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Cris Cyborg Is The New UFC Men’s Heavyweight Champ

Photo: Gary A. Vasquez for USA TODAY Sports

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino has unfairly been the butt of some off-color gender-based jokes in the past, but this is just silly.

The UFC women’s featherweight champion recently tweeted that her employers, who she’s been at odds with for some time and were sold for $4 billion last year, still made the ridiculous mistake of listing her as the men’s heavyweight champion on their app:

It’s a foolish oversight from the UFC, who has also listed real men’s heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic as the light heavyweight champ.

Not the best look for a company trying to prove they can actually succeed in the fight game during one of the worst years the UFC has ever seen.

Will they ever get their act together?

  • HeteroFriendly

    Maybe they’re trying to give you a loud hint that theres nobody else in womens 160 or whatever you’re fighting at and no respect to be earned there being champion of it.

    Look at this way, you could be a very progressive role model for gender equality when you become the intergender HW champion.

    Becasue women and men are the same, its completely hot swappable at will.
    At least the way hollywood and the news monopoly tells me a story.

    • steven

      Outstanding. You HeteroFriendly are the GOLD STANDARD!! This is the Nobel Laureate of posts. All the LOWKICK hipsters should be kissing your ass and licking your boots right now. Well done and I now will STFU!! And Thank you.

      • All_Seeing_Eye

        That’s some seriously thick sarcasm lol

  • Victor Ferreira

    Cyborg is the GOAT!!

  • All_Seeing_Eye

    Probably just a screw up, who was that recently on a bill board listed as a welter weight when he was light weight?