WSOF vs. Bellator Rivalry Heats Up As “Rampage” Jackson And Tyrone Spong...

WSOF vs. Bellator Rivalry Heats Up As “Rampage” Jackson And Tyrone Spong Exchange Words



Just under two weeks ago, the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) matchmaker, Ali Abdel-Aziz, caused quite a stir.

This came when Abdel-Aziz publicly challenged Bellator Fighting Championships, live on The MMA Hour, to a promotion vs. promotion super-card which would determine the no.2 fighting organization in the world

The proposed mega-card, which if materialised would be on PPV, originally had a lot of positive feedback from fans. Talk about the event has died down since then, but it may come back around as two of the top stars from both promotions had a very heated argument over Twitter.

WSOF’s Tyrone Spong and Bellator’s Quinton “Rampage” Jackson were the two fighters involved in the argument, they are also the two Abdel-Aziz hopes will headline the potential mega event. The fight between Jackson and Sprong is without doubt the fight which fans want to see most.

Checkout the argument below:

(Warning it contains some strong language)

Spong obviously fancies his chances against the MMA veteran and decided to create a little rivalry between the two. What do you think of a possible Spong vs. Jackson match up? Do you think it will happen, or is it all talk?


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  • clownshoes

    Rivalry? There is no rivalry. WSOF just wants you to think that there is.

    • Dabs

      Rampage made the better points and so far has the psychological advantage. To all the "#newbs" on here. Fighting is "80%" psychological as most fighters will tell you, hence, it makes this very relevant. How can anyone say Rampage's career *****…or Spong's?? I think it will be a great fight but one that Spong does not deserve at this point in his MMA career. It also highlights how much of a true fighter Rampage is in the fact he is even entertaining such a lesser known fighter who is almost anonymous to the casual MMA fan. Big props to Rampage's character. He actually know's he's bringing the boy up.

  • Ivy

    @clonwshoestfu newbie wannbe trash talk 2 me gona get yo *** whoop boy

  • Entity

    NO, Mine's bigger, NO mine's bigger…..pfft.
    Battle of the UnderOrgs.

  • jmedno5891

    Twitter fights are the dumbest **** i've ever seen….I'm ashamed of myself for having read all of that.

  • watermelon fresh


  • IGMBurninPiff

    Spong would destroy Rampage. In rampages prime I still take Spong, his hands are heavier and faster. Footwork and head movement better. Spong by destruction

    • D

      In Rampage's prime, Spong's footwork and head movement wouldn't matter much. Rampage would pick him up, slam him down, and pound him out. We're talking about a guy with 2 MMA fights here coming over from kick boxing, and a 20-something year old Rampage was a pretty good wrestler with absolutely vicious ground and pound.

      • IGMBurninPiff

        Footwork always matters, especially when you're fighting someone much slower than you. What does having 2 MMA fights mean? Sometimes when u have it you have it. Spong has worked his grappling and wrestling with some beasts and his timing is good. Rampage was a very strong person with ok wrestling. Spong would have out muscled him. I would have even possibly took Spong by leg kick finish