Quick Quote: Dana White promises a “TOP 8 Opponent” for Jon Jones


Vladimir Matyushenko is a guy who I have a a lot of respect for and I didn’t think it was going to happen that easy. ‘Bones’ Jones is the real deal and he just catapulted himself tonight into the top eight in the world. Tonight solidified it. To go in and do what he did to Vladimir Matyushenko, and make it look as easy as he did tonight, it cements it for me. This kid is one of the top eight in the world in that weight division. He’s got to keep his head together, stay focused and keep doing all the right things in training. He’s smart, good looking and bad ass.

He’s going to make a lot of money — this kid is going to do very well. Right now in the 205-pound division, all these guys are fighting each other. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, Jon Jones will fight one of the top eight guys in the world for his next fight.” – The Daily Line via MMAMania.com

Dana White makes a promise everyone expected: a top UFC Light Heavyweight opponent for Jon Jones. The New Yorker was given enough time by the UFC to build himself and find his form, as his next fight could be easily labeled as the “First step for the Title shot”. With fighters like Thiago Silva, Jason Brilz, Nogueira-Bader winner, or even Rich Franklin are all available at Joe Silva’s disposal, who do you want to see Jon Jones fighting next? Voice your opinion, LowKick’ers!

  • Give him thiago silva. I just think this where he can be really challenged.

  • loser of rampage machida

  • I get the feeling it will be Franklin. Thiago Silva would be a real test but he is coming off a loss. Franklin is a huge name and it is a fight that could be marketed as a big flashy main event. I also see Bones owning Franklin, which is what the UFC would like to see.

  • I can’t see that happening. The loser of Rampage Machida will then have two losses in a row. To have them then fight Jon Jones would be very very risky as you essentially become irrelevant with 3 losses in a row and on the verge of being cut.

    The loser of Machida/Rampage gets a confidence builder, they won’t be fighting Jon Jones

  • TwA

    bone vs silva would be good why not bones vs anderson silva at 205 now that would be a fight

  • i think he should fight winner of machida v rampage and that winner gets a title shot. if he can beat one of them he deserves the title shot

  • i dont know, in my opinion the jones put a difficult challenge for matchmaking
    heres the top LHW in my opinion

    shogun : too early for jones to have a title shot. Annyway, shogun is sidelined for a while
    rashad: that might be a good fight, but rashad did get a title shot and i dont think jones should be in number one contender fight yet. annyway they are buddy and decided not to fight each other
    machida or rampage : I think both of these matchup would be good for jones and both of them are top contenders the problem is that it would take way too long for jones next fight considering he left pretty fresh from the janitor fight.
    Forrest : for exposure and title contention it could be a good matchup for jones to climb up the LHW stairs, but i think its an awfull matchup for forrest. Jones too quick and i expect a result similar to the A.silva fight. jones need to be in a tough fight to test him instead of an opponent he will run through.
    ]lil nog or bader : i guess jones could fight the winner of this event, but i think both bader and lil nog should be lower than bones in the lhw ranking so i would not pick this one.

    The best fight in my opinion in A.silva if he get out of the sonnen fight uninjured. The fight would be delightfull for fan and a real showcase of excitement. If jones prevail, he would have beaten one of the best of the buisness and even if A.silva is not really a permanent lhw, the name is big and it would give jones lots of credibility.
    The problem is im not sure jones level is yet to Silva and a huge loss could slow him a lot on is ascension and could pose problem to the lhw title rivalry in years to come…

    so definitly A.silva vs jones would be the fight i love to watch, but for title contention, ill say give him forrest or rampage machida winner

    so what do you think ??

  • Dana will not put Jon “Bones” Jones agains’t Anderson Silva yet. He’s not ready for that YET…

  • In my opinion – what we are looking at is a 205 Anderson Silva; one that doesn’t give a crap if the fight is standing or on the ground.

