Josh Barnett promises to take Daniel Cormier down


    Despite fighting a high-caliver wrestler, “The Warmaster” Josh Barnett declared he would have no trouble in taking Daniel Cormier down. Barnett looked back at his impressive victory over Sergei Kharitonov, and the respect he has towards “an amazing athlete and a good guy” Daniel Cormier. Thirty-three year old Barnett is currently enjoying a 8-fight winning streak, that started with a victory over Hidehiko Yoshida back in 2008. Along the way, Barnett added notable victories over Gilbert Yvel, Pedro Rizzo, Jeff Monson, Brett Rogers and of course Sergei Kharitonov.

    Full results from last night’s fight card

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    • returnofbiggay

      “Caliver”?? LOL The writing on this site is amateur at best

    • dutch_striker

      Wow you have pointed out one mistake! You must have been the first of your class, noboby thought you where THAT good.

    • thexperience1

      No Josh you will not…. you’re getting Knocked the f*ck out within the first 2 min. of round 1

    • IChokePeople

      It should have been proof read before posting. There is no excuse.

    • mindkontrolle

      i’m still rooting for josh. i think experience counts for a lot, and barnett is intelligent enough to find the solution. i feel he’s one of the top heavy weights, just demonized and had to take a bit of a fall for doing something that surely many fighters in the UFC have done and gotten away with it throughout MMA history.

    • overhand right

      He’s not taking him down, and I reckon Cormier can finish him standing.

    • LowkickDick

      Noboby? I think you just proved his point.

    • jamo

      i wouldn’t mind seeing some big slams from somebody in this fight. a big dan severn suplex.

    • MereDictum

      You do realize English is not his native language? Do you speak more than one language? Anything to add of substance or ate you just a grammar nazi with nothing to add of any real value?

    • MereDictum

      Are, not “ate”. In before the g-nazi chastises me!

    • TheRealDeal

      I got Cormier all the way on this one….. Barnett is good but Cormier is better.

    • thexperience1

      We’ll talk after the fight…