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Video: Former WWE star Dave Bautista Scores TKO in MMA debut; Ready For More


43-year-old former professional wrestler Dave Bautista made his pro MMA debut a successful one against journeyman Vince Lucero (22-23-1) in the main event of the CES MMA: Real Pain event in Providence, R.I. over the weekend. With the victory, the ex-WWE champion has decided that his MMA career will continue after scoring a 1st round TKO victory.

The muscular Bautista looked shaky in the early going as he ate some knuckle sandwiches from the husky Lucero. Right from the opening bell, Lucero pressed Bautista against the cage and nailed him with heavy punches. Bautista weathered the early storm but it appeared that the two months that he spent training at Gracie Tampa, with fighters including Stephan Bonnar, was all for naught. However, the former professional wrestler shook the early cage jitters and composed himself for the second half of the round. 

A double-leg takedown by Bautista brought the fight into his realm as he quickly mounted the 300-pounder and rained down punches from the rear-mount position for a minute until referee Dan Miragliotta called a halt to the fight at the 4:05 mark. 

“I think my nevers got the best of me a little bit,” Bautista told guest interviewer Joe Lauzon afterwards. “He hits like a f*cking horse. He rocked me and I felt my legs coming out from under me.” But with the victory under his belt, Bautista says that he’s ready for more.

“I want to fight again for sure,” he said when Lauzon inquired about what is next. “I think it was a matter of getting the first fight out of the way. I was so nervous and had so many butterflies (but) I know I’m better than what I showed tonight.”

  • you can tell someone is extremely inexperienced in striking when they start reaching when getting attacked.

    I hope Batista fills some of that experience gap and mad props to him on getting in there, getting a win and a finish.

  • I thought Butter Bean retired? LOL Weighing in at a slim 300 lbs….

    Man…. not sure what else to say…. I guess it’s a start?


  • 43 years old. I don’t see him being a Hendo. But I would like to see him in Bellator.

  • IMO he looked horrible in his first fight. It also should be his last one, considering that he is 43 years old and has no striking abilities whatsoever.

  • You cant get on the guy to much since its his first fight. He seemed pretty nervous. I will say though he was putting on the event, so the thought of legitimacy comes to mind. I wouldnt put it past a payoff for Lucero to show but not win the fight.

  • lol the announcers dont even know why Lucero is pissed, it might of been because of the 20 shots he took to the back of the head. big Dan the ref on top of the rule enforcement as usual

  • i walked for miles inside this pit of danger!!! congrats to homeboy for winning an mma fight

  • D

    Representing ” ______ Fitness”

    Well I thought it was funny

  • I agree but at least he didn’t flinch and curl up into a ball whenever he got hit.

  • Thought he did alright, might be because had absolutely no expectations before hand.

    What I thought was funny however was that they for some reason mentioned his WWE credentials during fight announcements. I guess if Stallone would go into MMA they would announce him as 3 time world heavy weight boxing champion in the Rocky movies.

  • Entertaining but wiht zero to none MMA skills….not sure what is more important these days…..so he does have some face value…sad but true.

  • if he keeps his guard low like that all the time he’ll be going to sleep sooner than later! I could beat that pudding arsed has been.

  • gm1

    WHAT A JOKE? Batista looked like CRAP….Sloppy……

    Fighting against some guy who is so out of shape, its ridiculous….
    Batista needs to take up something else before he really gets into a fight and gets his a#$ kicked …..

    Thise announcers had no freakin clue of fighting when their saying Bastista is showing his wrestling skills against this fat guy… My dead grandmother can take down that fat guy…

  • Unless your background is specifically striking, no one is going to have even decent stand up in their first few fights.

    Can you remember how Bones and Kos looked in their first UFC fights? No technique what so ever but give them some time to get more confident and both turn int strikers first wrestlers second

  • He didn’t look very good, until you consider he trained for 2 months and this was his first fight. He will obviously never be champ, but that wasn’t his goal coming into it. He’s doing it for fun, and I give him props for doing so. There are so many “bad-asses” out there that talk a lot of crap but never come close to a cage. I personally think its impressive that he is doing something so athletically intense at an age where most guys wouldn’t even consider jogging because it’s just too much for them.

  • Side note: I realize he has been training MMA for longer than 2 months, but not serious training until recently.

  • His striking is terrible but his takedown and top game was good.
    they were a few blows to the back of the head but not enough to stop the fight.
    Fun watching pro wrestlers fight its a lot like watching some roid head fighting down town but you see it conclude instead of being broken up by police,door staff or mates.always terrible striking!

  • Props for Dave Bautista to fight MMA. At his age and his job in the WWE he did not need to do this. So to the people that give him crap for trying and having the balls to get in MMA…well I have two words for you SUCK IT!!!