Renzo Gracie in ‘Middle aged crisis’ wants to defend family honor


Renzo Gracie(13-6-1) has not stepped foot in a cage for 2 years coming in to this fight and he is scheduled to meet UFC veteran and future hall of famer Matt Hughes (43-7). Renzo has said that he is in the best shape of his life to deal with what his wife has called his mid-life crisis. ‘I’m feeling like a kid,” He said “I’ve lost 27 pounds and I’m back in the game , I can’t wait to fight. I’ll be 43 when I fight(Hughes) and my wife says that instead of buying a car or a bike, my middle aged crisis is to get back in the ring.”

An 8 time PRIDE veteran, Renzo has also fought in the IFL and ELITEXC in his lengthly career in MMA. He has previously appeared at MW Gracie will now compete at 170lbs.

‘I’m very fortunate; He said ‘I was able to set up all the goals I had before – to open my schools, tun up my businesses so I could push my art to future generations of my family. I was able to do that, so now my business is running by itself, and I can just concentrate on myself for the first time in my life and just train to fight.’

Among Gracies students is former welterweight champion Matt ‘The terror’ Serra.A man that Matt Hughes defeated in May after a lengthly verbal rivalry.Hughes also defeated Renzo’s cousin Royce Gracie in a 2006 superfight.

Renzo was offered a 3 fight contract but said he would only sign for six. So it seems we will be seeing more of him, win or lose against Hughes,in a fight that will be avenging his cousins loss to the UFC legend last may.


  • I hope renzo wins, hes the most like able graice and he has talent. Matt Hughes is to arrogant he should have lost the fight to Serra, hopefully Renzo can get a win on the behalf of serra, ryoce and himself

  • naa theres alredy a gracie hunter sakuraba!
    beside hughes beating renzo dosent prove much!

    hughes is way bigger! and will overpower renzo!

    i would like to see renzo vs another bjj guy maybe Dustin hazelet! to start ! because lets be real he hasent been in the game for 2 years!

    beside the Gracie name will last forever!

    they started the sport but it evolved!

    more and more new fighters are entering the sport and adding new things! just look the new level some fighters reach!

    Hughes seem unstopable himself , and GSP show up and beat him!

    chuck the same and rampage beta him and then again a higher level of fighters apper machida and shogun!

    thats just the way of the world ! evolution!

  • idiotic commentary, respects the family gracie, you must not have chance to make this type of commentary, must have 10 years and it does not know nothing on history of the family gracie. one keeps silent