Saturday MMA Link Club: Chute Boxe prospect Washington Nunes, Josh Koscheck choking...

Saturday MMA Link Club: Chute Boxe prospect Washington Nunes, Josh Koscheck choking a guy on TUF, UFN fallout and much more


– Kevin James keen to star in an MMA movie (VERSUS MMA BEAT)

– Sly Stallone considering his own Rocky style MMA movie (MMA SCRAPS)

– WEC say Donald Cerrone has crossed the line with his Jamie Varner comment (MMA CONVERT)

– X-1 Ring Girl Melissa Jo bikini shots (CAGE POTATO)

– GSP: I know Koscheck now better than ever (MMAFIGHTING)

UFC 119 media call highlights (HEAVY.COM)

– UFN 22 fallout (FIVE OUNCES OF PAIN)

– Marquardt finishes Palhares,Sonnen gets his rematch, Brock Lesnar gets his own month (WATCH KALIB RUN)

– Koscheck chokes out a TUF 12 fighter (MIDDLE EASY)

– And finally, Chute Box prospect Washington Nunes:

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  • Joey Santosus

    In reference to the MiddleEasy link:

    I am sure that guy is a trainer of some sort. If you watch his mouth it is clear what he said. You can tell he was scared when Koscheck got up tho because he looked down… That is until Kos crossed the line and put his hands on him… Can’t wait until next week to see how that goes down… Oh boy, oh boy the drama : )

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    I think Koscheck used his patented “Koschoke” for good reason. Guy ran his mouth at a bad time when emotions were high and im sure deserved to be treated like a bizznatch. Im sure we will see that Kos didnt cross the line.

  • capjo

    Koschek would have messed that dude right up. Did u see the loudmouth after he tried to shove Kos but Kos hardly budged. lol. The guy is probably thinking….oops , I fuked up.

  • MereDictum

    Koschek seems really, really dumb. He looks like an idiot in the first episode and he shows his ass in that clip where he’s choking some guy outside a cage. Based on all that, I picture him in a trailor, high on meth, playing XBox in his underwear when not fighting.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    so hes a mirror image of what your daily life consists of… well except you dont fight of course….how interesting

  • WingChun

    @ Joey

    Legally speaking, it’s an assault; not the first one on TUF.

    Fights happen in the ring, not outside it; this is supposed to be a professional business. There are supposed to be standards and codes of conduct; stated or implied. I cannot in a million years see GSP conducting himself in such a manner; nor Anderson, Randy, Shogun, Frankie. It’s just another reason why this clown should never be champ.

    This type of activity gives the sport and fighters a bad name and continues in the fostering of its reputation amongst the uneducated and biased, that MMA is nothing but a blood sport populated by street fighters and thugs.

    IMO – White will need to deal with this in some way. And Koscheck should hope the County DA doesn’t see the video and decide to charge him.

    There are two things TUF would be well served by – shutting activity like this down and getting rid of the alcohol. I’d (also) include within that dictum, that they should end the (once yearly) trashing of the house (it’s a tired and sophomoric cliche) and ban any and all pranks that involve the use of bodily fluids and / or waste (products).

    Concluding – DW threw Paul Dailey out of the UFC for a post fight punch, that did nothing. Question becomes, what does this assault warrant? My gut tells me (that) Dana does nothing about it and that will be flat out wrong and it sends a mixed message; Koscheck gets to assault people during the filming of a show and Dailey gets tossed for throwing a punch, post fight; makes no sense. Why would one hot headed act be punishable and the other not?

    If I were Paul Dailey – and White lets this slide, I’d be all over YouTube cracking off about it and calling him a hypocrite.

  • Joey Santosus

    There was also a clip of one participant punching another in the face (outside of the cage of course). I wonder will he be disciplined, while Koscheck is not?

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    i think you are over analyzing this. If people wanna be closed minded and be paid off by boxing promoters to make a big deal out of things like this then let them. Who cares. Nothing can stop the MMA train from running things. Mayweather is out there beating his ex wife/girlfriend up and Koscheck puts his hands on some black dude and doesnt actually choke him. just put his hands around his neck with no squeeze. And your view of someone being a champion is askewed from watching too many Rocky movies and WWE. Whoever is the best fighter will be the champion, doesnt matter who he is as a person. Nobody is perfect and its a breath of fresh air seeing someone who isnt a goody goody running around calling themself a champion.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Koscheck shouldnt be disciplined. Hes the head coach and something like putting your hands around someones neck as a warning (as to say, dude stfu cuz i can kick ur ass). If Koscheck actually squeezed really hard trying to hurt the guy then maybe he should get a good yelling at. Koscheck is gonna get a talking to by Dana White. The fighter actually punching someone to physically hurt somebody will get kicked out like he should. Hes trying to get into the UFC still….its like telling the person who is giving you a job interview that your gonna sexually molest coworkers.

  • ksooner76

    homegril was diggin him

  • azzkika

    Think it’s getting overhyped. It weren’t a proper choke, however, Kos is supposed to be setting an example. I doubt Dana White will punish him as he isn’t Paul Daley, we all know DW is double standarded SOAB so don’t hold ya breath.

  • Azzer12

    That one looked like the guy literally asked him to do it to show he can take a punch. He puts his face out like he wants the guy to hit him. Then they used clever editing to look like it was a real altercation. Clever motherfukin TUF editors.