Rolles Gracie cut from the UFC


Rolles Gracie has been added to the growing list of fighters cut from the UFC following a poor performance at UFC 109. He was hyped as being the next big Gracie fighter, but now finds himself as a free agent again after a 2nd round TKO loss to Joey Beltran. The list of fighters cut following UFC 109 now reads as: Mark Coleman, Tim Hague, Frank Trigg, Rolles Gracie and also Phillipe Nover has been cut.

  • he shoulda finished him when he mounted him early its his own fault that and he was way too outta shape 1st UFC fight or not

  • cut from UFC?

    Coleman – about time
    Rolles Gracie – o rly?
    Trigg – who let him in?
    Hague – uh?
    Nover – didn’t Dana say “this guy has so much potential it scares me”?