Pat Lundvall issues response to "King Mo" Lawal’s accusations of racism


    NSAC Commissioner Pat Lundvall responded today to Muhammed Lawal’s controversial Twitter postings in his appeal with the following:

    “I was not upset, and I never considered it to be derogatory. What I was doing was laying the classic or standard foundation for the gentleman to make sure that he understood the form that he was signing, that it was designed to be a truthful statement and that the information he was supposed to put on the form was supposed to be true and correct.

    From my perspective, I’ve used that standard line of questioning for each and every athlete that has come before us, when their candor on their pre-fight questionnaire has been an issue. On occasion, we do have fighters that come before us, that have indicated their trainers or maybe someone who was with them at the time or a manager has filled out the form — that they don’t read English, that they don’t understand English, which maybe a second or a third language for them. What we try to do is to ensure that, if we’re going to be taking that into account, that they do understand what it is that they’re signing and that they have read it.” – For more from Pat Lundvall, visit

    Pat Lundvall explained in detail  the reasons that “King Mo” and his team were questioned concerning their understanding of his suspension and appeal. She insisted that her words held no malicious intent and were simply a matter a clarity.

    Lawal responded with comments that insinuated racism on behalf of the NSAC, and ultimately found himself released by Zuffa. So, Lowkick’ers, do you think that forgiveness should bring him back to Strikeforce, or has he dug himself too deep a hole to climb out of?

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    Photo: Francis Specker

    • King Mo does overreact sometimes and talk a lot of crap on guys, he even took back the comments he said on this case.

      To be fair though the people in the room, truly just Pat Lundvall, are the only ones who know what was said and how it was meant.

    • There is audio of the hearing

    • I think that unless there are significant factors all athletes abusing testosterone analogues should be treated the same by the UFC. i.e. they should all get a middleweight title shot. (ok, just kidding about that last part).

    • I don’t get it. Were they asking King Mo if he could read? Or if he could understand the document? Or what

    • After speaking to him in English for over 10 minutes, she asked him (while rolling her eyes and with a condescending tone), “can you read and speak English?”.

    • Sometimes you have to be there not just hear or see it

    • His response should have been….”NAH B!TCH!”

    • Oh you were there or you saw the video? Maybe she couldnt understand him cuz he DOES sound like he’s talking with a mouth full of rocks….

    • Maybe Mo was being a jerk the whole time. Everyone is so quick to defend an arrogant loudmouth. I wont waste my time.

    • Yep and he would be in even deeper shiit, good thing he doesnt ;listen to crap like that.

    • King Mo is plain stupid. This is standard lawyer’s language. What is he – a child?

      On the other hand this may be hinting on how African Americans are still feeling in US today. An interesting thought.

    • I wont speak the truth or touch that one with a 10 ft pole.

    • If I had a dollar for everytime a black guy called racism, I’d be rich!

    • He’s a ****en liar they say shit like that and they purposely say it in a way to get under your skin so u lose track of your gameplane its psychology just ask nick diaz about that lol