Strikeforce loudmouth King Mo discussed his rumored bout against the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Gegard Mousasi, which will probably happen on April 16th. Muhammed Lawal is known for his exceptional ability to talk smack about his opponents, as this time he related to Mousasi's "unimpressiveground game":

“As far as Mousasi, I'm not training on nothing in particular f or him. I'm working on everything though. Not anything in particular for Mousasi. Jacare did pass Mousiasi's guard. He got up kicked. I'm not worried about passing his guard; there is nothing special or impressive about it. I'm not Jacare. I'm not worried about anything. If the fight gets made, I just fight.”

Unbeaten King Mo also stated that he would love to test his skills and abilities against the legends of the sport, Chuck Liddel and Quinton "Rampage Jackson": “If Chuck Liddel and Rampage are healthy and sign with Strikeforce, we can make that happen.”

Muhammed Lawal is one of the most decorated Wrestling Champions in the game, and it looks like the Murfreesboro, Tennessee native is extra confident in his abilities. Lawal's last fight against the veteran Mike Whitehead was his first real test against a credible opponent, as the bout against arguably one of the best Pound-for-Pound fighters in the world will certainly prove if Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal is for real.