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Who would win, Brock or Fedor?


  • We don’t really know if Brock would be his #1 competitor… there’s unfinished business in the ufc heavyweight division

  • I agree that there is unfinished business in the UFC. However, they both are current champion’s and when you mix match organizations you usually match up the champions.

  • I am disappointed (but still optimistic in a way) to think that this fight may never ever happen due to two parties wants and needs….Though, I still believe that Brock’s shear size and athlethism is no match to Fedor’s skill and techinique

  • Until it happens, it’s all just hype and speculation. I love watching the detractors vs. the worshipers. It’s silly to me that people get so entrenched one way or the other. Just like any other fight on their level, you never know until fight night who is the better man. He’s not a fraud but then again he’s no “Emperor” of this sport. He’s just up there in the top 10 and no better or worse than the other guys on any given night.

    We shall see.

  • As said, remains to be seen. The huge size of todays UFC HWs will become a factor though.

  • Must be one of the lamest and most partial videos I have ever seen, guy knows nothing about the history of MMA.

    People that know what they are talking about knows that Fedor has beaten everyone in their prime except for those few fighters currently in the UFC.

  • I may know a thing or too, but I don’t think Arlovski was in his “prime”. It’s also very easy to claim, “He’s over the hill now.” . You hear that a lot by the same fools like you that claim Nog is “Over the hill”.

    Everything in that video is obviously opinion. There is no doubt that it is partial to Brock’s claims of success. But the fact’s are there. Cry as you might, but we will find out if it happens..

  • Cain, Brock, Carwin, Mir,Barry, …might check again man, theres more than a few he can to step up to, and thats just off the top of my head.

  • this video is correct in all aspect Fedor wont b able to stop Brock … i dont think he can beat Cain either or mir …Fedor is a 2bit hack that is lead by LEASH

  • Fedor was offered the most lucrative contract in UFC history. That says it all dip shits! Oh and it was a chance to fight Randy, he was champion at the time, Lesner was plan B. By the way who has Brock beaten, what’s his record? He’s a one dimensional fighter if I ever saw one, kinda like Marck Coleman but bigger, his size is all he has going for him. Fedor isn’t owned by the UFC cause that’s what happens when you sign. He’s not fighting the best competition now but that’s no reason to bash him, the biggest reason I am a Fedor fan is his respect towards all fighters, something Brock needs to learn. This isn’t WWE.

  • Sometimes size is enough. If Fedor couldn’t stop Brett Rogers from some ground and pound, imagine what Brock would do to him.

    Brock was able to keep Frank Mir, who has way better ground skills than Fedor, on the ground and pounded.

    Fedor’s only chance would be in a striking game. I doubt because of Brock’s size, Fedor would be able to keep it there.

    Your right, this isn’t the WWE. It’s MMA and they are fighters. If you didn’t know it, fighters talk a lot of trash. Some of the biggest trash talkers still go up and put on a “humble” press conference/interview.

    Brock speaks his mind and so far has been able to back it up.