BlogKick 2010 Competition Tips and Updates #3

BlogKick 2010 Competition Tips and Updates #3


BlogKick competition hits a new gear with less than two months until it’s final day on April 10th. As usually, staff would like to thanks everyone who already takes part in the competition. We would like to remind you that the first place wins a 32″ SONY TV, 2nd place gets a HP Mini Laptop as a third place will receive UFC Undisputed 2010 video game.

How to get a full 50 points for a news entry:


*Your entry has to include a reasonable description. One-sentence descriptions are not effective

*Please include your source in the entry

*Quotes are not a part of the description. Your original content is what generates BlogKick points

*The headline of your entry has to be different from the source

*Pictures look best at 320 x 240 pixels size

LowKick member rottenpunch has received extra 25 BlogKick points for writing a wondeful “Fan Opinion” column. Fight breakdown, Event preview
eview are a good way to generate extra BlogKick points!

Ktobar will receive the missing (via technical issues) 50 BlogKick points in his next post.

BlogKick Pound-for-Pound Top 10 so far (February 25th):

1. rottenpunch – 1725pts
2. Ninja – 1383pts
3. danc454 – 1115pts
4. UndefeatedOfWest – 777pts
5. kotbar – 523pts
6. UrHype – 185pts
7. Pyronaut – 140pts
-. Partyboy – 140pts
8. Hopper – 105pts
9. HugeBalls – 90pts
10. Nux2k – 85pts


We wish Good Luck to all competition participants! Staff

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  • ktobar

    it would be cool if a game could go out to the top 5 lol :p

  • HugeBalls

    9th place Bitches What!

  • UrHype

    lol. yea they took off.
    Congrats guys

  • UrHype

    I just posted stuff for people to see, I never was going after any prizes.

  • HugeBalls

    ya ditto, but now whenever I find something good and relevant some one snatched it up already… Theyre quick! They are already cooking, it will be intersting to see what “new gear” produces

  • Rory Kernaghan

    wow thanks for the props antong!!

  • HotMixed

    Wow loooking good guys, good luck to each and everyone here. Unlike some people that started talking about making videos for the site and couldn’t back it up.

    Waooo congrats