Twitts Corner: MMA stars weekly round-up January 25 – Feb 1st

Twitts Corner: MMA stars weekly round-up January 25 – Feb 1st


Tito Ortiz

Love him or hate him, but Tito Ortiz is one of the most admired coaches in Mixed Martial Arts.

Mark Coleman

You always remember only the good things, and not the Fedor armbar, for instance. Perhaps thats our human nature.

Ross Pearson

Is it Big Brother 13 or 14? I am not completely sure….

Rampage Jackson

I wonder what is Jackson’s regular weight, might be around 230 pounds.

Rashad Evans

Hmm… what movie, Rashad? We tried our best and still could not find it.


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  • UrHype

    Yep the Rashad/Rampage smack has started(by Rashad) haha
    Im ready to see this fight now!

  • likesfights

    i cant wait to see rampage and evens fight !

  • Jizzle11

    Who’s the blonde?

  • Anton Gurevich

    former UFC Octagon Girl.

  • garrylt1

    she was clueless any ways. lol

  • grapplure

    haha yeah she was but the dumber the better