Nate Marquardt: GSP would destroy Jake Shields


UFC Middleweight contender Nate ”The Great” Marquardt has revealed that he is the only reason Georges St. Pierre hasn’t moved up to middleweight yet and dethroned Anderson Silva. The Great then went on to say:

” I’ve said it before, I think the only reason GSP hasn’t done it is because he wants me to do it. He’s a great team mate and he’s giving me my second chance. But I’ve always said that I think Georges, pound for pound, has proven himself to be the best, and I think he’s got good enough striking that he could overcome the distance that Silva has, and I think if Anderson makes a mistake Georges will put him on his back, and Georges is so strong on top that I think he would dominate him”

” If you look at Sonnen, he doesn’t have good striking, and doesn’t have a good jiu jitsu game, but he has good wrestling. Georges has that, plus he has all the other aspects. And I think Georges is a smarter fighter, in terms of his game plans and strategy.”

Some interesting thoughts from Nate, and if he’s unsuccessful in his latest title campaign we could see Georges move up to middleweight and challenge Anderson for his title, providing he is still the Champion by then, as he takes on Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 in the first quarter of 2011. 

Marquardt then weighed in on the proposed bout between Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields, and had this to say on the matter: 

” I think Georges is going to destroy him” 

Marquardt was then asked how he thought Shields would fair in the UFC middleweight division, Nate said:

” At middleweight we’ve seen guys like Demian Maia and Rousimar Palhares do well and I think Jake could be like them. And then at middleweight he could also do well because the weight cut wouldn’t affect his performance.”

” I think he definitely would be good at middleweight but I thought he looked bad at 170lbs. Part of it was the weight cut, but part of it is his style as well, and I think a lot of people underestimate Kampmann – he’s a tough well rounded fighter. I don’t think he’s the best but he’s good at everything. Shields is kind of the opposite – not good at some things, but really good or the best at other things. I think putting Shields against a well rounded opponent was bad for him, against Kampmann and worse against Georges.”  

Nate again with some good points and covering a range of topics, but for now he will have to concentrate on his fight this weekend, where he takes on Yushin Okami in the main event of UFC 122 that takes place Oberhausen Germany. The bout between Marquardt and Okami will determine the number one contender for the next shot at the UFC middleweight title. And if he’s unable to better the Japanese contender we could see Georges move up to middleweight sooner rather than later…

What do you think Lowkick’ers!


  • I havent changed my mind. Gsp should move up after knocking Shields out and take on silva, Belfort, sonnen if he ever comes back. I dont care abt business or ufc politics and gsp having some more boring match ups at WW, im just a selfish fan and at this point i just wanna see those great fights.

  • Marquardt’s theory makes sense. GSP is such a good guy that he would not step in his teammate’s way. I would love to see GSP challenge himself in the middleweight division, and I know he could beat Anderson.

    It would really GSP and Anderson will move up in weight classes at the same time and never get to fight, but I don’t think Anderson will ever move up. Even though he should.

  • GSP aint gona KO anyone anymore. He takes them down, throws some uneffective strikes and wins by decision.

  • with Shields he may want to keep it standing because of his strong grappling background. If he can keep it standing, Shields would get knocked out.

  • agreed. Shields cant take the amount of punishment Fitch could

  • Nate sounds stupid. So i guess now we have some more non fighting friends. Anderson would beat the shit out of GSP like he did Nate. Not once has GSP said that a possible fight against Nate is the reason preventing him from fighting in the MW division.
    I really want Okami to win now.

  • who sounds stupid? you couldn’t comprehend wat Nate was saying? he didn’t say it’s because he doesn’t want to fight Nate. he said it’s because he doesn’t want to Get in Nates way of the belt saying that he wants Nate to Beat Silva not him.

  • I like GSP, think he is a great guy, and think that he could LnP his way to victory with Anderson, as long as Anderson does not hit him 1 time. Thing is though, I dont agree with people labeling GSP as a P4P best. I think people should finish fights to get that recognition, not just decision via LnP. I mean, if Roy Nelson won the title and had a winning streak and all he was doing was laying his fat belly on people and moving around enough so that the ref did not re stand them, would anyone really consider that a real P4P best fighter. GSP is good, but since Serra cracked him , he relies on a safe game plan of wrestling control. P4P best wrestler, yes. Overall fighter , no.

  • I agree with you!

    It seems like Nate is smoking something and whatever it is that he’s on, I would definitely love to try it.

    By the way, I don’t even smoke.

  • GSP is a great fighter and I really like watching him on TUF, however in his past few fights he has been nothing but a SAFE / BORING fighter. He is definitely NOT the P4P best fighter.

  • GSP doesnt lay and pray, what kind of ignorant fan are you to say that? Just because u have no clue whats going on technically on the ground doesn’t mean its lay and pray. GSP impressively dominates ppl on the ground like Silva does on the feet. Both are entertaining to watch.

  • GSP has recently been mostly matched up against strikers, taking the down and beating the crap out of them is the smart thing to do. GSP might not have 1 punch knockout power but he sure does have stopping power.

