Tito Ortiz Agrees With Wanderlei Silva About Fixed UFC Fights

Tito Ortiz Agrees With Wanderlei Silva About Fixed UFC Fights


When it comes to fighters who have not had the best relationships with the UFC, Wanderlei Silva, and former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Oritz instantly come to mind.

“The Axe Murderer’s” career went to shreds when he supposedly ran from a random Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) drug test in 2014, resulting in a plethora of fines, and a lifetime ban from competitive mixed martial arts (MMA), which has now been reversed.

However, Silva hasn’t competed since, and he has taken that time away from fighting to bash his former employers with every chance he gets. Most recently, Silva was seen in a video with former UFC cut man Jacob “Stitch” Duran talking about an MMA revolution, and prior to that, Silva claimed that he could prove that UFC fights were fixed, a statement that garnered quite a bit of attention.

So what does Ortiz, who will fight for the Bellator light heavyweight title next month, have to do with this? “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” has never had a strong relationship with outspoken UFC president Dana White, and it seems as if Ortiz is now taking the side of Silva in regards to fixed fights.

Speaking on a recent periscope (Via MMAMania), Ortiz stated that he agrees with Silva due to his third bout with Forrest Griffin at UFC 148, a bout that Ortiz firmly believes he won, but the judges handed to Griffin. The former UFC champ said that if fans watch just that fight, the possibility of fixed fights becomes a reasonable one:

“Wanderlei (Silva) talking about fixed fights. I dunno, I agree with him because I kick Forrest (Griffin’s) ass the third time we fought. I knocked him down three times, I took him down four times, I gave him an ass-whooping. For the first time in UFC history, they give ‘strikes attempted.’ They credited him for that. What the fuck is strikes attempted? Wanderlei talks about fixed fights? Possibly. That was a fixed fight. I kicked his ass. Don’t listen to Joe Rogan. Don’t listen to the bullshit he has to say. Turn off the audio and watch that fight again. I broke his jaw, c’mon.”

The idea of fights being fixed is definitely an outspoken one, but this hasn’t been the first time that the idea has been tossed around in not only the UFC, but in MMA in general.

What are your thoughts? Are fights really being fixed?

  • leonaidis

    a lot of stuff points to that. But is it for sure? Not until someone offers proof or admits to having “thrown” fights. And the way the ufc has turned it more in to a entertainment business than a sport would suggest that hey don’t give a rats ass about what’s fair, it’s all about making money. Sure it would loose them a lot of money if people found out that the fix is on, but if things continue in this way, in 20 years no one will believe that the MMA was for real once upon a time. From catch wrestling and wrestling came show wrestling. And yet today there are idiots out there that think the WWE is for real. The same goes for many uneducated MMA fan, or should I say ufc fan. They’ll believe it’s real as long as it’s entertaining and a good show with lots of hype.

    • Space

      incompetent judges is a massive problem in MMA. Judges don’t come from the UFC they come from the state commissions. Great fights are considered entertainment, no one wants to see boring fights, how do the UFC not care about what fairs??? You think the UFC would just lose some money if they were caught fixing fights? More than that buddy it would RUIN them hands down put them out of business and they would be in deep shit. The only idiots are the ones who actually think the UFC fix fights, like McGregor vs Mendes. Totally uneducated morons.

      • let-me-re-introduce-myself-my-

        Conner is good but the UFC didn’t put him up against Frankie for a reason. They knew Mendes wasn’t ready but it almost backfired. But I don’t want NO internet problems.

        • Space

          Conor is better then good. This Conner guy might be good, don’t know him, but Conor McGregor is a great fighter. Chad was ranked higher than Frankie and was coming off an extremely impressive KO win. The UFC knew Mendes wasn’t ready? What makes you say something so retarded? Do you have any proof to back up that statement? Oh we all know you tough guy, would you pop a cap in my ass huh homie?

