Bobby Lashley is not taking Wes Sims lightly


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    • Jizzle11

      I can’t wait to watch Sims KO him XD

    • borealis19

      Lashley will easily finish Wes Sims…His next fight will probably be against Brett Rogers who has been calling him names and asking for a fight on Twitter…That would be a good match up…I believe Brett, like many other fighters and fans, are taking Lashley somewhat lightly…He will definitely surprise many…

    • UrHype

      you sir have a clue, nice to meet you

    • UrHype

      Sims will NOT win, sorry

    • Jizzle11

      I root for the underdog :)

    • JaytheBrit

      west sims got knocked by frank mirr :L
      n took dwn relentlessly :L imagine this huge dude