The Ohio Athletic Commission decided not to sanction the bout between the Ultimate Fighting Championship veterans Wes Sims and Tim Sylvia, calling it "non competitive". Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia (25-6) was scheduled to fight Wes Sims (22-13-1) at the Adrenaline MMA V event on March 20 in Youngstown, Ohio.

OAC executive director Bernie Profato released an official announcement on the issue:  "The Commission felt the fight was not going to be competitive at this time after comparing records and the opponents both fighters had faced."

Tim Sylvia reacted to the issue in his Twitter account saying "Damm u guys know more about me then I do they said he sucks. So I can't fight him cause it's a mismatch." Despite the disappointing news, Sylvia and Wes Sims will stay on the Adrenaline card, with Branden Lee Hinkle and 22-11 Kerry Schall (who are already cleared by the OAC) as a potential opponents.