Frank Mir is not really sorry for his comments


Recently, Frank Mir stated that he wants to break Lesnar’s neck and wanted Lesnar to be the first one to die due to octagon-realted injuries and then due to all the negative comments and UFC pressure, Mir apologized to Lesnar, Lesnar’s family, the UFC and the fans, however that apology did not come from the heart and Mir really did not mean it and felt his comments were not crossing the line.

“When I got called in and they told me, ‘Listen man, this is an issue,’ I kind of had a smirk on my face the whole time,” says Mir, who was quoted in a public apology for the remark on the UFC’s Web site earlier this week. “I was like, you’re kidding, right? This is a joke, right? I’ve heard people say that this is to the death. I’ve heard people say about an opponent, ‘I’m going to kill him.’ I heard Brock say he was going to put his hand up my rear end to pull out a horseshoe. I didn’t hear anyone get too upset about that.”

For now Frank Mir is set to face Shane Carwin for the Interm-Heavyweight Championship at UFC 111 on March 27th and the winner of that fight gets to fight Brock Lesnar for the Unified Heavyweight Championshp.

  • I think people need to respect what he said, even though he apologize we all know it didn’t count…

  • this whole thing is ridiculous, everybody say these kind of things, I really dont understand the fuss…

  • Once again, as said last time – Again Mir shows how much of a piece of shit he really is.

    Sure, people say things “metaphorically” like “I’m going to kill him”, and they have said things like “I’m going to fight to the death”, also youve heard “I’m going to break his arm” but that”s in a different league of what he said.

    Also that cant really be compared to “I’m going to pull a horseshoe out of his ass”, cuz thats obviously metaphorical as well – not any different from “im going to kick his ass”.

    Wishing to hurt a guy is nothing surprising in this business – its their job to do that in the ring. This guy went far past that and actually said he wants to break his NECK and for him to DIE in the ring. That’s not metaphorical, that’s just pathetic. Especially saying shit like that after the guy is coming back from an injury that had him in serious jeopardy.

    Sure, Brocks a dick too, especially with how he acts and how he conducts himself, but as much of a dick as he is, you didnt see him wishing death on anyone.

    Congrats Mir for putting yourself even lower than Brocks level.

  • Frank real good at being a heel & selling fights but i feel his comments were too much & of course he was’t/isn’t sorry that he said them. But what is someone died in the ring, how aweful would that be? What would Frank do if he caused it? Would he hold his hands up high??

  • Hey Rafu? Do you smell something? I do. I think I smell PUSSY. Quit bitching bitches this is a mans sport. Unless Brock is dead who gives a shit!