Twitts Corner: MMA stars weekly round-up Feb 8 – 15

Twitts Corner: MMA stars weekly round-up Feb 8 – 15


Jon Jones

Self-belief is a very powerful thing. I dont know if it is just me, but Jon Jones reminds me of Fedor when it comes to Religion.

Tito Ortiz

Ortiz continues to be excited by coaching at TUF 11. First episode on March 31st.

Jake Shields

What big announcements? We already know that Shields is fighting Hendo, right? U..F……. nah, no way!

Kimbo Slice

The picture Kimbo is talking about is just below.


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  • Ninja

    How can you a guy like Jon Jones, he seems like such a nice guy and has crazy talent

  • AnAmerican

    Tito is a self promoter in every aspect of his life. The fact that he says this is a great tough season means nothing to me. If we hear from Chuck, then i’ll start listening!

  • AnAmerican


  • AnAmerican

    By the time you’re Jones’ age you’ve experienced enough to choose for yourself. Jon Jones is genuine.


    Maybe Jake’s gonna announce he don’t have to do bully beatdown anymore.