          • let-me-re-introduce-myself-my-

            Ammo cost too much out here in Cali to be wasting it on a confused, dick riding weirdo. Your McTesticle gargling is way out of hand right now. Its absolutely embarrassing! He’s not your husband Space…Damn, I said the muthafuka is good.

          • kevin

            Ufc didn’t put frankie in because of his “I’ll only fight for the belt comment.” They know he’s in a contract with X amount of fights left. That was a big fuck you from the ufc imo.

            They needed someone relevant to fight Connor on short notice and Chad has been known to stay in shape between training camps (but which fighter doesn’t anymore?)

            It just so happens the ufc will make a lot of dollars off Connor now that it still sets up a fight vs aldo. I wouldn’t call it fixed but it did the ufc a lot of favors by having Chad lose.

            There are fights with some outspoken guys against the ufc that are “fixed” in the sense that ufc is trying to stick it to then. ..but what employer doesn’t do that to a disgruntled worker.

            I just hope bellator and the other lower companies can take advantage of ufc mismanagement

          • Space

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          • let-me-re-introduce-myself-my-

            I keep artillery to protect my family from dick riding, coked up weirdo’s like yourself lol!
            I quit Spice. I maybe bored here at work but arguing over the web like some hoes ain’t my thang doggy. May you & Connor have babies & live happily ever after.

          • Space

            The only coked up Weirdo’s around here are you and the hoe’s you hang out with.

    • Drago

      If I were to believe MMA fights were fixed, I wouldn’t see them. That being said, I don’t believe for a second there are fixed fights in the UFC or in Bellator even. That Kimbo/Ken was the only time I thought (besides the obvious Pride ones off…) “hmmmm, this seems kinda fishy…”, but even that, I wouldn’t say for sure it was fixed.

      So, if you may, for someone who follows MMA since the “beginning” and practices a few types of martial arts in a regular basis (when im not injured and life obligations permit), don’t really care if the fights are in the ufc or other organization as long as their good, don’t care about promotion and hype, don’t have favorite fighters and whatnot, could you explain to me your assessment of fixed fights and your phrase “a lot of stuff points to that”?

      • leonaidis

        Promoting fighters instead of fights is one. For example putting all that money and time in to hypeing McG against Aldo and then Mendes. If you look at that from a business point of view it’s not smart to invest that much in one fighter that had yet to prove himself. Think if Mendes would’ve won? That would’ve been a huge loss for the ufc. But still they took the chance. And if you look at that fight there’s a lot of things of with it.
        -Mendes corner not getting upset over the stoppage
        -Mendes doing those amateur mistakes on the ground after dominating McG on the ground in the first.

        But the biggest thing that points to that fight being fixed is the investment that the ufc have in McG. No way you put all your eggs in one basket like that if you don’t have some sort of guarantee, that would be extremely risky, and very bad business. But then again he won, and that means even bigger money for the ufc. It’s just bad business, except if the fight was fixed, then it’s great business. The ufc hasn’t become the fastest growing fight promotion in the world by doing bad business. And McG is the perfect fighter to do this with, people like me are going to get called haters just because McG’s personality. And it’s that personality that makes him a Messiah amongst his fans and sell ppv’s and tickets. As it is today the ufc just can’t have McG loose. Not in a “bad” way anyhow. If he lost and got dominated like Mendes dominated him on the ground in the first round, it would be all over. No more Golden Goose. The ufc can’t let that happen after all this.

        And in the Aldo fight there’s the chance to get rid of Aldo, who is not a company man. It’s Aldo vs McG/ufc/rebook, that’s not exactly a fixed fight but it is unfair. And if I was a betting man I wouldn’t put my money on Aldo. The ufc will do anything in their power so that Aldo looses, and the ufc has a lot of power. Plus the ufc isn’t exactly known as a company with high moral standards, and Danas morals can’t even be mentioned because he has none.

        • Drago

          Promoting fighters, some fighters at least, is good business. MC, Ronda, GSP, they were all promoted by the company because they were good for the sport, they help it grow, specially in terms of main stream fans. For me, a hard core fan (or so I like to think), it doesn’t work like that, but I can see how this hyping of marquee fighters works in promoting the sport. Its the same in every other sport really. So your assessment of being bad business is just how every other sport work.

