and I’m hoping it’s on CBS.

    There was a few little things holding it back, but luckily everything’s been worked out and I’m just happy the fight’s happening and I want to go out there and put on an exciting fight.”

    Jake Shields will enter the fight holding an impressive 24-4 record, with key victories over Hayato Sakurai, Yushin Okami, Mayhem Miller, Robbie Lawler and Paul Daley. The fight is set to serve as the co-main event of the evening that will be headlined by the Heavyweight bout between Fabricio Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko, that has not been officially announced just yet.

    Stay tuned to for additional information regarding the Strikeforce on CBS fighting card

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    • MAMBA24ILL

      Strikeforce puts on some pretty good cards. Hendo will crush Jake & send him back to bully beatdown.

    • ScottishLad

      Jake’s gonna get manhandled, looking forward to it (not in a gay way)!

    • MAMBA24ILL

      I thought i read somewhere that Fabricio Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko was off.

    • Ninja

      Henderson for sure is going to win, hes on a totally different level than Shields, Shields standup is pretty bad and his wrestling really won’t count for anything against hendo, im guessing round 1 or 2 tko of hendo

    • jackthedrinker89

      Well as boring as sheilds made the Mayhem Miller fight i hope Hendo kicks his ass.

    • jackthedrinker89

      o yea just sayin straight from the UFC to a title shot… and they say the best dont come from UFC!

    • adamo2080

      cmon hendo! this card is starting to look pretty sweet, hope hendo kicks his overrated ass.

    • LionDick10

      Dana should’ve kept Hendo! I wanted to see Silva vs Hendo 2. The UFC is where he has competition up to his level.

    • Odysseus6

      Monster card, if it happens as planned.

    • comonson

      yes dan!!!! first u ko’d bisping now ur going to ko jake shields both guys i don’t like……………… well than again bisping is much cooler than shields.
      can’t wait to see jake lose that title like he’s supposed 2

    • UrHype

      Unless Sheilds can pull off a miracle sub, Hendo will keep it standing and get the KO or at least a TKO.

    • UrHype

      lol I agree, just imagine how long Sheilds would have lasted with Anderson & that give perspective to what will happen.

    • lionkill

      hendo has been a top 3 ranked MW since back in pride, UFC let one of the top ranked MW’s in the world go. the UFC doesn’t really care about how good you are just how much fans like you, thats why they signed Kimbo,its why they still give Tito fights, etc… UFC is stupid for not co promoting why not let their champs beat the Dream/strikeforce champs and show the world how much better they are? because they are afraid it will end like when they would co promote with Pride FC, and those ended with UFC fighters losing.

    • Jizzle11


    • Ninja

      ya, i really doubt he’ll be able to sub hendo, only 3 ppl have been successful in subbin hendo, nog, lil nog and silva, i dont think shields has the bjj skills they have got

    • Daniel Cassidy

      is mousassi lawal gonna be on this card too?

    • MMAoracle

      I actually think shields has one of the best styles in mma to beat anderson silva. Amazing takedowns and grappling. He has no trouble with strikers at all, because they are never able to keep it on the feet, and get dominated on the ground. He even outgrappled mayhem! I think shields would actually do better then hendo against anderson. Although I think hendo will beat him.

      Bottom line, he is a really good fighter, whether you think he is a douchebag or not.

    • adamo2080

      its rumored to be yeah

    • Jizzle11

      Yeah it also makes for really boring fights… have Jake Shields leg hump Silva all day

    • UrHype

      we’ll see wise guy, and if you want your name to be dumbass, just ask the admin to change it.

    • UrHype

      lmao, he can beat Anderson , but you predict Hendo will win, your the dumbass for sure

    • Ninja

      lol u like the only one who thinks shields has a chance in beating silva, he barely beat mayham, shields did 0 damage to him all he did was dry hump mayam on the ground, shields will get either ko’d or rear naked chocked by silva, and don’t call other people dumbass when u dont no what your talking about

    • Tomas2111

      I guess you guys know nothing about Jake.

    • Tomas2111

      step in the cage and try it…….

    • Tomas2111

      It’s not showmanship that helps you win… it’s sometimes boring for fans with the wrestling aspect. I suggest boxing for you. :)

    • Tomas2111

      stick a brock lesnar in there with over 100 collegian wrestling wins, title shot within 5 fights…. The rest have to win 20 times… wierd, huh? Put it on PPV…… LOL!

    • kamari

      I hate 2 say that you sound stupid, but you do! Shields didnt look 2 hot against Mayhem, he damn near got tapped by the Bully Beat Down host, Spidey would do 2 him like he did 2 Forrest. (no disrespect Grif)

    • jackthedrinker89

      or maybe you can suck my dick boxing is more boring than sheilds and trust me i love a good grapplen match but sheilds just laid their and didnt even throw many punches it was a weak fight man

    • mokoko


    • Rigo

      i agree , hendo has been submit only by REAL blackbelts!
      the noguiera brothers and number 1 middleweight anderson silva!

      shields has not the power to submit a strong Dan Henderson!

      and shields stand up isnt even good so hendo by TKO round 1
      he wont pass the 2 round!

      shields is a great fighter but Dan is alredy a legend for a reason

    • Kackvogel

      fedor -werdum ??? i think his next fight will be in dream ( overeem )

      hendo vs shields dont think shields can win!!!

      mousasi vs mo this can be an amazing fight. but is mo ready for
      a fighter like mousasi in his first real test?? if mo
      can win this he is the next big thing in MMA!!!!

    • MMAoracle

      What is it with you two ****ing fags?First stop kissing eachother asses like you do on every ****ing video and go get some none virtual friends, second, read my ****ing argument before replying. I cant be bothered typing it all out, but in essence: styles makes fights, mayhem is a much better grappler than silva, silva has zero takedown defence, so there wont be much leghumping. Besides, that is ****ing mma, whatever way to win. That is the whole point, watch boxing if you dont like the wrestling aspect of fighting.

    • pushad

      Jake shields is the man, but I like hendo too…. Oh my