Jimmy Ambriz vs. Bobby Lashley fight has been officially called off


    Strikeforce officials confirmed that Bobby Lashley will not fight the veteran Jimmy Ambriz at Strikeforce: Miami, Jan. 30. Many fans did not like the decision to put a 14-12 Jimmy Ambriz against a powerful Bobby Lashley, and it looks like Strikeforce realized that the fight will not gain too much attention, not speaking of a credit for Bobby Lashley.

    Former WWE Superstar is sure that he will sitll fight on January 30th, despite the short time left for Strikeforce management to find a suitable opponent: “I got a call last night that said I’d definitely be fighting, and (Strikeforce officials) said, “We want to make sure to have the right opponent for you,” Lashley told in an interview on Tuesday night. “I hope everything works out. I hope they find someone and the fight will be great.”

    Lashley was originaly scheduled to fight 2-1 Yohan Banks, but the fight was ruled out by Florida Athletic Commission ruled the bout “not competitive” and declined its approval last Thursday. Strikeforce officials will have to find a decent replacement in 10 days, but it looks like the fight will be cancelled after all.

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