          As for fights being fixed, your only case is the Mendes/MC fight? And you mention only thous two points? Ok, so the corner didn’t got upset because it was clear Mendes wasn’t ready for that fight. He was completely out of gas even in the first round. We knew it watching on tv so 100% for sure he’s corner knew as well. Hell, even Mendes friends knew, prior to the fight, that Mendes gas tank wasn’t the best without a proper camp. So, why protest when they knew that, even if he got to the 3rd round, he would have no gas whatsoever to fight? He would only just get more hurt, thats why no one contested that.

          Mendes didn’t make a amateur mistake. He went for one of his best moves, a guilhotine. Why go for a submission when you can win by points? Well, great fighters like to do that, win by knockout or submission! Or he knew he was tired and went for the choke (that was his explanation after the fight). He didn’t got a proper hold and lost is neck in the transition because he lacked the stamina and because MC was slicky with all the blood and sweat. Im sure in retrospect he would have preferred to stay on top and GnP, but that wasn’t a amateur mistake, more like a risky move!

          Now you could argue that the fight shouldn’t be given to him in the first place but that would ruin the all event and the UFC did give the fight to a fighter almost every MMA fan thought would destroy Connor. If you got back to they board and see all the opinions, yours even I think, the general consensus was that Mendes would win the fight. So its funny to me this reasoning. At first people complained that Mendes should fight Connor before giving Connor a tittle shot. Now the discussion is that the fighter was fixed…? Come on man…

          • leonaidis

            I said I would like Mendes to win, but stated clearly that wasn’t gonna happen because of all the investment the ufc had in McG. Let’s face it, every fighter that gets to fight McG isn’t just fighting him, like I said, they are fighting rebook, their employer and McG. The odds are against any fighter fighting McG at this point. I’d never would’ve put my money on Mendes, I wont put my money on Aldo although he’s the better fighter by far.

            You’re right about Mendes, everybody knew he wasn’t in shape, probably Mendes as well. So why take the fight? Well look at the paycheck he got. He got sidelined for a title fight by McG, and then he gets this shot, a sure money maker win or loose. So I think Mendes had even himself against him as well. Dana got in his head with his sales pitch “it’s a win win situation for you, even if you loose you’ll still be in for title shot soon, probably a rematch with McG. So you get huge cash now, and in the future, even if you loose”.

            Nobody told him to loose, but he didn’t mind all that much looking at the big picture. Is that fixing a fight? No, Mendes probably never agreed to loose, but he knew what the payout for him loosing would be. If he won he would’ve faced Aldo. That wouldn’t have been near as much money as the rematch with McG when he gets the belt from Aldo. And he knew the ufc wanted the hype train to continue so he was getting in his employers good graces as well.

            Did someone tell Mendes to loose? Probably not. Did someone point out the benefits of him loosing? Probably many.

            How they are going to get at Aldo that has nothing to win by loosing I don’t know? But even if he is the way better fighter there is no way he is walking out of that octagon with his belt. Or if he does, he wont have it for long, he’ll get DQ for some reason.

            McG is going to be champ, and probably for a long while, and it’s not because of his fighting skills.

          • Drago

            First of all, let me complement and thank you for the discussion. As for what you wrote, I agree that the UFC wants MC to win, its best for the company and arguably for the growth of the sport (mainstream wise). That being said, thats not fixing a fight as you seemed to imply or as Tito clearly said, thats just the business aspect of MMA which, like it or not, we will always have, be it in the UFC or whatever other company.

