ONE FC 5 Results: Arlovski and Sylvia Fight ends in a Controversial...

ONE FC 5 Results: Arlovski and Sylvia Fight ends in a Controversial No-Contest


The fourth fight between two former UFC Heavyweight Champions Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski at the ‘ONE Fighting Championships’ “Pride of a Nation” event in the Philippines on Friday ended in a controversial “no contest”.

In the second round, Arlovski dropped Sylvia with a massive overhand right to the jaw, followed up with 2 soccer kicks to Sylvia’s shoulder and head. Under ONE FC’s rules, soccer kicks are allowed in “open attack” when a fighter has knocked an opponent down and the ref gives a signal to the fighter. Referee Yuji Shimada did not call for the “open attack,” and Arlovski’s soccer kicks were declared a foul.

Sylvia was given five minutes to recover while Shimada and ONE FC officials conferred in the cage.  Sylvia decided that he could not see or continue, and the fight was declared “no contest”.

Both fighters agreed to a fifth fight in ONE FC during post-fight interviews with Commentator Jason Chambers.

  • thealex

    arlovski shouldve won that shit

  • ufcmmafan4life

    i know man it was bullshit those kicks were legal but the ref has to give the signal to let u know that its ok to kick your opponent just make sure hes looking so he can intelligently defend himself i mean wtf its a fight if that organization it gonna allow kicks to a downed opponent then the ref shouldn’t have to give a fighter a thumbs up or something letting them know its ok to kick their opponent they should be able to let them kick their downed opponent anytime they want pride did let their fighters soccer kick their down opponents without them having to get the ok by the ref and so should they

  • Mortaki12

    Regardless after Tim Sylvia talked all kinds of shit about how he belongs in the UFC and after he said he though he could beat Daniel Cormier he still got his ass TKOed by Arlovski. I dont care that the judges ruled it a no contest. He still got TKOed and now he looks like a dumbass. He talks too much. He said he thought he was a better fighter and DC and Frank mir. Frank and DC both would beat Tims ass these days.

  • mmagym


  • mmagym

    for a pro fighter anyway, would not say it to his face! LOL

  • MMAeveryDay

    I just watched the fight and WOW! To think these guys were once at the top of the UFC HWD is sad! Same old Arlovski, and Sylvia looked like a drunkard zombie fighting for brains. And clearly the N/C was BS!

  • HunterB

    i would sharp this hadnt it been one giant sentence. shame on you

  • HunterB

    i would, **** that fat bastard

  • purinho

    Good one. Reminds me of a shitty book from highschool, Kafka I belive, almost gave me epilepsy.

  • Just Scrapping

    does tim sylvia even go to the gym?


  • PukeVomit

    tim sylvia looks like the white alien of alien 4!

  • MereDictum

    What do you mean “now”; he’s looked like a dumbass for a loooooong time.

  • JoeFaceHood

    It’s amazing how important that comma is to your comment, Hunter.

  • Entity

    Tim will never make it back to the UFC. His previous skill set has been surpassed so badly. His movement is non existant, and his knees look like they might collapse under the weight, his knees are already touching each other when he stands.

  • Entity

    Yea, but it’s fun putting different words in there

  • x murderer

    doesn’t surprise me dana doesn’t want them in the ufc anymore…the fat guy only faught cans in his last fights and the other one doesn’t know that its illegal to kick a downed opponent in the head.

  • asdf

    in FC you are allowed to kick a downed opponent (in the head) if the ref gives a sign. Arlovski did not wait for the O.K. sign from the ref. Either way it is a bad rule, allow soccer kicks or take them out. It’s so confusing when all the adrenaline is running.

  • dropkickmurphy

    In the Youtube video of Tim working out, has always reminded me of the Uncle from Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Entity

    Far less dangerous though lol

  • Vidaros

    The funny thing is that he actually almost had Arlovski a couple of time:P

  •… just sayin…

    Didn’t this also happen in the Roger Huerta vs Zorobabel fight?

  • mmagym

    do ya research fella before commenting.

  • enjoylife321

    If its good enough for tim Silva and Arlovski to continue fighting, then we should bring back Tank Abbott, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, Don Frye, and Randy Couture.

  • x murderer

    I didn’t know this. that IS a studip rule.