Ariel Helwani Backstage With Mauro Ranallo

Ariel Helwani Backstage With Mauro Ranallo


With thanks: MMAFighting

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  • godsofwararise

    This series of interviews Ariel is doing is awesome. Wonder how long it will take tv execs to figure out he deserves his own show on ESPN or somewhere else.

  • Drago

    Yeah, Ariel really rocks, he’s very smooth in his interviews and always puts everyone relaxed. Its really a question of time till he gets a show on a tv network about MMA, the way the business is growing soon lots of sports channels around the world will start focusing on it.

    As for Mauro Ranallo: his not my favorite commentator to tell you the truth. I like Bas because the guy is insane and says the weirdest shit. I really cant explain it why, Ranallo knows about MMA and his very precise in a lot of things. Still, hes not my favorite commentator…

  • juryson

    Good piece. I gotta go with Drago on Ranallo, but I did gain a lot of respect for him. Way to bounce back from effed up situations. If I had it my way, Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten would commentate on the same show.

  • 51JD51

    Ya, I really enjoyed the interview. Ariel’s slowly getting out there, if I’m not mistaken he makes regular appearances on “The Daily Line” on Versus/Sportsnet in Canada.

  • UrHype

    Ariel does well because he puts good questions together before reporting. Most of these guys just stumble over themselves.

  • Drewfloyd

    its pretty cool to see this side of mauro. And as matt serra put it, Ariel is the Howard cosel of MMA

  • Joey Santosus

    Very inspiring story…. Ariel said something recently, I think it may have been on the MMA Hour that made me stop and reflect. It was something like….

    Sometimes when I am at the airport or motel following a big exciting event, I walk into a room full of people and its like they have no idea what I just experienced. MMA is still growing, its like our own little club, our own little secret…

  • UrHype

    You have to be a fan to do that well.

  • MereDictum

    Another great piece of work by Ariel. This guy keeps getting better and better.

  • crocopcullen

    excellent interview, ariel always does a good job

  • EnsonInoue

    this shit doesnt belong on espn they have enough bad shows already

  • andysuperstar

    HELLO! 😀

    Please stab me if if no one else agrees, BUT (even though l got nothing but respect and love for the great Ariel who ive followed with passion for a long time and always enjoy his MMAhours) -BUT!

    most of the comments here are in adoration of ariel halwani and what a great interview he pulls off once again :) but to me this particular interview is truly great due to Mauro Ranallo who can talk nonstop, ariel didnt really ask alot during these 28 minutes 😀

    again nothing against ariel and l know he prob had alot to do with the setup of this interview, but during the piece it was all Mauro!

  • Fluidity


  • Dabs

    I really enjoyed the interview…..because of Ranallo. What an amazing personality and he should be inspiration for many…

  • Bruce Lee

    Imagine Mauro Ranallo doing P by P with Joe Rogan doing color for the UFC. That would be awesome.

  • Six

    Ranallo is a unique dude that is for sure .. I like his commentating but then again im an old Pride fan as well.

    The only thing that would have made this interview better would be if Bas was sitting in on it – the two go back a long time and probably have some good stories to tell.