M-1 Global will open probably the most anticipated weekend of the year, with stacked top-to-bottom Challenge XXII fight card. The event will take place at the legendary Druzhba (Friendship) Arena in Moscow, Russia, featuring no less than three title bouts on the card.

M-1 Challenge XXII title fights will feature Champions from both Eastern and Western Selection series, who will fight each other for the promotion's most prestigious title. Abner Lloveras will fight Shamil Zavurov for the M-1 Welterweight title, Magomed Sultanakhmedov and Rafa? ‘Kulturysta’ Moks will square off for the Middleweight title, as Tomasz Narkun will go to war against Vyacheslav Vasilevsky for the M-1 Light Heavyweight title.

FREE LIVE STREAM of the full M-1 Challenge XXII event will be available  at M-1Global.com.

Under Card Bouts

Alexander Sarnavskiy (152.0 lbs) vs. Arsen Ubaidulaev (152.0 lbs) Lightweight

Cindy ‘Battlecat’ Dandois (144.1lbs) vs. Yana Kunitskaya (144.0 lbs) Woman’s 145lb

Pat Bennett (242.5 lbs) vs. Alexander Volkov (224.5 lbs) Heavyweight

Vinny Magalhaes (204.0 lbs) vs. Alihan Magomedov (203.5 lbs) Light Heavyweight

Luigi Fioravanti (185.0 lbs) vs. Arthur Guseinov (183.0 lbs) Middleweight

Mikhail Zayats (202.0 lbs) vs. David Tkeshelashvili (205.0 lbs) Light Heavyweight

Daniel Vizcaya (201.0 lbs) vs. Victor Nemkov (203.0 lbs) Light Heavyweight

Vusal Bayramov (155.0 lbs) vs. Alexander Tokarev (153.5 lbs) Lightweight

Valeri Scherbakov (227.0 lbs) vs. Vitaliy Minakov (246.0 lbs) Heavyweight

Championship Bouts

Welterweight Division

Abner Lloveras, M-1 Selection Western Europe 2010 champion (167.0 lbs) vs.

Shamil Zavurov, M-1 Selection Eastern Europe 2010 champion (169.0 lbs)

Middleweight Division

Magomed ‘The White Wolf’ Sultanakhmedov, M-1 Selection Eastern Europe 2010 champion (183.5 lbs) vs.

Rafa? ‘Kulturysta’ Moks, M-1 Selection Western Europe 2010 champ (177.5 lbs)

Light Heavyweight Division

Tomasz ‘Giraffe’ Narkun, M-1 Selection Western Europe champion (205.0 lbs) vs.

Vyacheslav ‘Slava’ Vasilevsky, M-1 Selection Eastern Europe champion (191.0 lbs)