Last night Nick Diaz proved he has a heart of true Champion. It was a great performance not only from the technical aspect of Mixed Martial Arts, but also from a mental one.

Nick Diaz was close to getting KO'd twice last night, but to disappointment of Paul Daley's fans, "Semtex" was unable to finish the fight and walk away as the new Strikeforce Welterweight Champion. Some people would argue that the referee John McCarthy should have stopped the fight when Nick Diaz fell with his face down on the canvas for the second time. And in fact, I don't think anyone would complain if he did. Diaz was out for a few good seconds.

But that's what was really spectacular about Nick Diaz last night. The way he recovered and eventually managed to give Paul Daley a taste of his own medicine, proved once again that Diaz is a natural born Champion. Great Champions end up victorious even when not performing at their best.

Just like Brock Lesnar. Fans may argue about Lesnar not being a well rounded enough to be even called a Mixed Martial Artist. But at UFC 116, Lesnar proved he's a Champion by nature, and that it takes someone with a yet unknown "kryptonite" to defeat him. Eventually, Cain Velasquez revealed that "kryptonite" at UFC 121, ending Brock Lesnar's reign as a Champion.

Now back to Nick Diaz, and what may be his "kryptonite".

Paul Daley was Nick Diaz's toughest test to date. It's the first legit Top 10 Welterweight to challenge Diaz, after fights against the unranked Evangelista Cyborg, Marius Zaromskis and KJ Noons. Nick Diaz is 27 years old, moving closer to his peak as a Mixed Martial Artist. Now it's a perfect time for Diaz to start building his legacy as a fighter.

While challenging the winner of St. Pierre vs. Shields fight may be a little bit too early for Nick Diaz, I firmly believe that potential bouts against fighters like Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves or even BJ Penn have a great competitive potential. No disrespect to Tyron Woodley, but this fight makes no sense for Nick Diaz in terms of both rankings and competition.

Time to bring Nick Diaz back to the UFC. Make it happen, Mr. White.