Babalu seeking for revenge against Gegard Mousasi


    Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Renato Babalu Sobral discussed his future and a long recovery following a devastating loss to Gegard Mousasi at Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg, in an exclusive interview to Babalu fought the biggest names in Mixed Martial Arts, and it looks like the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt feels he still has plenty to give:

    “It’s tough, getting each time better. I’m looking for big fights. I’m on a moment on my career to make important fights, not just to add. Being for the title or not, I want to fight with big names. I talked to the guys of the event to don’t be focused only on the light heavyweight division, but, of course, my biggest aim is the fight against (Gegard) Mousasi, but I’m giving a lot of fight options. I think it’s nice to fight in a lot of categories, and just gave me three months. A rematch against Fedor would be very satisfying to me. I am currently training with Fabricio Werdum for his fight against him. Werdum will surprise him.”

    Renato Sobral had his first professional fight in 1997, almost thirteen years ago, and during his illustrious career he fought fighters like Dan Henderson, Fedor Emelianenko, Kevin Randleman and Chuck Liddell. Today he feels that things have changed together with a rapid growth of the sport and now the main factor in MMA is money:

    “We fought a lot, we took it back… The old times guys, Wanderlei, Hugo, they know what’s to fight on small towns, don’t be paid or to fight three times on one night and receive almost nothing… They went out broken and the money did not pay even the hospital. Now I can keep my family and invest. It’s even harder now because there are more people, but when you get there it’s easier because you get paid.”

    According to the reports Sobral’s next fight could be in Japan against a yet unnamed opponent. Babalu trains in the legendary Brazilian Gracie Barra Team under Carlos Gracie Jr. who awarded him his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.

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    • MAMBA24ILL

      Babalu’s always been a tough opponent. Strikeforce should’ve put him back in the ring already.

    • borealis19

      Werdum will suprise Fedor?!! Hmm, he didn’t surprise a sluggish BigFoot in their very last unimpressive fight…He’ll get a bully beatdown from the Emperor…
      Werdum preparing with Sobral for his most important fight doesn’t sound like a brilliant idea…Training with the likes of Anderson Silva would be wiser, I think…

    • terra2805

      I think Babalu is going to get knocked out again if he goes for this rematch, Gegard has his number now the same way Chuck had it and knocked him out again in their second fight. Babalu is only dangerous on the ground and if he can’t get it there he’s usually screwed…..i like Babalu but his fight face is scarier than his stand up fighting……..

    • therealgarrylt1

      yeah he is not all there. i still thinks he can beat the ice man. lol