What's another twenty pounds when you've already moved up from 170 to 205, right Anthony Johnson?

The former UFC welterweight, who is now a light heavyweight with the World Series of Fighting promotion is coming off of a devastating first round KO of DJ Linderman over the weekend. The natural question is "what's next?" and Johnson has an answer.

"I’ve tried 170, I’ve tried 185, now I’m at 205, and actually I can’t lie, I want to go up to heavyweight one time, just to test it out," Johnson told MMAWeekly Radio on Monday. "I want to be the first guy, I don’t know if anybody’s ever done it, but I want to be the first guy to fight four weight classes at one time."

Johnson went on to say that if he was offered a heavyweight fight, he would take it. He currently hovers around 230 lbs so a heavyweight bout isn't at all farfetched. But who would his opponent be? How about Andrei Arlovski

"I thought about that fight too, I’d take it if they offered it to me. I was actually thinking about it today. I was thinking about it today whenever I watched the fights, I watched the whole card today, and I was like it would be crazy if I got to fight Andrei Arlovski," he said.

Maybe that will be the headliner for WSoF's next card on January 26?