            I don’t believe for a second they would strip the tittle from Aldo. If he wins, he wins. I don’t believe said to Mendes to loose or what he would gain by doing so. I knew the risk on taking the fight but he also knew the reward, for taking the fight and if he won. Ofc your entitled to your opinion but you must admit that is basically just wild guesses with no proof behind. If MC injured himself for life tomorrow, the UFC and the sport would go on. The same for Ronda and the same if DW decided to retire. The sport is way bigger than any person as history as proved. Brock Lesnar, GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones – all were big big names in the UFC and at one point or another leaders of PPV. They don’t fight anymore and the UFC didn’t cease to exist nor did it fixed any match for them. Why do it now for MC? Isn’t your point of view at least a little biased towards Connor…?

          • leonaidis

            Because they should’ve learned, especially from the Lesnar case, that you loose a lot of money that way. And they did on Lesnar, but still they invest way more than on GSP or Lesnar in McG???

            How can they be so sure their investment will pay off? He is good, but as we saw in the Mendes fight, he isn’t great.

            Your right about the sport being bigger than one person, even bigger than one promotion. And I hope the ufc gets away from this entertainment BS and more towards a legit sport again. Or go under before they ruin any chance of getting MMA in the olympics again, something DW said he was supporting a couple of years a go.

          • Drago

            Thats what an investment is, you gamble a bit. A good investor measures the advantages and disadvantages of said investment because theres always that. No one knows for sure an investment will payoff. For now, the investment that was made on MC and Ronda payed of big time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…?

            Personally, I love the way MMA is today. I love the fact that this year its a fight card almost every week. I love the fact that almost every card has great fights in it. I love the fact almost every MMA fighter has evolved greatly and the fights are more tactical and technical. I do like it to be a fair sport, thats why I hate bad judging or people cheating by using drugs, but even in that aspect MMA has evolved a lot. Granted it still has a king way to go but were moving faster and faster in that direction.

            Personally, im just happy to be along for the ride. Started watching this on 95 and 20 years later im still watching and enjoying more and more!

          • leonaidis

            I had my first NHB fight in -96, been involved in the sport one way or other since then. Was involved in getting it legalized in scandinavia, have arranged and promoted fights, coached, been head coach, and due to my old job in security I was involved in a lot of “fights” and several martial arts. I hate what the sport has become, the talking your way in to fights, the hyping, the drama, the hate, the anger and the disrespect. I’d hate to see any one I’ve coached act like for example McG or Jones, even a Jones before he got busted for coke.

            And should we be teaching drama and acting classes to the kids today, because it’s not your fighting skills that get you in to the ufc, it’s drama, hype and marketability now a days.

            And it is Martial Arts, respect and proper conduct have always gone hand in hand with Martial Arts. To me it just feels like they are pissing on ancient tradition.

            But I guess the dream of having it back in the olympics is gone. But I’ll never give up on trying to educate people about what Martial Arts should be, Mixed or not. A Sport, not “sports entertainment”.

          • Drago

            I agree with that 100%. It’s an aspect that taints the sport a little (drama, hate, hype) but again its part of the human nature and you will find parallels in almost every other sport where athletes are known not only for their ability, but also by their personality. You see that on football, tennis and now, in MMA. In fact, I wouldn’t say its a recent thing. If you go back to Pride, the japanese fans are big on characterization, inciting the creation of a “persona” for each fighter. The UFC and other organizations are merely adapting and as in every company and every other business, they cater a little for their fans, and fanas are the ones that like/want this kind of antics! Hell, if you go read any MMA news sit, 60% of the posts are about that and we are the ones that participate in said sites so… (just to be clear, im with you on this, I just see it as a necessity because thats what the majority of people want).

            As for the Olympics – as soon as there where talks of removing wrestling (the first ever Olympic sport) form the games, I knew that we would never see MMA there…

          • leonaidis

            In my opinion, if you do Martial Arts, you should be better than to let your emotions run wild. That’s what Martial Arts is all about, being a better person. Not only physically, but mentally and morally. I feel that fighters today have only studied the bushido and forgotten about the hagakure. Dumb as it may sound to most of you, but hate and anger has nothing to do with martial arts.

  • aNYagenda

    If tito says its so then it must be so.

    Tito’s brain is made out of god particles.