LowKick Exclusive: Interview with Marloes "Rumina" Coenen


    Team Golden Glory product Marloes “Rumina” Coenen will get another shot to become a Striekforce Champion, this time fighting the undefeated 12-0 Sarah Kaufman on October 9th for the Strikeforce Womens Welterweight (135 pounds) Title. The fight will serve as the co-main event of the stacked Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons 2 fight card, taking place at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

    Coenen will look to bounce back from defeat against the Muay Thai wrecking machine Cris “Cyborg” Santos, in a fight that took place at Strikeforce: Miami on January 30th.

    Also known as the “Female Rickson Gracie”, Coenen is currently 17-4 in her MMA career, with 3 KO’s, 2 Decisions and 12 Submission victories. Here’s what she had to say about her upcoming bout against Sarah Kaufman, life in Japan and much more:

    Hey Marloes! First of all, it’s a pleasure to have you back on LowKick.com! Your fight against Sarah Kaufman is just one month away. How’s your training going for this fight?
    It is a pleasure to be back, Anton. I’m doing fine, the camp is the same as usual only the tactic for my opponent is different.

    You are well-known for finishing fights on the ground with slick submission moves. Will it be the main part of your gameplan, to take Kaufman to the ground?
    Well the gameplan is top secret, of course. 😉
    But I think that I have proven in my last fight that I can consume and dish out punches.

    Do you consider this as the biggest fight of your career?
    Well Cyborg was pretty big too. I just feel very blessed that I get a second big chance in a row. That is quite unique and rare. I’m very grateful to Scott Coker for that.

    Strikeforce: San Jose is 9 months after your showdown against Cyborg Santos. And as you told in your recent interview, it will be your first 135-pound bout. Do you think it will be an issue to fight in a new weight class, especially after such a long time out?
    Well, I didn’t have such an intense training rhythm in my decade-long career, so I do not see that as a problem and am not afraid of ring rust. Further, I am coached by Rhino Gym and Andrews Gym; as far as my diet. They also work with Alistair Overeem, K-1 star Gokhan Saki and Shooto champ Siyar Bahadurzada. I feel very confident with those men behind me.

    Miesha Tate won the Strikeforce 135-pound Tournament in August, and is expected to face the winner of your fight against Kaufman. What do you think about Tate as a potential opponent?
    Lets first focus on Sarah. I respect Sarah very much and it would be very arrogant and dumb to think she is a walk over. I know that Sarah and I will have an explosive fight. I think that the fight with Sarah will be harder then with Miesha. But after the Sarah fight I first will focus on my GLORY 12 fight in Amsterdam, the following week.

    You’ve been fighting for a very long time in Japan. Would you like to return to “The Land of the Rising Sun” one day?
    Oooooh yes! I really miss Japan. Visiting Japan feels like coming home in a weird way. I love everything: the people, food, social behavior, their love for quality, beautiful landscape, the shopping (!) and so on. I have friends there too so it is always fun to hang out in Tokyo.

    After watching how you welcomed Alistair Overeem in the Airport after his victory over Brett Rogers, it looks like you two are really good friends. It’s a common thing between all Team Golden Glory members, or it’s just you being a good friend of Alistair Overeem?
    Alistair and I go back a long way. And Siyar and me too; more fighters of Golden Glory know each other for a long time. We just had a photo shoot for the October 16th GLORY 12 posters, and we all had a lot of fun during that day. People train MMA with Martijn and if they need some more stand up skills they work out the Thaiboxgym in the South of the Netherlands (at Cor Hemmers & Ramon Deckers). So there is a good exchange of knowledge. Something which only can be possible if the inter-relationships of all the team members is good.

    You are scheduled to fight at the Ultimate Glory 12 event in Amsterdam on October 16th, just 7 days after Strikeforce: San Jose. How you are planning to work it out, especially after a potential 5-rounder against Kaufman? And does it’s even an issue for you to fight in such a short period of time?
    Of course it isn’t nothing, but afterwards I can take a rest for a while and recover. I first focus on Sarah and then the next fight will come. To me it is a challenge & that gets me excited.

    What’s the first advice you would give to a teenage girl who wants to get into MMA?
    First and foremost find a good gym. With ‘good’ I mean a relaxed trainer. Because she/he defines the group. If your trainer is a negative person you will find yourself in a group of bullies.

    Second, once you started then train for 2 months 2-3 times a week, don’t miss one class! After the 2-month period you decide to go on or not. The reason is that all begin is hard and MMA-beginnings is certainly not easy.

    Third: make a picture of your butt before you start working out and one after the 2-month period. If you have decided to quit compare the pictures again. 😉

    Any message for your fans at LowKick.com?
    Hope to see you in San Jose on October 9th!
    Train hard, Love Marloes

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      Lmao, why doesnt she show us a before and after picture?
      Marloes is cool

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      Anton can you get me a date with Marloes?

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      Cool interview. Marloes is a great fighter, can’t wait to see her next month!

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      She’s kinda cute for a fighter, before entering the cage/ring.

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      why isn’t anybody told when we get these interviews lol. i have so many questions i would like to have answered! and im sure everyone else has alot too.. if there is a way to find out before hand i would love to know!

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      She’s actually a little cuter than I thought.

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      she is not that bad looking!
      shes hot even after the beat Cyborn put on her.
      Gina Carano vs Marloes in MMA fight or oil wrestling hahahaha!

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      Im officially jealous of Anton now haha

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