MMA Link Club: The Draw of MMA, Influence of Pro Wrestling, and...

MMA Link Club: The Draw of MMA, Influence of Pro Wrestling, and Competition with Boxing


– Top 10 Best Fights From the UFC in 2011 (TheFightNerd)

“In a sport with the sheer variety of outcomes that MMA has, there’s no specific formula for what makes a great fight. Instead, truly great matches are made when some or all of the elements of MMA come together in two fighters to make something that is both a highly competitive bout and a dramatic story told through action. 2011 served as a flagship year in the world’s largest MMA organization when it came to great fights…”

– The Rearview Mirror: Five MMA Trends We Hope To Have Left Behind In 2011 (CagePotato)

“We are creatures of habit, and change doesn’t come naturally to us. If it did, we wouldn’t make such a big production out of our ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. The sport of mixed martial arts and its fans are no different. Here’s a quick look at some of the bad habits we’ve picked up and poor decisions we’ve made over the past 12-months. Let’s hope we can leave them behind in yesteryear.”

– What Draws People to the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts? (BleacherReport)

“The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport, and one of the most popular. It is a phenomenon that has grown exponentially every year, and continues to establish itself among the sports that have been around for far longer. But why the success? Why the interest? How did this seemingly brutal entertainment venue turn into one of the greatest sports of all time?”

Bellator Adds Trio To Welterweight Tourney (FightLine)

Ben Saunders, David Rickels and Raul Amaya have all been announced for the upcoming season six Bellator welterweight tournament, the fight promotion announced recently. The season kicks off in March on MTV2. The trio joins previously announced fighters Bryan Baker, Brian Foster, Karl Amoussou, Carlos Alexandre Pereira and War Machine in the field. The combined record of the eight men is 121-29-5.”

– What Strikeforce Needs to be Great (MMAConvert)

“Sure, Scott Coker and his baby are beholden to their masters, and as such, the UFC has now laid claim to all of the Strikeforce heavyweights plus assorted other top talent. But gosh darn it, when Lorenzo Fertitta and company ponied up the cheddar and bought the whole thing, the number two MMA organization in the world was something to behold. Rockhold vs. Jardine is whole ‘lotta “not so much”. So what, then, does Strikeforce need to be great? I am glad you asked.”

– The MMA vs. Boxing debate has now gone to the vloggers, and it’s getting pretty intense (MiddleEasy)

“If you’ve been in the combat sports world over the years, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Elie Seckbach. He’s the guy that’s literally taken the boxing world by storm though his guerrilla style reporting. Seckbach’s vocal samples were even featured in a Lil Wayne song that was created in honor of Kobe Bryant. After last week’s UFC 141, Seckbach cut a short vlog insisting that Brock Lesnar gave up during his fight with Alistair Overeem and that apparently in the boxing world, fighters ‘never quit.”

– MMA Top 10 Welterweights: Where Does Johny Hendricks Belong? (MMAFighting)

Johny Hendricks did at UFC 141 what was once viewed as nearly impossible: He finished Jon Fitch. And Hendricks didn’t just finish Fitch, he obliterated Fitch with a knockout punch that completely shakes up the welterweight division in mixed martial arts. Fitch no longer even has a claim for the No. 2 spot in the Top 10, where he has resided for years on many lists (though not on mine), and Hendricks has a strong claim not just to be in the Top 10, but to be towards the top.”

– Spike to air Top Rank Boxing? (MMAPayOut)

“This is an interesting move for Spike as it will have the UFC library and boxing this year with Bellator coming up next year. We will see how many boxing fans are out there that will tune in to watch. More importantly, how many casual fans are out there. For Top Rank, its a good step forward for exposure for its fighters as boxing is shuffled around in the schedule (similar to Bellator) on Fox Sports in favor of regional sports.”

– Crowned King: Interview with former Strikeforce 205 pound champ Muhammed Lawal (MMAMania)

“Can I tell you a secret? That sh– is all a lie. I made that sh– up. I made it all up. People don’t realize that in MMA, I could say, “Guess what, I submitted Jacare!” and people are like, “Mo submitted Jacare!” Here’s the thing that happened. Siyar [Bahadurzada], Siyar the Killer went on twitter with this joke like, “Hey, look at Mo’s grill, dude’s missing teeth because he was sparring with Tyrone Spong.” He was just joking and people saw that and were like… – Muhammed Lawal

– “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil” to Air on FUEL TV (5thRound)

“Brazilian icons Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva (Pictured) will serve as opposing coaches in the series’ first international edition. The reality show makes its debut in Brazil on March 25th and will air every Sunday night on Globo. The season’s finale will take place in June at a yet-to-be announced venue in jiu jitsu country.”

– Is the Pro-Wrestling Influence in UFC Unattractive to Female Sports Fans? (FightOpinion)

“MMA – like all sports – has to watch its image. The challenges in MMA are unique in the sense that we still have grumpy old sports editors and corporate sponsors who don’t want to deal with the sport. But they’re not unique in the sense that any sport can be stereotyped. Browse any sports site and read the comments about people who think the NBA is populated by “thugs.” Look at the damage control baseball has had to do in the wake of its drug scandals and labor strife.”

Tyron Woodley: I’m going into this fight with some steam (Five Ounces of Pain)

“This fight is important and my mental game has to be there. This is a young kid that would like nothing more than to knock me off and take my place in line and possibly throw himself into title contention. I’m not gonna act like it wasn’t a test and wasn’t a trial, because it was, but I think at the end of the day I learned a lesson early and I think I’m going into this fight with some steam. – Tyron Woodley


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