Fedor Emelianenko and Chan Sung Jung spar

Fedor Emelianenko and Chan Sung Jung spar


The last time we saw Fedor Emelianenko compete he dominated Satoshi Ishii, earning a first round knockout victory on December 31, 2011.

The last time Chan Sung Jung fought was December 10 of last year. In a blink and you missed it fight, he knocked out Mark Hominck in a mere seven seconds.

Recently the two got together for a brief sparring session, which was dominated by Fedor, which is not a huge surprise when you consider the size advantage he has over Jung.

  • That was awesome!! I love Fedor. M-1 gangsta will be excited when he sees this one.

  • These exhibition matches are quite fun for me to watch. Don’t know why, but I thoroughly enjoy them. Maybe because for some odd reasons it is fascinating to see Fedor smiling while in “combat”.

  • That is why they have weight classes! lol Fedor is the man of men!

  • Wish Fedor would fight 205, he is extremely quick for his size, but the heavyweights now are fricking monsters

  • I don’t think he belieaves in cutting weight, unless it’s a pound here or there. I don’t want to sound ignorant or anything, but I think “majority” of people love seeing HW’s fight, and are willing to shell out more money to see those dudes go at it. But I love that in his mind “i’m naturally 230, i guess i’m a heavyweight” mentality. It really is the ultimate stand against “lying” to yourself by cutting 30lbs just to get an advantage. He just fights as how cards are dealt to him, and majority of the time he wins. For christ sake, he is not even 6′ tall, he’s like 5’11.5″, i know i’m splitting hairs, but man, I love dudes like Fedor and Dave Herman, who doesn’t believe in weight cutting, them dues get +25 power

  • Fedor has a thing for beating up on little Asian men

  • so does Seagal

  • Imagine what Dana’s reaction would have been if Jung had gotten hurt in that little mock scrap? I bet he might have cursed once or twice.

  • Fedor Rules !

    FEDOR > Chan sung jung

    Fedor doesnt care if you are lighter of heavier than him , he would fight and dominate anybody

  • I’m sure Dana would be happy watching this….

  • You could tell Fedor was being really careful with Jung. Watch the way he throws him so that he rolls the first time and the second time he slightly cushions the fall.