NSAC: Nick Diaz tested positive for Marijuana metabolites at UFC 143


On Tuesday night it looked like we would see a rematch between the UFC 143 main event competitors Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit as UFC President Dana White tweeted that evening that Condit had agreed to face Diaz in a rematch, defending the interim UFC welterweight title he captured when he took the unanimous decision victory from Diaz at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Today any chance of an immediate rematch went up in smoke when the Nevada State Athletic Commission released the news that Diaz had tested positive for marijuana.

“Mr. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites. A complaint for disciplinary action against Mr. Diaz has been filed,” revealed NSAC Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer.

This is not the first positive test in Diaz’s career. He also tested positive following his 2007 victory over Takanori Gomi when he was fighting for PRIDE. That positive test, also in Las Vegas and under the umbrella of the NSAC, resulted in a six-month suspension as well as the result being changed to a no contest. In addition Diaz was fined 20 percent of his purse.

Following his loss to Condit on Saturday, Diaz all but announced his official retirement from MMA. One wonders how this news will impact that decision.

The questions now turn to, what’s not only next for Diaz, but also for Condit and for Georges St-Pierre who had so badly wanted to face Diaz inside the Octagon.

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  • We can’t let people use drugs in MMA . It gives fighters an unfair advantage… After smoking weed in a Stockton McDonalds Nick Diaz was able to put on 300 pounds in the 24 hours after the weigh in.

  • well i didnt see this coming at all…….

  • How the hell is marijuana a performance enhancing drug? I know it’s not legal, so they can’t really ignore it, but diaz sure isn’t a cheater just cause he smoked some weed.

  • So stupid. Just legalize it already.

  • Explains why he was confused about the decision.

  • Diaz “cool six months to smoke some tasty hydro and run a few races”

  • Don’t be stoned homie 😛 If anything, smoking weed would have put him at a disadvantage he would have been seeing 4 Codits instead of 1

  • testing positive for weed is like testing positive for alcohol.
    it WONT give you ANY advantage at all.
    this is rediculos, just because it isnt legal…
    but to me Nick has license to smoke medical weed….

  • seriously, we’ll if you were competing in Sumo wrestling maybe it would be an enhancement drug because of the peaking munchies but in MMA is simply a disadvantage, especially when cutting weight (if smoking during that time).

    This is a ridiculous test IMO unless someone has a valid reason for this drug test being illegal in MMA? I’m all ears but don’t expect a response.

    Anyway, Nick, in your own recreational time, smoke away homie!

  • ten days without weed dont be scared homie!!!

  • He can’t even make it to all of his media obligations and according to his coach it is due to anxiety. Weed calms him and is performance enhancing. Those guys are very anxious standing there waiting for the call to head out to the cage. I think Nick has a hard time coping without the weed and it is performance enhancing for him.

  • I don’t get it man, how can smoking weed give you any kind of advantage in a fight, if anything, it’s a clear disadvantage, weed is more like a sedative than anything. I think it’s stupid anyway that to fight in MMA you have to live like a saint outside of the ring. It makes sense to a degree with hard drugs and stuff but for a bit of weed for god sake………daft….

  • What a joke. Why is it even a banned substance? There aren’t any studies that prove it enhances an athletes physical abilities. Just ridiculous, especially if nick has a prescription for it when TRT is perfectly fine for fighters of all ages who have had known PED use in the past.

  • I don’t smoke nor am I an advocate for smoking but some people cite the following advantages.

    1. More mental focus
    2. Increased Strength
    3. Relieves pain – It can enable an athlete to “push through” when training for endurance with because of the claimed pain killing properties. It can also aid in recovery.
    4. Reduces muscle spasms
    5. Reduces stress and anxiety
    6. Sleeping aid
    7. Reduces tics (He may need more)

    I think these could all be seen as advantages

  • Chael Sonnen is not impressed by that positive test.

  • He is, without a doubt, the most intense pothead I have ever seen. I don’t think it is even possible, he is a medically phenomenal.

  • Nick Diaz has become the most unprofessional athlete ever just as GSP stated. This will probably be the end of him. What an embarrassment to the UFC. Dana White will be thinking WTF..!

    People who take drugs are ****in idiots…….And people who get caught twice are completely retarded.

    The UFC should send Nick Diaz to the mental house in a straight jacket….

  • People forget these people get paid millions to fight with sponsorship deals, PPV etc….All they have to do is not take drugs…

    1 strike and your out should be the policy !

  • This doesn’t hurt UFC’s pocket, just Nick’s. It also doesn’t hurt UFC’s credibility, just Nick’s…sort of.