    When you consider what he did to WM last night, a top shelf stand-up fighter named Brandon Vera, a top shelf wrestler named Matt Hamil. and a tough, tough guy named Stephen Bonner (who is a no easy fight on the ground), for me, the jury is in.

    This guy is a beast. This guy is the uncrowned champ of 205. I’d pick him in a fight with Shogun, now. I don’t see anyone you could name, other then SR, that could fight this guy, right now; he’s just too everything.

    I’m sorry – but I don’t see RE or LM beating this guy, I don’t see TS beating this guy and Franklin? Franklin was lucky to win his fight with Chuck, after having his ass kicked for a round. If Chuck can do that to him, what is JBJ likely to do to him?

    I don’t see anyone below HW that can beat this guy, with the possible exception of Anderson Silva. And even that, for the Spider, might be a tall order.

    This guy is the MMA equivalent of Mike Tyson (@ 205) when he was in his prime. And like Tyson, as with Anderson, this guy’s reputation and the fear of it, is going to start beating guys before they even step in the ring, with him.

    …and did anyone catch that “Silvaesque” lurching motion JBJ was using last night? …very similar to Anderson’s style.

  • I see Thiago or Rampage

  • lil nog lower then jon jones in the rankings? lol… DUDE. lil nog has fought the best in the world. and lets be honest jones does not fight top tear fighters… AT ALL lmao hes been babied by the UFC for awhile now. bonnar, vera(decent but not even top 10), matyushenko..? really did anybody not pick jons first round TKO?

    you only watch the UFC and have no idea about lhw rankings. and the fact that you think silva, rampage and machida are the fights that make the most sense then your nuts. silva it would NEVER happen so just please stop talking about it lol and the loser of machida and rampage will be down 2 in a row the UFC will surely give them a mustapha el turk type fighter to beat on after the loss. the only intelligent thing you said on that post was the possiblity that the bader/ lil nog winner should fight jones. because its the only match up that makes sense right now

  • Yes, this kid is headed straight to the top. This guy is going to LHw’s running for other divisions when he picks up some steam in his title run. Given, they have been spoon feeding him highly beatable opponents thus far. Not quite cans, but only a little better. A good next fight for Jones would be against Forrest Griffin IMO. Thiago Silva would also be a good test. Im sure everyone in the division is hoping they are not next.

  • i think rampage or machida t.silva is out with back injury

  • What would the UFC have to gain from that fight? If Silva destroys Jones then that just solidifies Silva’s legacy even more, but it puts a legitimate L on Jones’ record…..not what they want on a potential future P4P elite. And if Jones pulls off an upset against Silva, it will mar Silva’s record and potentially dethrone him from the P4P throne…..not what they want either.

    Superfights are great for the immediate gratification of the fans, but building legends is just as important too.

  • I would like to see Forrest Griffin or Rich Franklin to fight Jon Jones. I would love to see Rich Franklin pull off a comeback KO over Jon Jones ala Franklin versus Liddell.

  • I think Rich Franklin or Forrest Griffin as well would be good choices for Jon Jone’s next fight. A step up in competition would do him well in his ongoing MMA development. He is only 23 which amazes me that he is so good at such a young age. Even if he should lose to the top 10 LHW fighters he seems to be the kind of young man who could learn well form loses and come back even stronger from them.

  • please excuse my typos at the end… in a bit of a rush. 🙂

  • the UFC doesnt like any of their poster boys to be “owned”

  • I think he should fight the winner of Big Nog and Ryan Bader

  • I have to agree Lil Nog has faced top competition for a long time n Jones hasn’t really fought top flight fighters yet… BUT as his level of competition stepped up from Bonnar and Hammil to Vera and Vlad so did his level of fighting… I don’t care if you’re top flight or not they are a PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER and Bones made them look like they’re infants… I think as of rite now Lil Nog is ranked higher then Bones BUT I also think Bones would put on a show with Lil Nog

  • there is alot of fighters besides 1-3……Thiago is good, Tito,Forrest, Bader,
    Franklin, Jackson, Machida,he just needs to start in the top 10 or so