Mark Munoz on TRT therapy: It’s cheating


“It’s cheating. I think it’s cheating. I think anything that’s synthetic that you put in your body is cheating. Get it from food, get it from training. That stuff jacks you up when you’re done. For me, I’m a family man, I have kids, I have a wife and I want to be there for them at the end. I think when you take PEDs or anything like that, it cuts your life short. When it becomes like that, it’s almost hedonistic. It’s not a sport anymore. It becomes more than a sport and it shouldn’t be like that. There’s more important things in your life than that. I frown upon that, I don’t like to ever see it but the truth is it is present. You can’t hide it because it comes out. But then again I can stand in front of you 100-percent saying that I’ve never taken a drug in my life. And I’m going to keep doing that, and I’m going to win like that. If people think I’m on drugs or PEDs or whatever, come train with me. I’ll show you my drugs. There’s no substitution for hard work.” – Via

Munoz revealed earlier that he he has strong feelings against the use of TRT therapy, an oft-discussed topic that only seems to be getting hotter in today’s MMA landscape. Fighters such as Chael Sonnen and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson are two of the bigger-name fighters to fall under controversy after using the therapy. As the use of performance-enhancing drugs continues to plague the UFC and fighting as a whole, the issue of their usage in MMA will continue to be a black eye on the sport until they are somehow ridden, if ever.

  • So by Mark’s position, if you are diabetic and take the hormone insulin (putting something synthetic in your body) you’re a cheater. Or if you are hypothyroid and put the hormone Levothyroxine in your body you’re a cheater? Or if you have Addison’s disease and put the hormone Cortisol in your body you’re a cheater.

    There are disease of hormone deficiency. If the hormone is deficient due to disease let the athlete replace it within the normal range. If it is above the normal range – you’re busted – out for 6-12 months. Simple as that.

  • How many athletes on TRT, actually have hormone deficiency. Also he is spot on when he says you shorten your life due to TRT and PED’s.

  • Lumping in diabetes and “testosterone deficiency” is kinda like comparing a broken foot to a broken nail.

    When a person only gets tested before and after fights he is free to drive his testosterone level as high as he wants. At the very least people on TRT should be tested bi-weekly.

  • There’s actually zero proof of that statement being true with no research done on the subject. Abuse of any pharmaceutical product can be hazardous to ones body.

  • TEST

  • Evan, you’re confusing two different things. There are two clearly different situations. Some MMA fighters have created a third troubling situation. Lets clear things up. First of all, All chemicals that have a steroid ring in them, made from a cholesterol molecule, are steroids. Testosterone and analogues of Testosterone are steroids along with the other steroids: Cortisol, DHT, DHEA, Estrogen, Estrone etc. Steroids like Cortisol and Estrogen would be very counter productive for an athlete. Thus the term “Steroid” is a poor one and Testosterone Analogue would be better. This is a real or synthetic Testosterone. One could also say an “Anabolic Steroid” i.e. builds muscle. Cortisol analogues (Like in some asthma inhalers) would build fat if taken in large enough doses. The steroid Estradiol would “build” breasts. etc

    1)TESTOSTERONE ABUSE Somebody with normal testosterone levels (250-850 in American units) takes extra Testosterone to get a higher level and cheat. THIS IS ABUSE. TURF THIS GUY OUT.

    2) TRT (TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY) Lets say this guy had Mumps as a child and his testicles only produce a small portion of what he should make. As a result his testosterone level drops in early manhood to 150. He develops symptoms similar to depression, fatigue, LOSS of physical endurance and strength, muscle atrophy, lack of interest in sex, increased visercal fat, abnormalities of cholesterol, high blood sugars, increased risk of heart attack etc. Replace the LOW testosterone to the normal level and his symptoms normalize. In this example assume he is closely monitored and his levels STAY near the middle of the normal range. That is TRT (properly done).

    3) MUDDYING THE WATERS: What some fighters are doing is taking a testosterone in the 225-275 range, claiming symptoms and getting on “TRT”. They then take advantage of the situation to cycle into high ranges and try to get back to the normal range before they are tested OR they are just not being managed and monitored properly. This is what is causing a lot of confusion for fight fans. Some of these guys may have a legit problem but are CHEATING.

    I try not to say this often on LowKick because often wisecracks are respected more than knowledge here but I am a physician and am one of a half dozen physicians in my city with years of experience in replacing Testosterone. I have never given Testosterone to an athlete. I have never given it to a patient who wasn’t low AND symptomatic. My patients are closely monitored. Nobody gets side effects because we monitor them closely and bring them from low to low-normal, just enough to treat their symptoms.

    The T/EpiT ratio is a test only used for testing athletes for cheating. If Overeem is 14:1 it doesn’t mean he is 14 times normal. It means his T is 14 times higher than his EpiT. Floyd Landis (Tour de France Cyclist) had a low EpiT and so his ratio was high but his T level was NORMAL! The the B cup and blood is tested and they found a synthetic T. Busted with a normal T level.

    There is a lot of wild opinion here on LowKick. Lets respect ourselves and our MMA knowledge and interest and get the facts right.

