Rashad Evans thinks Jon Jones is finding confidence and style, but he is still fake


As the hype and trash talk between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones heats up in the days leading up to their epic UFC 145 clash, Evans was interviewed yesterday.  He had many things to say about the young champion.  At first, he had praise for his former training partner, stating the following on usatoday.com

?????“He’s gotten a lot better and he’s gotten more confident,before he would just kind of do things randomly and just whatever, but now I see a bit of a pattern. I see that he’s finding his style a little bit more.”

On Jones’ comeback victory over Lyoto Machida last December, Evans had the following to say:

“It showed he has a bit of a heart, man. Because he lost that first round pretty good, but then he came back and he looked pretty dang good. I was pretty surprised. I doubted Jon’s heart, but Jon, he showed me in that fight.”

Still, Evans was quick to follow up his compliments of Jones with words meant to get inside the Light Heavyweight champion’s head.  He continued to insist that Jones is fake. When asked to explain this and why Evans thinks he can break Jones mentally, he responded:

“Because he allows me to. He can’t help it. He can’t help it. I’m his kryptonite and he knows it. Do you have to be authentic? For me, I would have to be an authentic person. That’s just me. But people play a character all the time. I guess that’s really no different than him. Only thing I’m saying is that he’s just playing a character. I’m saying he’s fake; that’s the only thing I’m saying. I’m not saying that the UFC shouldn’t invest in him because he’s fake. If he’s fake, he’s fake. He’s the only one who’s going to have to answer for his fakeness, not anybody else.”

It appears that Rashad Evans knows the type of evolving skill set and talent that his opponent will bring to the cage on April 21st in Atlanta.  While he may respect this, he also has a great deal of detracting statements to make about a man that he once considered his younger brother.  Only time will tell who will emerge victorious, but the war of words has reached a fever pace heading into UFC 145.

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Photo: Francis Specker

  • lol Its funny how everyone use to dislike Rasahd ,but now everyone wants him to punch Jon Jone hard. Because evryone hate J.Jones xD

    I think Jones is close to be as hated as Tito Ortiz before.

  • Hate is not as strong as love.The only one manifesting hate here is Rashad Evans.Thats why he will loose.

  • Rashad or someone else, i just wanna see ****y ass bich J “boy” J fall from sky and realise he is not a blessed fightig prophet as he thing he is…
    He is just a 26 year old boy whith some muscle

  • Are you saying Jon Jones is in love with Rashad?

  • I don’t know if I’m the only guy who doesn’t think Jones is fake

  • No we all believe he is the chosen one. He sent to earth show mortals how to fight. He is god of war.

  • So ready for this fight to be over. Won’t have to see in the headlines, Jon Jones says “this” about Rashad… Rashad says “this” about Jones… It’s getting so ****ing old.

  • I love how so many call Jones fake, or ****y like you actually know the guy in person to judge if he is being fake. Some get to caught up in this drama its about the fights that is what matters.

  • Holy Crap, stop the presses. Rashad Called Jones fake……….. for the 500th time. Here is a news flash Rashad, you’re fighting in a couple weeks… you can do your talking then. Unless of course you think this 4th grade crap is really getting in Jone’s head…. if that is the case i feel kinda sorry for you.

  • Hate to break it to you, but Jones has far more fans than haters, myself included.

  • Nope, you are not the only one, I agree Jones is not fake at all, just confident in his skills. People misinterpret that as c*cky and fake.

  • The UFC hype machine is working overtime. between Bones and Reem, I feel like MMA took a year off or something.
    Jon is just a big kid in a man’s position. He’ll grow into that spot. At his age, Im sure I’d have pissed off a lot of people/fans.

  • DG1

    It’ll look worse on Rashad when he gets beaten by a fake.

  • people call him fake cos he plays the gentleman card all the time, saying he loves god and sunflowers and rainbows blah blah blah, thens hes a complete c**t at weigh-ins, is arrogant (like the way he dropped machida etc) and not very good at trash-talk (the one fight rampage beat him at lol) dont think anyones saying hes not a super fighter, its obvious he is, but hes trying to be the golden boy when everyone knows that title belongs to zzzzzeorgeeeeees st. piuuuuuuuuur

    also, hes always playing the god religion card, saying how devout he is etc etc etc….anyone else find it suspect that he has (i think) 3 kids, the first of which was born when he was like 18, and hes not married?!?!?! dont think jesus would like that, not one iddy bit

  • if this were true, he would also play bass in GWAR….but i dont recognize him in the band

  • personally i like them both, and jones a bit more as of recent because of his unique technique. jones is no where near as hated as tito….he does not have a laundry list of excuses prepared to read after his peoples champ speech. when jones finally loses, we will get to see if he acts like tito at all , chances are slim.

  • When you fall to stoppage due to elbows in the second round Rashad , you’ll then understand the difference between ‘fake’ and reality. Guessing at that point you will also realize the WWE might be a better fit for childish antics.

    Enjoy your humble pie …. maybe ask for two pieces !!

  • Eye yam not imprezzed by his breeding.

  • I’m thinking that Rashad and his aggressive style will be to much for Bones to handle in the later rounds. We have yet to see someone able to grind on Jones and impose their will on him. I’m hoping Suga can do this so we can see how Jon handles it over 5 rounds.

  • It’s because we do feel like we know these guys. The footage and info that you guys feed us makes us feel closer to favorite fighters; and gives us more reason to dislike the guys we don’t care for.

  • hmmmm so If there were a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean and there were 4 guys who were haters and 4 guys who were sissy pants….I’d say Haters wins that one and have new girlfriends.

  • They wear masks like SliPkNot!

  • It’s funny how people are criticizing jones for some flaws like you guys haven’t done things that he’s done, seriously everyone is human

  • ok just a 26 year old boy whith some muscle and long palpus.