Johny Hendricks Accuses Robbie Lawler Of Running From Him

Johny Hendricks Accuses Robbie Lawler Of Running From Him


When news broke yesterday (Thurs., July 23, 2015) that UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler was supposedly facing former interim champ Carlos Condit and former champ Johny Hendricks would be facing No. 3 Tyron Woodley, “Bigg Rigg” was not surprisingly miffed at the situation.

After all, Hendricks beat “Ruthless” for the belt in one of 2014’s best fights at UFC 171, and he took him to the limit once again at last December’s UFC 181 only to lose a close split decision that some still feel he should have won. Hendricks also forwent a perceived trilogy match with Lawler to rebound well by dominating top-ranked Matt Brown via unanimous decision at March’s UFC 185, but UFC president Dana White wasn’t all that impressed with his wrestling heavy performance.

So Condit got the fight on the laurels of his UFC Fight Night 67 TKO stoppage of former title contender Thiago Alves, a fight he won after 14 months off dealing with a torn ACL he suffered against Woodley at UFC 171. From Hendricks’ point of view, who took to Twitter to voice his displeasure, he believes that Lawler is running from him, and as a true fighting champion should want to fight the No. 1-ranked contender:

It’s difficult to argue with him here, as Condit is no doubt a top contender, but he’s also lost three out of his past five fights after being given every chance to succeed against the stacked welterweight division’s true elite. While those losses included a close split decision defeat to Hendricks, a unanimous loss to Georges St. Pierre where he almost finished ‘GSP’ with a head kick, and his injury against Woodley, they are still losses at the end of the day.

But we’ve also already seen Lawler vs. Hendricks twice before, and the UFC obviously wanted to go in a fresher direction for the immediate future. Lawler vs. Condit was confirmed for December 5’s UFC 194 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and it’s thought that Hendricks vs. Woodley will go down to decide the next rightful title contender.

Do you think “Bigg Rigg” has a right to be mad, or is his insinuation that Lawler is ‘running’ a bit much given that he owns a recent win over him?

  • Gary McCollom

    Perhaps but he is the one that decided to focus on wrestling against Brown so he can’t be surprised that he was pushed aside….for now and that’s the thing if he wins he will get another shot at Robbie.

  • MMA to the K

    What a surprise – Jonny Hendricks crying about something. That guy has zero class and whinges at the slightest opportunity. I can’t stand him. I thought he lost the fight with Condit as well. He looked very relieved when the final bell sounded! I don’t want to see Hendricks fight for the title. Or anything.

  • PJG1

    God, when will Hendricks stop whining!
    “I only hit with 70%” “My corner told me I was winning the fight” “GSP is running from me” “Robbie is running from me” “That other kid broke my toy and I am going to cry about it”
    Shut up and win a fight without laying on top of someone or sniffing their crotch for 10 minutes!
    This whiny crap from him is already OLD!
    Us fans want to see FIGHTS like Robbie and Rory just gave us! Not like any of your last 4 or so fights.
    You barely got the belt, and lost it on your first defense. Now work your way back up with a win over Tyron or hell, even Rory when he gets fit from the beating Robbie just gave him. But any way you do it, just stop crying about everything!