    Michael Stephensen MD, CCFP, FCFP, BA, BSc (Med)

  • I agree with Donkey Kong ! Everyone should be natural in fighting like Fedor Emelianenko. I believe that fedor never even have a pre-workout supplement before training .

    He is the one and only LAST EMPEROR

  • If 1:1 is normal, 14:1 =14xnormal. U cant change math, not to say the ratii has anything to do with amount of T in the body, it definitely shows that something fishy is going on. Those 2 hormones are supposed to be 1:1 and when theyre not, its likely someone has been playing SCIENTIST/DR with their bodies. There are also ways to MASK agents like syn T in the body, thats what most Anabolic steroid taking athletes do. TRT is a disgrace to a sport which was made by alpha males so long ago. If you’re testosterone difficient, you wodnt have wanted to become a fighter to begin with. These people are overweight, lack confidence, energy, muscle, athletiscm, and are extremely depressed. I know that sounds just like Todd Duffee, but you know what REALLY does make T levels low, even if not permanent? Abusing and or using anabolic steroids. Now why is it so many ppl are on TRT in mma? Ive never met another group of ppl(mma fighters) where so many are on it and they sure dont meet the description of low T individuals…now if they use and abuse A.S.’s then hop on to TRT, like most in MMA…are they really at a disadvantage? It sucks to see that some people can ONLY make a carreer WITH anabolic steroids today…Duffee?

  • he doesn’t need one to be a fat heavyweight

  • as a genuine question then, if the commission only tested in ratios and not american units, what would be the effect if reem had also doubled his EpiT (thats got to be possible somehow right..), would he instantly drop to 7:1?

  • I’m waiting for someone to have surgery to increase their reach cause short arms are a disadvantage in combat sports.
    Where does it end? Next it will be genetic maniputation, cause someone just didn’t get a fair shake from the gene pool.
    From what I have read in the last two years from athletes and olympic testing officials, I have come to believe that Jackson, Sonnen, Marquart,
    Henderson all abuse steroids.

  • First off, I’m not sure if you meant to counter my point from above or the one two posts above that so i will choose to continue this as you were replying to my first post. As there still has been no extensive research done with a controlled group of athletes (or anybody) taking any form of PED’s over a certain period of time. That was the point I was claiming had no truth behind it.

    Thank you for posting all that information. We could all use a substantial list of facts and opinions from a doctor such as yourself on this site. However, I need to tell you that all of what you said has been pointed out on articles all over the internet already. It’s common knowledge Low T sufferers (tongue twister) can have lower energy, lower sex-drive, become tired easily, depression, hampered healing ability, etc. The T/EpiT ratio was also reported about sporadically by Dr. Benjamin from MMA junkie, and a few other websites like Fight opinion from the time Chael tested and obviously in the last week after Overeem’s random screen. Also I think the comparison you make between the corresponding synthetic substances of testosterone and insulin is a little to “wild” in itself. One’s main priority is to help with things like depression and lack of sexual performance. The other is to stop somebody from falling into a coma.

    Also, I can completely get behind TRT for the common individual. Anything that can better ones day to day life as a healthy alternative is nothing but good for our society. However giving a man routine synthetic testosterone injections is something that I can’t agree with. My reasoning is for the examples of abuse you provided, but mostly the lack quality testing that currently exists in MMA. A person such as Chael, Duffee, Rampage, or Hendo could theoretically use the treatment for an entire training camp (or in the offseason) to jack up his levels for a jump. Then around fight time drop his levels down far enough to come withing the allowable standard, and still fail the B test for synthetic properties because he has that little doctor’s note.

    Personally, I’m not confused about anything. I’ve done more than extensive research on the subject because I personally am OCD, and don’t like to be out of the loop on a subject like TRT.

    “There is a lot of wild opinion here on LowKick. Lets respect ourselves and our MMA knowledge and interest and get the facts right.”

    That is a great point for everybody here.

  • The random and surprise tests sure seem to be producing results lately

  • Many good points raised. I think that if you are on TRT and an athlete be tested two-weekly year round for as long as you are in the fight game.

    My preferred testosterone product for TRT is “bio-identical”. That is: chemically identical to what you make. So while synthetic

    Can EpiT be raised? There are efforts out there to do that, so likely – yes.

  • Thats a burden for you Bruce and it wont change. How many rocket scientists are here? Im sure if I was in a doctors forum, I’d be corrected almost every post.

  • I think the way it is being regulated right now, it can be used as form of cheating.
    If it gets tested regularly during training camp ranges, I have no problem as long as it is only being used to put your testosterone levels to the normal amount.

    But right now, yes it can be a form of cheating, that doesn’t mean everyone who uses it is a cheater though (Hendo is not a cheater IMO)

  • Maybe, but you’d be the funnest guy there!

  • Bruce: Has any athlete in your area ever inquired about your TRT services? What makes the bio-identical treatment different than others (safer to use)? If the EpiT can be raised eventually what will it help with the human body, and for competition purposes would it hamper testing at all?

    Sorry for the barage!

  • just put them all on roids. easy fix.

  • and lets not forget that most if not all of these elite guys are taking GH. growth hormone, which you cant test for and is better for muscle and fat loss. randy and hendo are best examples. u dont fight that long that good. sorry to break it to you.