The impressive Strikeforce: Miami event will take place this Saturday (January 30th) in Sunrise, Florida at the BankAtlantic Center. Former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley will continue his MMA adventure against the UFC Veteran Wes Sims, as the NFL Legend Herschel Walker will aim for glory against the underdog Greg Nagy. Also, Heavy-handed warriors Robbie "Ruthless" Lawler and Melvin Manhoef will go to war against each other, as Cristiane Cyborg and Marloes Coenen will battle for the Strikeforce Women's Lightweight (145 pounds) Title.

The Main Event of the evening will feature Lithuanian sensation Marius Zaromskis, who is famous for his devastating high kicks, and the aggressive striker Nick Diaz. Two fighters will battle for the Strikeforce Welterweight Title in a five five-minute rounds clash.

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Bobby Lashley def. Wes Sims via TKO
Round 1: Wes Sims tries to play with Lashley as he tries to test his strength against the former WWE Pro Wrestler. Lashley does a smart move by taking Wes Sims down with a single-leg takedown, and punishes Sims on the ground. Wes Sims gives us his back and Lashley unleashes some bad shots... Referee makes a correct decision by stopping the fight at 2:05 minutes of the first round. Good victory for Bobby Lashley.
Robbie Lawler def. Melvin Manhoef via KO
Round 1: The bout is underway and both fighters are measuring a jab distance, it looks like Melvin Manhoef controls the cage and pushes Lawler to the fence. Lawler tries to kick his way out of trouble, but Manhoef is relaxed and looking for a good opportunity to test "Ruthless" Lawler's chin. Melvin Manhoef is clearly controlling the pace in this one. Manhoef looks in a very good shape, full cage control, leg kicks and good combos are dominating Lawler, Manhoef pushes Lawler to the fence and punishes his legs in a devastating fashion... and out of nowhere...... Robbie Lawler unleashes a short jab that knocks Melvin Manhoef CLEAN OUT!!! Dutch sensation dominated this fight, and Robbie "Ruthless" Lawler managed to put an impressive victory at 3:33 minutes in the very First Round. Well done!
Herschel Walker def. Greg Nagy via TKO
Round 1: They touch gloves and Nagy is moving well around the cage, with Herschel Walker throwing impressive kicks and jabs. Nagy tries a takedown and Herschel responds with a Guillotine Choke attempt. Walker moves to a side control, and then moves to a half-guard position throwing some serious shots at Greg Nagy! The good thing is that Nagy staying focused, despite being dominated by Walker. Nagy attempts a heel hook, but Walker escapes effectively. First Round ends with Walker in side control. Good performance so far by NFL Legend, let’s sees how his cardio responds in the Second Round. Clear 10-9 round for Walker.
Round 2: Second Round is underway with walker delivering a vicious takedown. Walker simply outpowers Greg Nagy on the ground. Nagy gives up his back, and it looks like Walker is attempting a Rear Naked Choke... Greg Nagy manages to escape again, but Walker is in a mount position. Nagy's defense has been very effective so far, despite Walker's dominance. They stand-up again and Walker delivering a devastating knee, Herschel Walker takes down Nagy again and pounds his face in a mount position... Second Round ends, with a very impressive performance for Herschel Walker who dominates Greg Nagy. 10-9 again for Herschel Walker.
Round 3: Greg Nagy tries an early armbar, but his lack of Jiu-Jitsu technique prevents him from finishing Herschel Walker. NFL Legend 's gameplan works well as he takes Nagy down and punishes him with effective Ground-and-Pound. Nagy gives up his back for a third time this evening, and fails to defend himself... as the merciful referee stops the fight 2:16 minutes into the Third Round. The crowd is booing, but it was a good performance by Herschel Walker.
Strikeforce Women's Lightweight Title: Cristiane Santos def. Marloes Coenen via TKO
Round 1: They are serious!!! Right off the bat Marloes Coenen hits Cyborg with a very good cross! Cyborg Santos pulls the clinch to calm the things down. Coenen expects the clinch and lands another powerful jab. Cyborg dominated in the sand-up so far, which is somehow surprising. "Rumina" Coenen takes Cristiane Cyborg down, but the Strikeforce Womens Champion dominates with a vicious Ground-and-Pound. Marloes Coenen refuses to get up, but referee decides that this fight will continue on the feet. Cristiane Cyborg unleashes powerful combinations as Coenen barely survives, and it looks like she rehabilitated from an early shock . Terrific first round that will probably go to Cyborg Santos 10-9.
Round 2: Second round is underway with a somehow negative tactic by Marloes Coenen. Rumina spends most of her time on the ground, trying to pull guard. Cyborg Santos tries to Ground-and-Pound but without much effect. The referee decides to stand them up again, as Cyborg lands some very good combos. Marloes Coenen takes the fight to the ground again, Thales Leites style. Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos lands some serious Ground-and-Pound shots, as the second round ends. I would score it 10-8 for Cyborg Santos.
Round 3: Final round is underway with a clear Cyborg Santos' dominance. It looks like Cyborg is simply stronger than Coenen, as the Brazilian simply outpowers Coenen in every occasion. Cyborg takes down Coenen and lands some vicious Ground-and-Pound shots, Coenen manages to stand up and trade with santos, landing a serious shots that rocks Cyborg for a split-second. Cristiane Cyborg decides to take Coenen down again, and punishes her with a vicious Ground-and-Pound. "Rumina" cannot defend herself and the referee decides to stop the fight at 3:14 seconds of the Third Round. Dominant performance by Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos.
Strikeforce Welterweight Title: Nick Diaz def. Marius Zaromskis via KO
Round 1: Main Event of the Evening begins in a very impressive fashion. Zarmoskis and Nick Diaz are trading punches, as Diaz using his ridiculous reach advantage to hurt Zarmoskis who pulls to clinch position. Diaz is pushing Zaromskis to the fence, with some useful kicks and stomps that frustrate the Lithuanian. Diaz unloading heavy punches, but Marius Zarmoskis responds with some vicious hooks that rock Nick Diaz! Diaz somehow survives the onslaught, they are continuing to trade, as a bloodied Nick Diaz looks seriously hurt. "The Raging Demon" Zromskis takes Nick Diaz to the fence, but the American manages to escape and begins to trade with Marius Zaromskis. Diaz looks bigger and Zaromskis just can’t get past his reach, Diaz hurts Zaromskis who fails to respond.... Diaz lands a few more shots, and knocks Marius Zaromskis out at 4:28 seconds in the very First Round. W-O-W!!! What a fight!