    When Nick is back and a year, bet I cop that PPV.

    If Chael can do TRT then Nick should be able to do THC.

  • Cutting weight while smoking pot? Bravo mr. Diaz! bravo, absolutely amazing!

  • Hey! Richard “enjoylife321” Nixon, chill out.
    (there is a reason I said, ‘Richard Nixon,’ you lowkickers are smart. You all should know why)

  • This story gives me the munchies…hope Nick takes a long vacation in Jamaica and comes back and fights gsp for the title

  • Ive been smoking for years and im an advocate for smoking pot!
    1)Mental focus my ass…
    2)increased streanght? wtf i can barely move when im stoned!
    3)Relieves pain? not really, u just dont think about it when ur high!
    4)Reduces muscle spasms? dont think so…
    5)Reduces stress and anxiety , it sure helps but can cause a terrible panic attack also anytime for no reason!
    6)Sleeping aid oh yeah! perfect for fighting!
    7)reduces tics … ok watever
    Its rediculous to call pot a performance enhancing drug coz its not!
    u might aswell add alcohol to the drug list coz it gets you pumped up excited and a good confidence boost to beat up anyone who stands in your way!

  • All of the strongest, fittest and most aggressive guys I know all seem to smoke weed. I think there the more energy you have, the higher need you have to smoke weed.

  • @BruceLee and LowKickDick; That is assuming that he was high before and during the fight. Marijuana metabolites can stay in your system for months. That would mean that he might be getting penalized for something he did far previous to the fight that had nothing to do with the fight.

  • If you are an advocate you may be the worst one I have met…these are all reasons that people apply for medicinal marijuana.

    So if you know different the smoking community may want you to keep your mouth shut!

  • Ivy

    Nick Diaz actually makes me feel stupid. I’m going to divorce MMA if I have to keep hearing about this guy.

  • No…any advantages would help during period.

  • haha *training period

  • There’s actually satellite footage of his house from immediately after the weigh-ins. (Turn off sound first)

    At seven seconds into the video they break out the bong and shit gets real.


  • Nick Diaz Smokes Blunts and Does Not Care!!!!

  • “In order to love fighting, I gotta hate it”

    Brilliant stoner philosophy 101….

  • What the **** are you guys arguing about? It does not make any difference if weed is a PED or not. The fact is that it is illegal and sanctioned by the Athletic Comission and Diaz knew that. And he still did it before a fight. So PED or not, he just ****ed up real bad and possibly ruined his career. And even if not, that just proves how stupid this guy is!
    It’s just really sad cause he is one of the few very entertaining fighters that are not as one-dimensional as the likes of HD bARRY:

  • Well, it does some of the things you say it doesn’t here in Canada where it is legal for medical purposes. Nick is calmed by it. The helps him. End of story.

    There is a whole bunch of users who would like to see it legalized that weak any comment about how it might help Nick. You can’t trust their judgement though, they’re all stoned.

  • @ Choke. Good point. During the anxious weeks leading up to the fight he’s toking his head off tho.

  • See, it also helps with Nick’s period.

  • I was in Field Technical Support team usually out of town company paid for hotel and food and away from manager, so just like in high school old good day put money together for fun and due to the weather extremely cold and normally very early in the morning like 4:30 am all constructor guy team as usually get together for chat with a cup of coffee and smoked some marijuana for accommodation and don’t get me wrong , i knew the guy working with his hammer jack unbelievable even better with that said it does help performance enhance ,after work everyone went to the bar for fun the guy got back to his hotel really exhausted in the long run man made you so weird and weaker .LOL

  • Keith’s comment wins

  • weed isnt a ped. focus on the fed users not the stoners. but its odd diaz blazed before the condit fight. its diaz tho, he dun give af

  • this is the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever seen, there is no reason for the commission to even make a big deal about marijuana use before a fight it clearly doesn’t give you an advantage in any aspect of the sport, now a great fighter is going to get suspended over nothing.

    i smoke weed before bjj all the time and i can tell you first hand all it does is make me giggly and get my throat raped with flem!

  • He’s going to lose the lions share of his income (endorsements)

  • I was gonna train for Carlos Condit… but then I got high,
    I could have realized he was throwing leg kicks, but I was high…
    now I didnt check his shit, and I know why … YA Hayyyy cuz I got high Cuz I got high Cuz I got highhhhhhh.

