The house that Brock Lesnar built is no more.

The team that was brought to notoriety after being built around Lesnar in Minnesota has officially been dismantled after both Lesnar and Bellator heavyweight champion Cole Konrad called it quits. Pat Barry was the last man standing and spoke to UFC Tonight about the collection of fighters moving on.

"I up and moved here, brought everything here, to train with a team of nothing but big guys, and now they’re all gone," the former Duke Rufus pupil said. "So once again, I’m the biggest guy in the gym.”

Barry trained alongside MMA monsters Lesnar and Konrad for a few years until Lesnar returned to the WWE following his loss to Alistair Overeem. However, Konrad still remained, along wtih coach Marty Morgan. Then, Konrad opted to retire as well, despite still holding the Bellator heavyweight title. Shortly after, Morgan departed and left Barry all alone. But now the kickboxer has found a new home at The Academy.

“No more Death Clutch; no more big guys," Barry continued. "Now I’m full time at the Academy with Greg Nelson in Minneapolis. He’s phenomenal, great at everything. I was already a part of the Academy, but I was training with Marty and Cole and now that they’re gone, I’m full-time, 100-percent part of the Academy, Greg Nelson’s gym in Minneapolis.”

As of press time, Barry is still waiting for his next UFC assignment.