Twitts Corner: MMA stars weekly round-up January 18 – 25

Twitts Corner: MMA stars weekly round-up January 18 – 25


Tito Ortiz

Happy Birthday Tito! According to rumors, Ultimate Fighter 11 will have 28 middleweights, while only some of them will do qualification fights.

Brett Rogers

Brett Rogers again proves he is the Undisputed Twitter Trashtalking King, but I agree that him vs. Bobby Lashley sounds better than Wes Sims.

Rampage Jackson

Thanks Rampage! This is the place.

Rashad Evans

It is funny to see how everybody was happy that Brock is back, until he revealed what he thinks about Canadian NHS.

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  • AnAmerican

    UFC website says he’s 6′ 1″. same as swick. fitch is 6′ and kos is just short.


    Rogers & Lashley would be big