    I could have fought against gsp… but I got high!!!,
    I could have had a chance at the title… but I got high!!!
    now im confused at this stupid decision, and I know why!
    ya haaayy cause I got high.. cause I got high cause i got highhhhhhhhhh 🙂

  • Ya, it’s actually impressive he hasn’t been busted for this more, those herbal cleansers really do work apparently. I remember one interview he said he quits smoking 8 days before his fights.

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/for-pro-athletes-the-risks-of-smoking-pot-are-high–but-so-are-the-benefits/2011/12/13/gIQAgwAhsO_story.html

    Source: Washington post
    Name of the article: For pro athletes, the risks of smoking pot are high — but so are the benefits

  • It doesn’t give you advantage during the fight, but before it does, like for your weight cut and your training.

  • It IS a performance enhancing drug. Ask your doctor.

  • He needs to open his own medicinal marijuana shop and retire from fighting. That way he would be blissfully ignorant to the harsh realities of the world (just what he’s always searched for)and he couldn’t disappoint Mma fans anymore.

  • I think he has a case for an apeal if his metabolites are weak. He didn’t have thc in his system. He had the metabolites that break down the chemicals in marijuana. False positives are quite possible if he is a pot head and was eating hemp seeds. Even if he stopped smoking for 2 months. If he is smart and his levels aren’t through the roof he will use some of the latest studies on metabolites and frequent drug use.

    If he smoked weed he is an idiot and I am embarrassed for him.

    It’s stupid it’s illegal. It’s stupid it’s not seen as another prescription for any alement. But it’s currently illegal and those are the rules.

  • Agreed BUT there are a lot of things that are used during training that technically enhance performance and are either perfectly legal or out of the system in time for the fight. Caffeine for example is great for wt cutting. In small doses it enables the body to use fat as an energy substrate to a higher degree than normal. If I remember correctly it is against the rules to have it in your system at the time of the fight but if you have coffee before training or a cardio session no one will or can say anything about it. I think that weed is a similar case but that because of the way the body stores it people get in trouble for it unjustly.

  • Just because he tested positive doesn’t mean he was stoned during the fight. He might have been. I am not saying he wouldn’t do that. I am just saying that weed stays in the system for up to two months.

  • Time for new endorsements. Maybe High Times will endorse him 🙂

  • Weird. I am an MMA fan and I don’t remember ever being disappointed by a Nick Diaz fight.

  • it eases your nerves. this was one of the biggest fights of both of their careers fighting for the ufc belt. condit faced those nerves without the aide of drugs. diaz has been popped for marijuana before he should learn his lesson from that. i’m sick of you diaz fans always saying shit to defend him it’s like nothing is ever nick diaz’s fault everyone else is wrong when it comes to diaz getting negative attention

  • who really cares about this, Weed is the biggest money maker in cali without weed our economy would collapse, just the facts

  • tyically its the sativa strand that causes panic attack, stick to the indica and youll be fine

  • it’s not unjustly. coffee is not an illegal substance. marijuana is illegal. sure you can’t have coffee before your fight. but marijuana is completely against the law so if you get caught using it than it’s your own fault and you should accept the punishment.

  • weed calms your nerves. this was a big fight and i’m sure they were both nervous. however condit faced those nerves on his own rather than use the aide of an illegal substance to keep him calm

  • GSP (I’m not impressed with your performance

  • where do you draw the line though.. “no milk, it’s got calcium in it that strengthens your bones and gives you an edge”

  • so it should carry a legal penalty not a fighting suspension if the only argument is ‘its illegal’

  • fighting is getting in the way of his pot career

  • there is some evidence to most of the above but there is none for #2!
    it also depends on the thc content, most train less when they do. i know through experience when i was younger i could not be assed to train cos of it.

  • Shooot..guess we have proof that weed makes you lazy:S

  • At least I’m glad the high level of ninjaroid found Stephen Thompson system is acceptable

  • sure, or he could say his brother was the one smoking while they were in the same room, maybe they’ll understand.

  • oh yeah, he should also appeal since marijuana is legal in california, his home state… maybe they’ll understand.

  • Meh

    Diaz needs to grow up, quit doing stupid shit and stop blaming everyone else for his losses. The guy’s a 5-year-old twat trapped in the body of a talented fighter.

  • No that would be thc. He was caught with metabolites. Meaning his body was metabolizing substances related to thc or thc. Like poppies and poppy seeds. If the metabolites are low it is perfectly reasonable somebody who usually smokes pot (who has quit for a month or two) and eats hemp oil or hemp seeds (say in an amount a vegan like nick would use for amino and fatty acids) would show a false positive. In any case he didn’t smoke pot or have thc in his system for the fight like he did with gomi. They found actual thc then.

