Twenty-four hours after Alistair Overeem's convincing performance against Brett "The Grim" Rogers, Dutchman's manager Bas Boon declared that "The Demolition Man" is ready to fight anyone Strikeforce put against him. Speaking exclusively to's community, Golden Glory Gym founder discussed what's next for Overeem, and if he will still be interested in fighting Fedor in case Fabricio Werdum is victorious on June 26th:

"Everything is possible.  Alistair has no injuries and is ready to fight MMA and K-1.

Alistair Overeem is a professional fighter, he will fight anybody. If the promoter finds it interesting to organize a fight, Alistair will be there. He fought Rogers instead of Fedor, because that's what the promoter "wanted" or maybe was "forced' to do.

This situation happened because of the M-1 management, who did not want Fedor to fight against the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem."

Alistair Overeem has declared numerous times that he is interested competing in K-1 2010 WGP, with sights on improving the prestigious 3rd spot he earned last year. Ubereem turned 30 today (May 17th), currently holding MMA record of 33 victorious and 11 losses. His last defeat was against Sergei Kharitonov, three years ago.

Photos: Dave Mendel via