Robin van Roosmalen's cut, and 12 other photos from last night's It's...

Robin van Roosmalen's cut, and 12 other photos from last night's It's Showtime card in Brussels, Belgium


It’s Showtime: Peter Aerts vs. Tyrone Spong took place last night at the Forest National arena in Brussels, Belgium. Spong knocked out Aerts in round 3, in what was promoted as Mr. K-1’s retirement bout. However, Aerts surprised the crowd by revealing that he still has six fights remaining on his contract.

Also on the card, Daniel Ghita continued his impressive streak with a brutal performance against Dzevad Poturak. Ghita went through Poturak’s leg kicks to TKO the “Bos Cop” with kicks to the liver. Ghita is now on a 7-fight win streak, all KO/TKO finishes. The Savage Samurai is clearly at the peak of his kickboxing career, en route to the long-awaited superfight with Badr Hari. Robin van Roosmalen was unlucky in his fight with Hafid el Boustati. It’s Showtime “Fast & Furious 70MAX” Tournament Champion looked great against el Boustati, before getting cut with a knee strike just above his left eye. The referee had to stop the fight, as RvR drops down to 36-14-3.

It was another great night of It’s Showtime action, and it will be interesting to see how this wonderful kickboxing product operates under Glory WS banner. Click here to read more on Glory WS’ acquisition of It’s Showitme.

Photos by Ben Pontier.


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  • Bruce Lee

    Gosh, do you think his nose is broken much in that second picture?

  • NateDogg

    I guess so :)

    Looks pretty nasty to me man…

  • enjoylife321

    Thats a deviated septum if I’ve ever seen one

  • whitemare

    That sucks image the surgery hes gunna need