    Not saying this is true. Just it is possible.

  • Diaz is a great talent BUT is pisses me off when a person with so much talent and ability throws it all away by conducting themselves like this.

  • yeah i have known some pretty aggro people who smoke pot = but the again they also smoked crack too.

  • i dont know where you get your information but i would like to see you walk up to a cop in cali and light up

  • first of pot isnt a performance enhancing drug its just illegal like coke or heroine we can debate all day whether it should or should not be(personally i dont care either way). the fact is its on the list of banned substances nick knew that he has been busted before it is no secret whatsoever to him he chose to risk blowing the biggest opportunity of his career to get high. which in my mind makes him a loser

  • oddly enough i just read on another site that nsac does have a acceptable amount of thc rule just if you exceed it then you are penalized

  • its the biggest cash crop in the united states, hell the constitution of the united states is written on hemp paper

  • by smoking weed, lol that completely normal thats like being mad at a person for having sex

  • This is the second time that it happened. Last time he was also tested positive in the Takanori Gomi fight in Japan, that was for DREAM, it think. We’ll pot is not an enhancing drug but it’s a downer. NSAC should classify if that will be advantageous or not in a fight.

  • I’m in shock. o_O

  • I’m stoned and i approve this message

  • nice work jdnextchamp.
    I understand now and fair enough, makes sense.

    Thanks for your post but in his recreational time I still say, smoke away homie… (not during camp though)

  • cocaine is out in 3 days

  • yeah that sucks regardless if is a harmless drug safer than alcohol not to
    often you here of weed killing someone or he was high on weed when he
    crashed not that it doesn’t happen but come-on they call it a gate way drug
    if it was legal 90% of ppl wouldn’t even see a dealer that might carry more
    stronger drugs I dont smoke it anymore but dont look down on those who
    would be amazed at the things it will help on and they way it is grown can have different effects is way complexed had no idea check it out online was amazed there is a show called “”weed wars”” its not what you would think……BUT….. all chit aside is illgal isnt the first time was caught
    and MAN you have smoked long time you know how long in your system
    and what you need to do…. This I have a card so is legal for isnt going to
    fly this time mannn ever since you came to UFC has been on selfdestruct, testing all limits for them to fire you what so you can turn around and blam them for why you didnt make it or are guys getting better and want to keep your badass persona and scared of losing to non top guys if this happens you can say …..B S they just dont want you to fight cause you are so good will beat “”there best ppl”” or some chit!!!!!

    I claim what the phuck was just pissed about how you fought on last fight but now you being the pro you are phuck off I’ll cheer for the other guy…

  • guess if was to test positive at work thew wouldnt do chit me ….would get
    fired…… believe me there is no talk about firing Nick or close to it..
    and the dude is a Pro he knew the game wasnt the first time for him to get caught…even if he won the fight he wouldnt get the GSP fight…..dumb azz
    dude is on self destruct!!

  • guess if was to test positive at work thew wouldnt do chit me ….would get
    fired…… believe me there is no talk about firing Nick or close to it..
    and the dude is a Pro he knew the game wasnt the first time for him to get caught…even if he won the fight he wouldnt get the GSP fight…..dumb azz
    dude is on self destruct!!

  • Stupid rules…

    You are allowed to up your testosterone but not use marijuana? Now which of the two enhances your performance???

    Marijuana is actually the best alternative for painkillers which a lot of fighters get hooked on.

    Please change the rules!!!!!!!

  • well, he didn’t lose after all,

    Is it going to be NC know??

  • i love smoking pot!

  • A dutch soccer player outhere got suspended aswell for smoking weed, suspended for a month

    would say thats fair enough, a month

  • I suppose it could be argued that it makes you less likely to care about injury, seeing as how they prrescribe it all the time to people that are undergoing procedures which put them in considerable pain. This increases the risk of serious injury resulting, from not tapping to a submission, or allows someone to keep going when they wouldn’t have if their pain tolerance wasn’t as high. Painkillers of any kind are expressly forbidden for the same reason, even something as mild as tylenol.

    Remember Tim Sylvia? Was on roids and painkillers when he fought Frank Mir. Got his arm snapped by Mir and didn’t even know it was broken, so he still wanted to fight. Fortunately, Herb Dean has better eyes than the audience.

  • I don’t know where that line would be drawn, but I think you could put any sort of controlled substance that’s outright illegal in most states safely past it.

  • I think that alcohol is on the list actually.

