Official LowKick slogan discussion

Official LowKick slogan discussion


Active since 2007, LowKick set itself a clear goals to develop a powerful community of Mixed Martial Arts fans who love the sport and enjoy discussing it. We are looking for a slogan that will describe LowKick in the best way. A slogan that will help to guide, promote and build our fast-growing community.

As a community-based website we want our fans to help us with finding the right slogan for the website. Let us know what LowKick means to you and how you can describe it in one short sentence.

We will choose the relevant entries and feature them in a poll that will decide what will be our slogan.

Winner of the Slogan Poll will get 200 BlogKick points.

Good Luck Staff

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I am a hardcore Mixed Martial Arts fan for a long time now, trying to promote the sport worldwide. I would be more than happy if you drop me a line, so we can chat about Mixed Martial Arts happenings around the world. Thanks for taking part in LowKick community !
  • Jizzle11

    Pretty cool…maybe an awesome background would really make it stand out

  • DR3W

    LOWKICK = a offer you cant refuse

  • grapplure

    Dont you mean wear?

  • grapplure

    Lowkick= the place for nuthuggers

  • grapplure

    Lowkick= the place for nuthuggers

  • shev12


    Watch and read the latest and greatest news inside the world of mma

  • Krogan

    Low Kick Knock Out

    Low Kick – Because a high kick is just to much effort

    Low Kick, Goes for the knees


    Low Kick for when you just want to hit someone below the belt.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    “, where any thing is possible.”

    “, a place to fall in love with mma.”

    “Promoting the sport called Mixed Martial Arts.”

    “It’s fun to watch together.”

    “The joy of mma.”

    “Once you post, you can’t stop.”

    “Free Fights, Free News, Free Speech,”

    “Search, Get MMA.”

    “, I saw mma and I thought of you.”

    “ MMA Community Bigger! Better!”

    “Don’t be vague. Ask for Lowkick”

    “Just Watch it.”

    “…Did it, done it, doing it tomorrow.”

    “, Believe it!”

    “I prefer Lowkick”

    “You heard it too… The lowkick.”

    “Continue to fight!!!”

    “If there’s a mma there’s a lowkick.”

    “As much as i want to watch you with all my heart, I cannot, simply because there’s too much great content.”

    “Get your on.”

    “MMA is a bitch and is its’ pimp.”

    “****ING AMAZING… (don’t blame me for what I say and do, its’’s fault).”

    “ strives to live on because it can’t bring mma to us in death.”

    “ = Never Give Up” said, “Never giving up might not achieve everything, but you won’t be able to achieve anything if you do give up.”

    “It’s Lowkick time.”

    “I choose Lowkick.”

    “, original articles, original people.”

    “, the website that breaks legs.”

    “, there’s a bit of kick in all of us.”

    “, The Power of MMA.”

    “Good to the last click.”

    “Kick, baby, Kick!”

    “In Your Heart You Know Right.”

    “It’s Time to Change MMA.”

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    I gave it my best shot =/

  • HugeBalls


  • Ninja

    Lowkick – Where the elite discuss mma

  • Ninja

    shit, really want those 200 blogkick points

  • Lowkickdodger

    “The ultimate MMA dream site”,

    “Your ultimate MMA source”,

    “, by unanimous decision”

    “, where the mma news strike fast’

    Or you could just call it in all modesty “, cause the other sites suck”
    Hope i helped a bit :)

  • shev12


  • shev12

    that bad??? :L

  • shev12 we do MMA HARD

  • Anton Gurevich

    I will have to take a day off to read this list 😛
    Well done! :)

  • ClosetCasey

    Low Kick…..P4P the greatest source for MMA news.

  • ClosetCasey

    I forgot to sign in the last time.

  • bantam We kick ass at showing people kick ass.

  • Ninja

    lowkick – google for mma

    lowkick – more mma news than you can handle

    lowkick – Check the latest mma news here

  • DR3W

    i dont think you need a slogan…its already a great website w/o it

  • BOYKA….. the only place people listen to dana

  • BOYKA….. tresspassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again & tito will be raped


    lowkick .com……. the mma equivalent to redtube….lol


    lowkick .com…… p4p undisputed, round4round undiluted

  • BOYKA….. the heart of opinion for mma……. where the only real sport is appreciated……… like mma? u belong here……. the only site for true men

  • UrHype

    come on guys, one slogan per person, what a train wreck

    I enjoy visiting to keep up on the latest news and up and coming fighters. Often, you’ll see the news here first.


    lowkick .com…… the only place where mma meets politics…….if u dont like it, we dont like you

  • BOYKA…….. the only place where britain and the usa are truly on the same page…literally……… the site 4 fightnight, the page 4 cagerage………….the peoples mma site……period

  • BOYKA……. we bring the site, u watch the fight


    lowkick .com………. it’ll all be alright on the fighnight

    hope i helped ladz, 1 luv

  • shev12


  • ClosetCasey

    Low Kick…. Your ultimate source for picking on toni !!!!

  • ClosetCasey

    LMFAO !!! That shit was getting old but that was funny !!!

  • ClosetCasey

    That shit “IS” getting old but that was funny !!! Sorry, that was driving me nuts.


    lol m8 good point, stupid half-breed p*icks

  • Pyronaut


  • Rory Kernaghan fighting words striking forums Nuthuggers prohibited

  • slickrick – A great community where people can be offended on a daily basis by Garrylt1 and his pathetic rants! Please come again

  • BOYKA…… cus only suckers pay for their kicks

  • BOYKA… why pay 2 watch, step up a notch….. ro rates for cheap scates………….hetrosexuals are also welcome…….softcore porn for those in denial

  • BOYKA…………..MMA= man mounting another

  • Anton Gurevich

    her name is Lenne Hardt. :)

  • Pikachuneto

    Low Kick- Kick Em where it hurts… Hahaha

  • Pikachuneto


  • Daniel Cassidy

    is there a winner on this yet? how about – MMa where it hurts – MMa first, everything else second?

  • odesahitman

    A successful lowkick is delivered with accuracy, timing and power, welcome to