Strikeforce Miami Post-Fight: Nick Diaz says he wants to fight Georges St Pierre


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    • Lowkickdodger

      Gsp will take down and destroy him, did u see gsp vs matt serra 2?

    • jackthedrinker89

      Gsp is a better standup fightet than you are giving him guest. He actually has standup and he would destroy him. Diaz couldnt even beat Karo in the UFC he has tried to fight the best but he cant because hes not in the UFC. He already treid the UFC and lost to a few big names then beat no names so he cant compete with the

    • Jizzle11

      GSP would probably utilize his kicks (more effective than the guy he just fought) and time his punches and it would be game over

    • UrHype

      these are the same guys who said Marius would beat his ass…amazing

    • UrHype

      then his win lastnight was just for you lol

    • UrHype

      serra …..KO lol

    • garrylt1

      would be a better fight for gsp ! , than hardy ( hard on ) for sure ! i know coker would be all for it! two top welter weights! champs! lol dana is a pussy thoe! and i know gsp wouldnt have a problem with fightn him! now that we got a champ from strike force wanta too trade off! maybe bum boy dana would reconsider! lol oh ya dana got no power over that as he would say! or the true champs are here in the ufc only !

    • bantam

      Jon Fitch, Matt Hughes, Mayhem Miller…….ring a bell, just a few of the fighters that GSP has put on their ass do to strikes. Diaz would never beat GSP any true MMA fan knows that.

    • DR3W

      i love how a dude gets hit in the back of the head and takes loads of shots before he was done wasnt even knocked out all of a sudden he is a weak striker…

    • garrylt1

      hey hommie the bitch likes men thats why he gots a pic like that . he is always talkn about rape and cocks lol. he is a nutthugger for sure a fagot will alot of mouth also

    • jamest

      Are you guys forgetting? GSP greases??? Three world champions have said so, that’s a lot! Matt Hughes ( 6 time defending!), Sean Sherk, and BJ Penn. Mayhem miller also stated so. Jon Fitch also said he was slick, but for some reason stated a fighter should be able to deal with it (cheating?). I was actually a fan of GSP, since he stepped in. I thought this guy was gonna take the Champion for sure in the future. When I found this out, takes out all the credibility. I still think he’s a good fighter, but he cheats to get the edge. It’s the same things as juice. It gives you an unfair advantage, that dangerous to their opponents. It allows you to slip guard, slip locks/postures, posture up, gain more power. It adds up after a few rounds, I’d imagine, and extra punch, fatigue from attempting a futile guard or hold. Actually what bothers me more is the people who are so blind to not acknowledge this, it’s pretty ignorant. The facts stare you right in the face, yet he’s glorified. How does that work?