BlogKick 2010 Competition Tips and Updates #2

BlogKick 2010 Competition Tips and Updates #2

1 Staff would like to thank everyone who already takes part in BlogKick 2010 competition, and to those who did not upload their content just yet, we would like to remind you once again that it is never too late to step into the battle for prizes; 32” Sony TV, HP Mini Laptop and UFC Undisputed 2010!

Danc454 is currently leading the charts with 420 points, thanks to an effective way of posting competition entries. Submitting entries with a unique headline and a reasonable description (sorry but one sentence is not “reasonable”) will get you between 30 and 50 points.

We would like to remind you that a self-made compilation video worth 50-70 points, as a member who does an interview dedicated to LowKick with one of the UFC110 fighters will get full 100 points!

BlogKick 2010 Top 10 so far:

1. danc454 – 420 points
2. UndefeatedOfWest – 197 points
3. partyboy – 140 points
4. Hopper – 105 points
5. Ninja – 100 points
6. rottenpunch – 95 points
7. Ktobar – 73 points
8. DeadPride – 70 points
9. UrHype – 55 points
10. thewho – 50 points

There is still plenty of time until April 10th.
We wish good luck to all competition participants Staff

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