LowPick: MMA Prediction Game Tutorial

LowPick: MMA Prediction Game Tutorial


This simple tutorial will help you to navigate through the unique LowPick: MMA Prediction Game, providing a short explanation on how the system works. Feel free to contact LowKick.com Staff with any questions or suggestions related to the LowPick: MMA Prediction Game.

You can access the game through the LowKick.com navigation bar, by clicking on “Picks & Events”.

Lets choose the Moosin: God of Martial Arts event, and see if we can submit any picks for it.

Picks are currently unavailable for Moosin. Pay attention to the “Status” section on the event’s page.

ADFC and UFC 113 are designated as “Open for picks”, which means that you can immediately submit picks for these events.

There is also a way to see the picks breakdown on LowPick: MMA Prediction Game. Click on the “Fan Picks” button, to find out who picked your friends, and see if you will get some extra “Multiplier” points for your pick.


When the status of the event is “Pending for Scores”, all you can do is wait patiently for the scores to get updated. You cannot make any new picks, or change previous picks for this event. Good Luck!

After the event is over, it’s status will change to “Picks are closed”, which means that the picking process for this fight card is finalized, and you can check back for results. You can see where you were right or wrong, and the amount of LowPick points you received for this event.

For any questions or suggestions, please click here

Thanks and Good Luck!
LowKick.com Staff

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