  • So if Nick has severe anxiety that keeps him from focusing during his training, it’s fine that he uses the weed to train and keeps those benefits for his fight? Kind of like it’s just fine to use roids and gain muscle that you get to keep, just as long as your system is clean before the fight?

  • you just gotta say you got cancer dude… don’t you know that trick?

  • http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f2/where-nsac-list-banned-substances-563971/

    I don’t think caffeine would be banned, but it all depends on what you define as a stimulant. Caffeine is technically one, and they are categorically banned, so I’m not sure. That would be wonderfully ironic though, given the number of times I’ve seen guys with Monster Energy Drink as a sponsor. I think I’ve even see one guy open one up in his post fight celebration before, so I doubt that it’s banned.

  • Even his positive tests are cooler than the rest of the “yes Dana ” fighters. Chael positive for steroids, Nick Diaz for marijuana! he is definitely the people’s champ because he is not fake

  • Joe Rogan agrees with you.

  • pass the joint, the bong, the cookie, the vaporizer….. LEGALIZE IT !!!!!!!!!

  • But Diaz is the type that would have responded to that by throwing 4 times as many punches.

  • Do do doot do do do…….

  • Same here. I think Nick is an asshole-retard sandwich, but I’ll always tune in to watch him fight. Pretty much everyone likes to watch him fight.

  • Using a banned substance is not in any way equivalent to tapping poon. Try again.

  • It’s almost as bad as when Guillard decided to snort a line of cocaine somewhere in between his pre and post-fight drug tests.

  • I’m against weed, but I’m against cigarettes too. I do admit though, if Marijuana is going to be illegal for the reasons it is, it’s hypocritical to not have tobacco banned for many of the same reasons. At least there’s some medical benefits proven for pot.

  • If I wasn’t a big fan of Nick Diaz, I would just laugh on that athletic comissions note.. when we will see athletes banned for smokin’ tobacco or drinking alcohol?? that’s not good for your health either.. that’s the reason pot is banned too, right? it’s not good for athletes to show their fans that it’s acceptable to smoke it.. So when that’s the reason I think AC should allow that or ban any other “not healthy” stuff too!

  • Just because it’s green, doesn’t mean you turn into the incredible hulk….

  • Oh so Diaz will not be ban? so he is free to fight again this year? Well when you say it’s not a big deal for a professional athlete to use any form of a banned substance and they can continue with their career without interruptions well then yeah i guess it’s not a big deal.

  • A month in soccer is four games. Four fights in MMA is a year.

  • I can’t win the tittle cause I got high …. I quit mma and retired cause I got high…… Because I got high , because I got high

  • I dislike Diaz a lot , but this is funny . LOL
    A professional athlete who smokes pot. lol
    I dont think a disciplinary action should be taken ,it is not like if he had cheated .
    I think the marijuana might have actually been a disavantage during the fight (making diaz’s reaction time slower maybe) lol

  • Weak this ’till the cows come home, I couldn’t give a sh*t, but Diaz is his own worst enemy, and always has been…..

    He’s ultra-talented but throwing what could be a legendary MMA career down the toilet. Whether we think it should be okay or not, pot is illegal in MMA and he knows it.

    He’s digging his own grave. I don’t know if its attention he needs or a shrink, but this kid’s got a screw loose. It’s a shame. Damn shame.

  • I hope this makes people realize that weed is not that harmful to a person used in moderation. If a world class mixed martial artist can occaisionally partake… People wake up The grass is always greener on the other side. Trans and Saturated fats, Sugar, Caffeine, Tobacco and Alcohol are all legal and worse for the human body and more addictive than marijuana.

  • man, if these NSAC applied to the NBA, who would there be left to play??

  • don’t say shit man, just smoke it

  • Weed is a medicine not a drug.
    Hemp used to be the most important crop in America and now because of corporations its classified as a drug.
    What a joke.

  • Big deal. The world needs to grow up and stop treating pot as an illegal substance. He should get to fight still.

  • Riiight…

  • Tobacco has medicinal properties, but the consequences of smoking it every day several times a day will probably outweigh the benefits. That said, I don’t think we should outlaw everything just because a few other things are outlawed. We need to outlaw law-makers that pass laws that do not affect others.

  • Diaz is such an idiot; anything to not have to face GSP for his beatdown. Take his purse, ban him for a minute and let’s move on.

  • Hmmmm he makes me feel smart, you might want to rethink that one. lol j/k

  • what about Joe Rogan, he’s high in every UFC event. should he get punished too?

  • but a random soccer player plays about 400 matches in his carreer, a mma fighter maybe 40

  • Except for half the country doesn’t think it should be illegal