Paolo Thiago says he is not ready for GSP just yet.


After his performance at UFC 109 against Mike ‘Quick’ Swick, which saw him take a submission victory over Josh Koscheck’s replacement, Thiago is considered a top Welterweight contender. Although he is gaining experience the question still remains: Is he ready for Welterweight champ and arguably the best p4p fighter on the planet Georges St. Pierre?

28 year old GSP (19-2 8ko 5sub) won his first amateur MMA fight at just 16 and made his debut in the UFC in 2004 at UFC 46 defeating Karo Parisyan by unanimous decision. For Brazilian fighter Thiago (29 years old) whilst being similarly matched in age there is a gap in experience. Thiago made his pro debut in 2005 and has built up an impressive 13-1 record including a devastating KO victory over Josh Koscheck via a huge uppercut and hook combo,this fight was his debut in the UFC in 2009, and won him the KO of the night award.

So the fact is that GSP has 5 years more experience fighting at top level and Thiago has said recently that this may be a factor if they fought. He acknowledges that being mentally prepared is just as integral as being physically ready and he feels that the champ may pose a bigger challenge than he is ready for at this stage. 

Its almost a certainty that the two will be matched to fight especially if St.Pierre beats Dan Hardy at UFC 111 in Newark NJ this coming march. So will Thiago be ready for a shot at the champ or will he be facing Hardy if he can pull off the biggest upset this year?

  • paulo thiago is 1 of my faveourite fighter atm…whilst i wouldnt go so far as to say he is ready for gsp, he improves everytime he fights and i do think hes the no.1 contender at this point…a possible future champion if gsp makes the move to MW?

  • respect diciplina Brazilian athletes have to face their rivals inside the octagon is not surprising, because thiago not open his mouth to talk shit.
    fighter and I hope sensible fleece champion, to fight against GSP, Paulo Thiago KO wins, shot in the chin GSP

  • I agree that hs isnt ready for a title shot yet but he isnt too far from getting one, maybe 1 or 2 more fights before he gets the shot

  • Yeh very true but if gsp doesnt move up it would be a good fight between him and paolo,but i guess it al hinges on the hardy fight its gona be good

  • This guys definately on his way there. Yea I would say one or two more tough fights against some top ranked contenders and he could be next in line for a title shot. Hes got the tools in my opinion