  • It’s true he has never said that but how much does GSP talk to the media at all? He is not the kind of guy that feels his every decision is something media should find out about.

  • Yes seriously Infinite that is a very uneducated view, I have never seen GSP fight like for example Shields. If you find yourself underneath GSP you are in a world of hurt.

  • thats basically what i was saying, or trying to say. i know he has skill , but yea, has been safe and boring. i was impressed with the submission attempts at hardy, but more so than not lately, he has been playing the safe game . guess you gotta do what you gotta do to win, but my point was really that i just dont agree with p4p best.

  • I`m from Montreal and GSP is our Champion no matter what. But I do think that every time he defends his belt and wins the pressure accumulates.
    People seem to forget that behind every division champion there is literally dozens of employees working with them and somehow are on the payroll. Fans and the UFC expecting them to deliver every match and communities where they are from believing in them. The expectations are definitely high and difficult for one person to manage.
    I think that champions like GSP have a lot more to lose than just a belt. The whole province of Quebec or should I say all 35,000,000 Canadians wishing for him to keep that belt, religious fans or not. Every time he steps in that ring people forget everything spouses, kids, depts, problems, during the five rounds.
    All we focus on is him kicking the shit out of his opponent and keeping that belt.
    That`s why I think sometimes fighters do not risk or take any chances during a fight. A lot of people depend on them.
    GSP`s last couple of fight were decisions. That’s that.
    At the end of the day a W is a W.

  • Thank you for your honesty. I too am a selfish fan haha.

  • I agree. I think it would be different if Nate was a lower level fighter but he is hovering near the top and is almost always close to a title shot. I wonder what Dana thinks of this. He might be really pissed haha.

  • GSP will always fight the smart fight from here on out. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t want the Serra thing to ever happen again.

  • Yea and that’s pretty admirable in my opinion.

  • @Mac

    That’s pretty cool. Kind of make me wish I was from Canada haha. I’m glad you guys have such a great champ to look up to.

  • Gsp has said that he wasnt gonna move up to 185 because of Nate back when he fought BJ Penn the 2nd time

  • @ krogan

    He doesn’t have KO power (that we’ve seen, yet), but he does have “stunning” power. He demonstrated that with both his hands and feet in his fights with Fitch, Alves and Hughes. And to be honest, I’m not sure Anderson has KO power. He more stuns and then kills; effectively. And when I say KO power, I mean that (kind of) Nate Marquardt hitting Demian Maia, KO power.

    And I’m not dissing The Spider. Not at all. His stand-up is awesome and overpowering. It’s just that he’s more of a maestro then a banger.
    He picks his moment and stuns his opponent and the swarms him.

  • First – I’d just like to say that he looks like a beast in that pic.

    As to Shields – I think so little of Shields stand-up, that all GSP would have to do is out box him, not even throw a kick and just gas the dude. I don’t think Shields could go 5 rounds with him. The game plan for GSP on this fight, would be a replay of Frankie Edgar’s fight plan for Penn; stick and move, stick and move; avoid the clinch and the ground game. I’m not saying that GSP wouldn’t win there either, but his mind set seems to be…feed your opponent a lot of what he doesn’t want. And when you’re as well rounded as Rush, you can pick and choose from your utility belt as to what you wish to use and apply.; where the other guy can’t.

    Setting Nate aside – I would take GSP in a fight over Anderson. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to stand and trade with him and I don’t see how Anderson could stay away from GSP for 5 rounds; and GSP won’t gas or give up; once on the ground The Spider won’t be getting up.

    I think two really interesting fights for GSP would be Sonnen and Belfort. Those would be a blast to watch. In a match-up with Nate….hmmm Nate has the tools and power to put Rush down. That’s an ugly fight for GSP.

  • i totally agree marquardt! i hope my gut feeling doesnt come true! i think koscheck may have sum thing in this fight for gsp! if gsp does lose to koscheck it would be big! then i do think if that was too happen gsp would for sure rite away move too middle weight!

  • i totally agree marquardt! i hope my gut feeling doesnt come true! i think koscheck may have sum thing in this fight for gsp! if gsp does lose to koscheck it would be big! then i do think if that was too happen gsp would for sure rite away move too middle weight!

  • Thats the problem, the fights should be set up on an actual chart for who wins and who looses and who advances. It should make 2 shits who Dana likes or doesnt like, thats half the problem in the UFC. But better than most orgs

  • That I agree with, though I dont dislike Sheilds

  • The Irving fight was damn close

  • If you cant get up after one big shot Ide say he finished him in one shot

  • hey infinite enema thats not nice lol

  • I feel you 100% on that Hype.

  • @ UR

    Yes, I was going to mention that. However, it was really just a big stunner and Irvin turtled up immediately and took the rest of the shots. I am not saying the man doesn’t have power, he does. His power is more based on kinetic energy and efficiency, then brute strength. Strangely enough, the guy on the receiving end of that punch, James Irvin, has (himself) KO power.

    With that said though, who would you rather be The Spider or The Sandman? I think pretty much everyone would go with Anderson.


    Wing Chun